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Today the communication with the Spirits is very pictorial. The information seems to me at first quite fantastic, but when I research the Internet afterwards, I am very surprised: Our earth has “heart rhythm disturbances”! Of course, science expresses itself there mostly with different vocabulary, but basically means the same thing.

A male spirit shows it to me in a spirit way, namely with a little model earth. At first he reminds me of the creation of day and night and summer and winter by turning the sphere accordingly. Since light comes from the left, I see corresponding light and shadow on the small earth. Yes, well, I know that, what is he getting at?

Then something new is added. In the northern hemisphere I see a kind of energy in the form of a strip of light jumping back and forth in an arc. It is rather a symbolic representation and is supposed to represent a movement. Under this arc I suspect Europe. It is not clearly recognizable, because the model is very small and the continents are not really recognizable. But I don’t ask exactly, I just wonder in general:

Me: Hm, and what does that mean?

He gives a hint that it has something to do with the axis of the earth. Then I see the captain of a ship in a new image – in a pop-up film window, so to speak.

Me: That the strip of light jumps back and forth has to do with the earth’s axis and concerns shipping?

A nod comes from the spirit. He could be a bit more talkative today. All right, let’s talk about mime today then.

Apparently this jumping energy also has an influence on the sea animals. I see sea animals whose lifestyle is changing and therefore also changes in fishing. The ships have to take different routes to catch fish.

Me: What is it like at the South Pole?

He weighs his head back and forth. There it probably has little effect. Not so much happens there.

Me: And what does that actually interest people – apart from shipping?

I now see a kind of energy spiral spreading from the northern hemisphere to the rest of the Earth. So it seems to have an energetic effect on the entire Earth. I see people who look stressed or excited. Some have headaches or dizziness, babies too, but they can only make themselves noticeable by crying.

Me: Can anything be done about it?

He shows me a very deep hole, probably several hundred meters deep, into which a person crawls. Hm, that doesn’t really seem realistic to me … The spirits generally show all answers to one question, whether they are to be realized in a complex way or not. At least if I don’t ask specifically enough.

Then he shows satellites, which are distributed in regular intervals on a latitude above the equator, and measure something. And – ah, here come a few words!

Spirit: The earth has a kind of heartbeat. The phenomenon shown at the beginning (the jumping energy) has an influence on it and also on the volcanic activity. By measuring the phenomenon with satellites, volcanic activities could be predicted even better.

Me: What influence does it have on the hearts of people?

Spirit: Heart problems, heart rhythm disturbances, confusion, changes in perception (in foreign and self-perception). This can be positive or negative.

Small addition from me in passing: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the heart is seen as the seat of the mind, so heart problems can also be related to confusion and changes in perception.

Me: Can you name a period of time when this happens?

Spirit: It begins to become visible now and lasts for about 120 years.

Me: And after that?

Spirit: Then people have adjusted to it. In total it takes thousands of years.

Me: Is there therefore more war or more wisdom and love among people?

That is often the hope in the spiritual scene: A vibration changes and suddenly all people become wiser and more peaceful. But the Spirit is rather unromantic in this respect:

Spirit: People with weak hearts will not survive it so well. Emotionally there is first of all excitement. The sailors already know about it. Check there if you’re looking for information.

Now I’m curious to know what’s in his information. I only know something about a change of poles between the North and South Pole, which is actually not supposed to happen so quickly. What kind of energy is jumping around in the northern hemisphere? Since the Spirit could or wanted to show me this only in visual language, I will now look for information about it in our language.

Search for facts on the Internet

I look on the Internet for the keywords that came up in our conversation and I actually find something:

The point is…

First I enter the keyword “Earth axis” and find an article (as of 2016) on the page “The Weather Channel”, which quotes the US space agency Nasa. According to this article, the earth began to tumble and shift its axis 19 years ago. After the North Pole migrated towards the Canadian Hudson Bay during the 20th century, it abruptly changed its direction eastwards around 2000 and is now moving twice as fast. This is already being verified with two satellites that measure the earth’s gravity.

