For today I have planned to ask something about climate change. I’m interested in the human contribution to climate change and how much more can be done to slow it down. But the Spirits want to tell you something about water first. Maybe because it suits the dry, hot weather? There you realize again how valuable water is.
Above all, it is a masculine looking spirit that speaks to me. What is so important to tell about it?

Spirit: Water is the essence of life. All life comes from water. Therefore the quality of water is very important. Life needs pure water. You have to take care of it urgently.

Me: What happens if we don’t have clean water?

Spirits: Humanity is getting more and more ill. First it affects the children, then the adults. Also animals and plants get sick and if you feed on them, you get sick again. So it gets worse and worse.

Me: What can an individual do for it?

Spirit: You can support organizations that work to preserve the water. Buy and drink only good quality water and don’t pollute any water yourself.

Me: And how?

Spirit: You already have a lot of information about this. Read this information and pay attention to it. You also need the right laws.

Me: How do we deal with dry weather?

Spirit: You have to grow appropriate plants that tolerate the dryness so that you don’t use so much water for watering.

Me: Is the issue of water more important than climate change?

Spirit: It’s coming anyway. It is equally important.

Me: Can we still do something about climate change now?

Spirit: Yes, you can still do something. For example, plant a lot of trees, drive cars without exhaust fumes, reduce CO2 emissions from factories, etc. You know all that.

Me: Yes, but is it realistic to do all that? Will we ever be able to do that?

Spirit: You should not give up hope. Even if it is so small.

Me: But how do you bring people to a real change of mind?

Spirit: With perseverance and diligence and you have to be there with your heart. It takes time.

Me: But do we have so much time?

Spirit: It takes as long as it takes. Then you will see what you can still achieve.

Me: When I was about 17 years old, we already went through the topic at school. It was about the climate summit. I thought: Finally something will change! And then I was totally disappointed when the decisions were postponed to the next climate summit. At the next climate summit I thought: “But now!” And again the decisions were postponed. That was more than 20 years ago! It can be very tiring when you have been campaigning for climate protection for 20 years and see so few results.

Spirit: You have continued anyway.

Me: Yes, but there were phases in which I almost gave up. I’m motivated by the fact that so many young people are now working for it again. A few years ago that was hardly an issue. Instead, the students I knew told me only about the air travel they had made this year. I didn’t have much hope and was frustrated that I had not done so for years. This suddenly seemed so pointless to me, when people who probably live longer than I do not care to protect their own future. And then I took air travel again.

Spirit: If it frustrates you to give up flying, you have to find compromises.

Me: But if everyone only makes compromises, it’s not enough.

Spirit: You are not relaxed. Pay attention to your relaxation. Treat yourself to something that is not 100% climate-friendly. Otherwise you give up sometime completely. Nobody can do everything 100% right. Stubbornness takes the energy from you to continue with the climate protection.

Me: Well, I try it … So we probably can’t prevent climate change completely. How do we best deal with it?

Spirit: First of all you can’t deny it. You mustn’t look the other way, otherwise things will not be done that need to be done. Be realistic and do not hope naively that everything will be as it was before. That applies to everything in life, by the way. Life changes and nothing remains like before. Every person changes. You have to accept that. If you hold on to the old, you miss important things that have to be done now. People have to think globally. It only works with each other, you are all in the same boat. That must finally be or become clear to you. You cannot separate the climate for your country from the rest of the world. Global solutions have to be found. A much stronger cooperation is necessary. Scientists from all over the world have to work together. There is no other way. Otherwise you can leave it at that. This is your chance to learn to achieve something together instead of competing against each other. That is your common task. Don’t screw it up. Together you have a lot of knowledge and strength.

Me: And if I am not a scientist, how can I participate?

Spirit: Become active in an organization yourself. You can read everything else: little driving, flying etc..

Me: Who is actually to blame for climate change? How much do people contribute?

Spirit: Most of it comes from people. It has already begun with industrialization and has been going on for a very long time now that man has an influence on the climate. In addition, there are more and more people who are burdening the climate more and more. You can’t talk your way out of that.

Me: I had hoped that we are only half involved and the other part is solar activity etc. … Then I would have a less guilty conscience. So now I have more feelings of guilt.

Spirit: It is always the case in life that you live at the expense of others. You will always be in the conflict: I live well and others live worse or vice versa. You eat plants and animals, you build houses out of different materials, you cut down trees, etc. That’s how life works. The only thing that matters is to keep your balance as much as possible. Don’t take more than you need. Be grateful for what you get and don’t waste it.

Me: I think it’s hard today to determine what you really need. Actually, I only need food, clothes and an apartment. But there are so many things in our lives: Means of transport, mobile phones, household appliances, etc. It’s hard to decide what you really need. And someone constantly wants to sell you something and tell you what you still need …

Spirit: As we have said before: Always go back to the peace and quiet and let go of your thoughts. Then you feel what you need. Look for joy in things that are not material, such as meeting friends, walking, singing, dancing, etc. And for the climate, as I said, find a compromise. Actively look for alternatives for flying, driving a car, etc. Sit down and collect ideas that you write down. Look at them again and again. You can also exchange ideas with others.

Me: That’s a good idea, which I’ll pass on to the readers right away: If you have ideas for climate-friendly alternatives to your previous habits in everyday life, please write them in the comment. Thank you!

Spirit: Climate change is a huge topic that we could talk about for days. But today only the most important thing.

Me: Another question: If I had children, I would think about their future and how they can have a nice life. I just don’t understand how some parents can regularly fly their children on holiday, even though everyone has heard about flying damaging the climate. Why don’t they change anything?

Spirit: You can’t give a general answer to that. Some want to visit their family abroad. Some just do it for fun. And some also lack the connection in the brain between knowledge about the climate and their own actions. Still others have such problems with themselves that they don’t even think about it. Some also want to show off where they have been.

Me: How do you get these people to think more about their actions?

Spirit: The best thing for their children is to do that. You have to explain it to the children so that they can pass it on to their parents. They are not as stressed and overloaded with thoughts and problems as their parents. Otherwise, the media could report more about climate-friendly travel or how to have a nice holiday at home. Travel is often the subject of discussion because it is such a popular topic. This makes people travel more and want to see more programmes about it or read articles. A vicious circle. An important topic would be also to make clear why one needs travelling. What do you really need? What do you want to compensate, perhaps the frustration at work? Then you should change something about your job. Something like that is hardly dealt with in the media. It is important to develop an awareness of it.

Phew, that was a long conversation. Since I don’t want to go beyond the scope of the blog, I will end the topic for now. I thank and say goodbye to the Spirits. What was particularly interesting to me today was that we humans have the largest share in climate change. That also means that we can do a lot of positive things! So be sure to attend the Global Climate Moon on 20 September!

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Are we to blame for climate change?

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