In my interview today, I learn about a practical ritual that can be used to achieve your goals. It begins very pictorially and symbolically. I meet again the guardian of the water, who already spoke to me last time. This time she does not speak at first, but performs mysterious movements: She picks some stars from the sky and spreads them out in front of her. Some she sorts out and throws them back into the sky. Five stars remain.

Spirit: The stars stand for a person’s goals. When it comes to a project, one should not set more than five sub-goals.

She chooses the most important star. Then the second most important and so on. Then she draws a gutter in the ground and puts the stars in order of importance.

If you want to try out the ritual yourself, stop reading here and first determine the five goals and then their ranking. When you have done this, the ritual continues:

She takes the most important star and puts it on her heart (heart chakra). She places the second most important star on her solar plexus (upper abdomen, solar plexus chakra), the third most important star under the belly button (sacral chakra), the fourth most important star before the coccyx on the perineum (root chakra), the fifth most important star on the crown (crown chakra). I added the names of the chakras because I realized that the points correspond to these chakras (chakra = energy vortex. Chakra system = system of energy vortexes in the body according to Hinduism. Normally there are seven chakras).

Spirit: You can also write the five goals on pieces of paper and attach them to your body or clothing.

I see that energy now flows between the stars.

Spirit: You can dance with it.

She folds her hands and draws with them a lying eight in front of her in the air. One side of the eight points to the ground, the other to the sky. She does this a few times and then turns counterclockwise in the next direction. She also paints the horizontal figure eight in the other directions and always turns counterclockwise to the next direction.

Then she turns several times around her axis clockwise.

Finally, she stops, spreads her arms out to the side, lets them sink again and spreads them out again, a few times alternately. While stretching her arms, she also stretches out her chest.

Now she turns once more clockwise and waddles like a penguin, which looks very funny.

Me: And what is all this for? What are you trying to tell me?

Spirit: That sometimes it needs rituals.

Me: Why?

Spirit: They move fine energy streams in the brain and body, but also in the aura.

Me: What is it good for?

Spirit: When everything flows better, you feel better and have better results in your goals. Everything works better. You move and in different positions you change the relation to the magnetic field of the earth. This stimulates the energy, which doesn’t happen when sitting.

Me: And what was this special ritual about goals for?

Spirit: Whenever you start something new, think of five goals. Then perform the ritual.

Me: What kind of goals is it suitable for? Emotional, physical, financial …?

Spirit: Never mind, do it intuitively. Then perform the ritual and feel the energy.

She doesn’t want to say anything more about it, I should just try it out.
Curious as I am, I want to perform the ritual right away and define five professional goals for this year. I find this very helpful to find the focus. I write them on pieces of paper and also their position on the chakras. One of my goals, for example, is to be more motivated professionally. I lost it over the holidays and in the rainy weather. I also feel a winter sluggishness. Therefore another goal is more energy.

Then I stick the notes on my clothes and perform the movements. The penguin is what I enjoy most. I’m sure it also stimulates the energy when you have to laugh. In the end I stop and feel inside myself. Is there a changed energy flow? Hm, at the moment I don’t feel so much. But I will just wait and see for the next few days.

I have already had amazing experiences with rituals. Often the effects show up in the following days or weeks. At first I found them unnecessary and thought that they had to do with superstition. But when I tried out some rituals myself, I realized that there was something behind them. It’s like setting a new course in life or untying knots in life. Sometimes annoying behaviour patterns or unpleasant emotions dissolve. How and why, I cannot say, I am still puzzling over to this up till now. But maybe you don’t always have to analyse everything and should just enjoy it.

And indeed, in the next few days my inertia fades away and my motivation comes back. At last! Coincidence? I’m curious what will happen to the other targets.

If you try it, I’d be interested in your experience.

I was then also curious whether the explanation can be correct with the magnetic field, and then I actually found a study on it: Test subjects were placed in a room that was shielded and darkened from the outside world. They were exposed to magnetic fields. When the magnetic fields rotated, the amplitude of the alpha waves in the brain dropped. However, the test persons themselves did not feel any changes. Source: Society for Neuroscience/ bioRxiv (eNeuro, 2019; doi: 10.1523/ENEURO.0483-18.2019)

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A little ritual on the subject of implementing goals

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