Ein Lichtstrahl scheint aus den Wolken heraus

Today, I am going on a movie-like flight around the world with a very special spirit and learn why contact with the spirits is so important and what role children play in this.

I see and welcome a Spirit who is standing on clouds. Whether he is male or female, I cannot quite place at first. I should come closer and enter the clouds. They divide and below them is the earth. I see it from high above from space, the blue water frames the brownish continents. He/her takes me on a joint flight to the earth. This is great, better than in the movies! In high speed we rush towards the earth, a big city with skyscrapers comes closer and closer until you can see the individual skyscrapers.

In one of the skyscrapers there is a four-year-old girl in a brown dress standing at a window and looking out. We stop in front of the window. The girl sees my companion and is beaming. Then she runs away for a moment and probably comes back with her mother. But she only looks through the spirit into the air and does not understand what her daughter wants to show her. The daughter tries once more to make it clear to the mother who is floating in front of her window, but the mother just walks away. The Spirit gives the girl a shining heart through the window pane. She is happy and smiles. Meanwhile I am apparently invisible to everyone.

Spirit: Children are still open to us.

Now we are moving at a rapid pace through different places on earth, steppes, forests, villages, towns, like in a movie with time lapse. Wow, this is fun! Some people see the Spirit, but many do not. Those who see him/her look up and shine with joy.

We reach a village and stop at the door of a small house. A doctor or healer opens the door and welcomes the Spirit. I now have the impression that the Spirit is male, but actually it doesn’t matter. We float into the house where a woman is sick in bed. The Spirit strokes her body and then taps the doctor or healer on his forehead. At the spot of the third eye, a dot begins to glow. I wonder what that means. Apparently the man and the Spirit had an appointment. The man must have called the spirit.

We’re flying on to another man in another country whose wife is sick. Again the Spirit strokes the sick woman and taps the man on the forehead so that a dot begins to glow. It seems that he too has called the Spirit.

The flight continues over a plain. I ask the Spirit if the dot always glows when he touches the forehead of a person. He shows it to me with other people who do not notice him and who walk along the street staring straight ahead. He taps them on the forehead. Nothing happens. Apparently you have to be open to it. I get sad. We fly over so many people who don’t perceive him. They seem like children who have lost and forgotten their mother. They look indifferent and unhappy. I’m going to cry.

Me: Are you spirits sad that many people do not perceive you?

Spirit: We have time. We can wait.

Me: Why have people lost contact with you?

Spirit: They worked a lot, especially during the time of industrialization. They had less time for their faith and their families. Then it started to get less.

Me: But most of them still went to church.

Spirit: Yes, but more half-heartedly.

Me: Is the loss of contact also related to enlightenment and science?

Spirit: That was mainly an issue in the educated classes. The poorer classes had not much to do with it. In the educated classes it was mixed. Women were often more religious than men. Little by little an inner emptiness developed. Consumption was later welcomed to fill that emptiness. In between were wars and poverty.

Me: Doesn’t this make people want to pray more and be more spiritual?

Spirit: It can also make them lose their faith completely.

Me: That is perhaps understandable.

Spirit: There is a misunderstanding that the invisible world or the divine is responsible for your happiness. But that is you alone. We only accompany and support you in what you do. It is up to you what happens to the world. We would not take away your freedom of choice. You’re not little children.

Me: Although sometimes we behave that way…

Spirit: Grow up. Take your responsibilities.

The Spirit flies with me to a five-year-old boy who is sitting on the ground playing in nature.

We are still a bit behind him and the Spirit enlightens me: He has abilities. He will not forget us when he is grown up. Such people are rays of hope for humanity.

The Spirit flies to the boy and plays with him. For the boy it seems to be quite normal, as if he is playing with a human being.

Spirit: We speak to the hearts of the children. So let them play freely. Don’t put them in front of the computer so much, otherwise they forget us quickly … Otherwise they have no basis for their life, no real joy of life, no hope. We are with them for many years and protect them. And then most of them leave us.

Me: At what age?

Spirit: About 12. And earlier now. They leave and forget us. They distract themselves, drink alcohol, take drugs etc. They forget us. They become empty inside, dried up, sad. But many are not aware of it. They spend their whole life looking for something and think it is the dream partner, the dream house, the dream children, the dream job. But as soon as they have something, they look for something new. They are never finished. There is always something missing. Until they die. Then it comes back to them.

Me: Well, at least then…

Spirit: Yes, but it is a waste of life. Empty lifetime. And time lost to all society. Life is hollow, it has no substance. It’s like just a waiting period being bridged.

Me: What would life be like if people had contact with you?

Spirit: Life would be fuller, also full of joy. People would really be there, they would really experience life. They could finally enjoy the standard of living that was their goal for so long and that they have achieved here in Germany. They would need fewer possessions, fewer activities, fewer trips, because they would enjoy everything more. They would also enjoy the fellowship with other people more.

Me: And then there might be some environmental problems less.

Spirit: Of course. But not only that. It would be an enrichment. People would be richer than before.

Me: Were they richer inside in earlier times when they were more spiritual?

Spirit: Partly. There was partly a lack of awareness of human rights, psychology, animal welfare, etc. The fight for survival was stronger than today. People had no time for anything else but survival. But they had more confidence in us. Especially in the early times of mankind they had nothing else. That gave them stability. They often survived under such difficult conditions that no one could do today.

Me: Maybe we are doing too well?

Spirit: You only think that you are doing well. You have been taught what prosperity is and that you can measure your happiness by that. But you have forgotten what it is like when you are really well. You only have a hunch that there was something, a hunch from your childhood. But you can’t remember how to get there. The commercials make you believe that they know. Media pretends to tell you, books, movies, etc. But that’s not it. As long as you let yourself be distracted by it, you will not find it.

Me: But how?

Spirit: Talk to us. We are here. We’re real. We’re waiting for you and looking forward to seeing you.

Me: That sounds a bit like a slogan …

Spirit (laughs): Yes, but we are serious. And we don’t want money. We love you. A good mother doesn’t want to see her child because of the money, but because she loves her child. It’s very simple. There’s no trick to it. It’s just joy and love.

Me: I love these conversations with you. They change something in my life: my view on life and my inner stability. With you I always have a home, no matter where I am. And after each conversation I feel invigorated, exhilarated and full of joy and peace. I remember that I almost always had this feeling as a child. I saw life as through golden yellow glasses. In my teenage years it gradually faded and today it only comes when I consciously connect with the spirits. Are spirits actually ancestors, angels or who?

Spirit: We are souls. By whomever. Depending on the questions you ask, the corresponding Spirits come.

Me: And if I don’t ask any questions?

Spirit: There is always some theme vibrating within you. You don’t have to know and say it.

And now I ask a question that I actually never ask: And who are you?

Spirit: Gabriel.

Me: The ANGEL Gabriel?! Oh, if I’d known, I might have been a little more reverent.

Although I don’t usually deal with angels, to be honest.

Spirit: That’s why I didn’t say anything. Don’t be afraid of me.

Me: Yes, if I had known that beforehand, I might not have asked my questions so casually and relaxed. Maybe that’s why I never ask who I actually talk to.

I enjoy his presence for a while and then I thank him and say goodbye.

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Children still know how to do it

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