Auf einem schiwmmenden Blatt liegt ein Wassertropfen

I didn’t ask a question – neither how we should deal with the current situation with the Corvid-19, nor any other question – but I’m still getting an answer. It resonates within me, of course, and the spirits know what we are concerned about. At first it’s more of an experience than a conversation, but that also leaves more impression and I hope that I can at least pass it on a bit.

On a meadow a female Spirit in an elegant turquoise dress and gold jewellery sits in front of me and smiles at me. From past conversations I already know that such clothing is symbolic of abundance. The sun is shining brightly. The Spirit begins to collect small jewels from a river that flows between us. She puts them into a bag and gives it to me. When I receive it, I feel fullness, warmth, peace and gentle motherly energy. She points with her hand to the river, which is full of jewels. Then she takes some jewels in her hand again. They shine and glitter in the sunlight. This brings joy to me. Then she throws more and more jewels at me and around me, until at some point I am almost completely surrounded by them. I am now sitting in a mountain of jewels. I feel energetic, safe and protected in it.

Spirit: The abundance is infinite. Do not think in lack.

In today’s conversation, abundance means above all life energy, that’s what I feel. I will enjoy the beautiful feeling for a while longer. If I were to ask questions now, my mind would drive it away. Therefore I will remain sitting like this for a while and ask nothing.

Spirit: Practise to maintain abundance and to be in abundance.

Now I have to ask: What should one practice?

Spirit: Trust in us and love for us.

The jewels also feel like an energetic protection to the outside, just like the immune system. I bathe in pure energy!

Me: Would you like to say something else?

Spirit: Make it the same for me. Take the energy from the flow of life. Trust in us. We have everything you need here. We are happy to give it to you. There’s enough here for everyone. We’ll provide for you. You’re not in short supply. Keep the faith and you’ll be strong. Don’t give up now. Let the energy flow to you. Allow it to flow. Everything you need is there. You just have to take it.

That’s all she wants to say.

I will thank her and say goodbye.

(Since I never met a mountain of jewels before, I’m missing an exactly fitting photo today …)

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