Hello, I’m Nadine Pläsier. My great passion is everything that is not visible and not measurable.

How did I come to this?

Since my teenage years, I have made experiences that convince me that the visible and measurable in this world is not everything! At first these experiences came spontaneously, without me having influenced anything. Very often I experienced the awareness that everything is one, that there are no separate individuals and no space and time. This state is actually not describable in words. Every time I felt in perfect harmony and security. Such moments also felt more real than what we usually call reality. Unfortunately, after a few minutes or hours everything was over and everyday life returned. But that has to be the case and one cannot constantly float in other spheres.

My expedition to the invisible world

I wanted to learn how to create and control such moments, so I learned mediation, yoga and mantra singing and later Qi Gong. I was able to tune in very quickly and experience similar moments as before spontaneously. But it was never the same. The best experiences always came unplanned.

And then I discovered that there was much more! I visited different seminars in Reiki and Shamanism and got to know a world full of spiritual energies, which appeared to me in human or other forms. The communication with this world was always very easy for me, but at the same time I was always present in our “normal” reality.

When I practiced the laying on of hands with a friend of mine, I got the idea to communicate with her body and actually received answers and information about her knee pain in pictorial form. This communication also worked with other people, sometimes very concretely, sometimes only hinted at. Sometimes it was about physical things, sometimes psychological.

However, my approach was not yet structured enough for me, so I learned to read the Akashic Records with Gabrielle Orr. This opened up even better communication possibilities for me than before. I was able to ask concrete questions and got answers to all topics that interested me.

Stupid question!

One day I had the idea to ask the spiritual world – or I prefer to call them “spirits” – about my calling. They told me to write and speak about them publicly. Since I had just invested a lot of time, energy and money in a training course in the areas of nutritional counselling according to the 5 elements, Tuina massage and Qi Gong, I was not very happy about it. I asked somewhat reproachfully:

“Why didn’t you tell me this before?” Actually, I had hoped that they would confirm my training course as a good decision.

Their answer came promptly: “You didn’t ask for it.” I understood that while the Spirits are very helpful and wise, they don’t tell you everything. You have to show initiative yourself.

“And what do I do now with the knowledge from my training course?”, I asked disappointedly.

“You can use it on the side.”

“Oh, the trend with this calling is also overrated,” I thought stubbornly at first. But then I noticed the disappointment of the Spirits. I had resolved to get involved with the Spirits at least once in my life and to trust them. And when, if not now, should I realize this?

My biggest hurdle

Now there was only one problem: my mind. It had looked at all my spiritual experiments over the years with skepticism and made derogatory remarks about them: “This can’t work. You can’t prove that. It’s all just your imagination. These are psychological or chemical processes in your brain. Maybe there’s something wrong!”

When I asked my mind how it would explain that I can read information about strangers (of course only with their permission) that I had never seen before, it became unusually quiet.

So I made a deal with it: For about 40 years it had been in charge and determined where to go (and not always for my own good!), and now we would just turn it around and it would subordinate itself to my gut and heart feeling or intuition and the information of the spirits. It would grudgingly let itself in for a temporary period of time. Of course it is allowed to continue to voice its objections and I also appreciate it. But it no longer automatically leads all my decisions.

Nevertheless, it was still a tough struggle to go into the public with my spiritual experiences. I started slowly and told something to a small group of people I didn’t know that well yet. Then I wrote an article for the magazine Tattva Viveka (“Die weitere Dimension – mein spirituelles Erlebnis”, issue 77/ December 2018) about one of my spiritual experiences. I realized that nothing bad happened, as my mind had feared: I wasn’t put away somewhere or burned at the stake. On the contrary: Suddenly other people dared to tell about their spiritual experiences, which they would probably never have done otherwise.

My blog and other activities

So I started writing this blog and I am always amazed at what the Spirits have to tell me. Every interview with them is unpredictable and usually triggers an aha effect in me. The photos to the posts are mainly of me. If you have ideas and thoughts about the posts, I would be happy to receive comments from you (in the comment function)!

Further activities are planned. If you want to learn more about it or be reminded of my blog posts, follow me on Twitter under “Spiritwriterin, @NadinePlaesier”. A newsletter is also planned, in which you can subscribe to.

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