Eine Froschhochzeit in einem Tümpel

Do you feel that something or someone is influencing your life and an energy that is not yours might even make you sick? And do you associate this with deceased people? But can these souls of the deceased perhaps also have a positive effect and bring us closer to our true purpose in life? Today the Spirits tell us more about this.

I got this somewhat more complex question from Johanna and I divide it into several questions.

So the first part is: Are physical or mental symptoms of illness sometimes, mostly or always triggered by the souls of the deceased who have not yet gone into the light?

The Spirits answer immediately and very clearly with Yes.

Spirit: That can be. Illnesses, whether they are mental or physical, can of course have many causes. It doesn’t always have to have to do with the deceased, but it does happen. And in a certain way, the person who experiences it allows symptoms to appear through the soul of a deceased person. It’s always a two-sided thing, one from the soul that is attached to someone and the other from the other person who is open to it for some reason.

Me: What reasons can there be for being open to it?

Spirit: If, for example, someone has died whom you knew and with whom you had contact and whom you cannot let go and the soul of the deceased cannot let go either, or cannot go into the light or cannot detach itself from its previous life, then it meets the person who cannot let go either. That can be a reason.

Me: Does this always have to lead to physical or psychological symptoms?

Spirit: Yes, it is already an impairment, on an energetic level. It is like carrying a heavy backpack around with you. You carry the energy of the other person around with you. If that person had been a balanced person and his or her soul had been balanced as well, then the soul would not have been there and would have gone to other realms. But there is something that wants to be solved, something that gives the soul a heaviness, unresolved conflicts or problems. The person who, so to speak, charges himself or herself with this is ready to bear it in some form. This is mostly unconscious.

Me: What other reasons can there be for such a soul to attach itself to someone?

Spirit: Sometimes it can also happen that the soul wants to suck the energy of living people with full intention. The first example was more like the soul cannot detach itself and there is someone who practically invites it and also holds on to it. And that just happens just like that. But sometimes there are also souls that are greedy. They also hold on to life and can’t break away and believe that they can continue to exist in such a way that they suck in the energy of others. This can then make someone really sick, even more than in the other example. In the first example, there is still a connection and perhaps love with it, perhaps a misunderstood love, so that you can not let go of the other and want to hold on. But that is not yet so dramatic. But if this happens out of the greedy intention to take energy from others, it can lead to stronger symptoms and more severe diseases.

Me: Is it then also the case with the person who suffers from it that he or she could not let go, or why does it happen that he or she is attacked by the soul?

The Spirits now show me a person who also has something dark inside of him, also a kind of greed.

Spirit: This greed may not be conscious, it may be in the subconscious, but it is like a magnet that attracts such souls. Often these people then also have such people in their environment who suck energy. When they meet these people, they always feel drained or sucked out afterwards. And so it can also happen that they attract a greedy soul.

Me: I would be interested in what can be done about it.

Spirit: You definitely have to surround yourself with light-filled thoughts and people. One should try to get out of it. It’s as if you’ve fallen into mud and keep digging around in it. But you have to get up again and cleanse yourself and connect with light, love and/or the spirits. You should also break off contacts that suck you dry and wear you out and look for more friendly, pleasant and loving contacts. Sometimes it is also not possible without someone who has spiritual experience and treats people, whether it is a healer, shaman or similar. Whereby you have to take a close look at who you are dealing with, because many healers and shamans also carry energies with them, with which they do not cope so well without knowing it. Then it can be that they also transfer something to the clients.

Me: Apparently it’s not all that easy.

The spirits now smile at me and put their hand on their heart to show me that the heart is our center and that we can cultivate it and promote our heart energy more and more.

Spirit: Anything that strengthens your heart energy strengthens you from within and then you can resolve such things over time.

Me: Okay, then I would like to come to the second part of Johanna’s question: Does this pain caused by this occupation have something positive and does it want to lead the one or the other to the true purpose in life? Actually these are two questions again. So I ask first of all: Does it also have something positive when such a soul attaches itself to someone?

Spirit: Maybe it can be a comfort at first, especially if you feel sorry for someone. You don’t feel so alone at first. But you still have to get your everyday life back on track again sometime. You have to turn back to everyday life. At some point you should let go, because it affects your energy.

Me: But can it then lead the person to the real task in life?

Spirit: No one else can lead someone to their own life-task, no one from outside, it always comes from within.

Me: But can it not be indirect that this conflict with the soul of a deceased person leads me to deal with certain issues in my life, so that I develop to find my life’s purpose?

Spirit: That is a very big detour. It may be natural to take such a path, but when it comes to truth, when it comes to a true life purpose, it always has to do with pure heart energy. Purity and clarity only develop when you are in your own center and in inner balance. And you can’t have that when there is another energy sticking to you. So if you have another soul attached to you, you have to deal with it and try to resolve it, and only then can you develop this inner clarity. You can do this without having another soul attached to you. Such a soul rather distracts you.

Me: But I would think now: At least you have had an experience and gained more wisdom, isn’t that helpful?

Spirit: Of course, this can always be helpful, the question is only whether it is helpful for your own life task.

So it doesn’t matter what question I ask, they stick to the answer that this experience doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with finding the true purpose in life.

Spirit: Finding your own way has to do with inner stability and a connection to your own soul. This is harder to recognize when another soul is involved. The better you can distance yourself from other people and such souls flying around, the more you have inner stability. And the more one promotes the wisdom of one’s own heart, the light and the connection to the universe, the better one gets on his or her own path.

For illustration, they show a scene in which someone walks next to another person and babbles all the time, thereby distracting the other person.

Spirit: It’s all about concentration on yourself, about devotion to yourself and not letting yourself be distracted by anything.

Me: This is quite difficult, especially in these times.

Spirit: That has always been difficult because people prefer to deal with external things rather than their inner self, because that is not always pleasant and you can also meet your own dark sides.

Me: At first I can’t think of any other question about it. Would you like to say something more?

Spirit: The souls go their own way. Let them go, send them on their journey and come to yourselves.

I found that once again very exciting.

I thank Johanna and the Spirits and say goodbye.

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Can souls of the dead make us sick?

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