According to the main author of the study, Surendra Adhikari, the reason could be: melting ice sheets due to global warming in Greenland and Antarctica. Other scientists doubted that these masses were large enough to shift the earth’s axis and blamed it on water shortages and droughts in India. In addition, they added the usual influences that have always existed, such as wind systems, ocean currents, persistent precipitation and processes in the earth’s interior. As the article is older, this view may have become outdated. I can find a more convincing explanation:

The National Geographic website even calls the movement of the magnetic North Pole a “gallop” (as of August 2019) at 55 kilometers per year. Thereby, the “World Magnetic Model” had to be updated earlier than planned. This is a standard model on which our navigation systems are based, from map apps in mobile phones and cars to ships and airplanes. The scientist Livermoore from the University of Leeds suspects a “tug-of-war” between two magnetic field areas that lie below northern Canada and Siberia. Up to now, the Canadian pole was probably stronger, which is now changing. In my interview with the Spirit, I did not see the line in its position very clearly. In the model of the Spirit it ran roughly over Europe. But apparently the movement runs more to the north, which can be seen on a picture of the Tagesspiegel (January 2019).

Does the change of the poles have something to do with it?

I will research this point next. In an article of the Deutschlandfunk (August 2019) it is described that North and South Pole have changed their positions several times in the history of the Earth, the last time about 770,000 years ago. Researchers are arguing about the duration of this process: a change of polarity could take between 100 and 26,000 years. A weakening of the magnetic field is already measurable, but Brad Singer from the University of Wisconsin-Madison sees this as only a temporary phase of weakness. This is good for people, he said, because satellites, power and communications networks are at risk if there is no protective magnetic field for a longer period of weakness, and air travelers are exposed to much higher radiation. Whether this phase of weakness has anything to do with the gallop of the North Pole towards Siberia is not clear from the article. The Tagesspiegel considers the galloping North Pole as a harbinger of a change of pole, since almost opposite, under South America, a violent unplanned geomagnetic impulse has already occurred.

The heartbeat of the earth

Then I enter “heartbeat of the earth” and am surprised: Even scientists use the word “heartbeat”. In an article on the website “Planet Erde- Welt der Geowissenschaften” (as of June 2018), they use this term to describe the fluctuations of the Earth’s magnetic field, which are irregular and also geographically different. In this context, a more specific reference to the movement of the North Pole follows: Geophysicists at the Danish Technical University in Copenhagen have found striking measurements below the northern coasts of North America and Siberia on the basis of satellite measurements (ESA satellite mission SWARM; there are now 3 satellites): 3,000 m below the Earth’s surface, molten material (440 km x 10,000 km) is said to flow in a particularly fast east-west motion. So that is why the earth has heart rhythm disturbances!

On my further search for the “heartbeat of the earth” I also come across a completely different view in an article by the Rosenkreuzer, who describe that the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann discovered a fundamental frequency of the earth in 1952 – the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hertz, named after him. In the article it is called the “heartbeat of the earth”, which is said to correspond to the frequency spectrum of the human brain. This frequency has been increasing since the 1990s and is said to bring about a “de-materialization of matter”, such as the virtual world on the Internet. The author of the article also sees this as an opportunity for people to further develop their consciousness and spirituality.

Does this cause volcanoes to erupt?

And do the volcanoes now have something to do with the changed North Pole? I don’t find that much about that on the internet, just a consideration on the website vulkane.net (as of January 2019): There they talk about the hypothesis that processes in the earth’s core could also influence the earth’s mantle and thus perhaps even volcanic activity. This has increased since autumn 2017.

Further questions to the Spirits

Now I have new questions for the Spirits:
Me: Did you talk about changing the poles earlier?

Spirit: That will take some time, it is not happening yet.

Me: So it was just about the anomaly in the earth’s magnetic field between Canada and Siberia?

Spirit: Mainly. There are other factors involved.

Me: And what is the cause?

Spirit: It is, so to speak, heart rhythm disturbances of the earth, cosmic influences, a change of beat.

He also shows a factor on the opposite side of the North Pole (Arctic) on the small model of the Earth. It is not directly the Antarctic, so the point is not directly opposite, but a little more towards the equator. According to Spirit, this point should have a normally balancing relationship to the North Pole. Since it has become weaker due to earth plate shifts, earthquakes and tsunamis, it has influenced the North Pole movement between Canada and Siberia. Conversely, the influence from north to south does not seem to be as great as the Spirit said in the beginning. Perhaps the Spirit is referring to the geomagnetic impulse of 2016 under South America, which is also described on the Spektrum website.

Very confusing in the whole discussion is that there is a geographic north pole, an arctic geomagnetic pole and an arctic magnetic pole. And actually the geographic North Pole is a magnetic South Pole. Help! It doesn’t get any more complicated than that! Well, physics has never been my strong point. Maybe that’s why the Spirit chose to communicate visually, to avoid misunderstandings. All in all I find the communication with him much clearer and more understandable than the articles I have read. Of course he is not so precise and scientific, but shouldn’t “normal” people also learn about it and understand it? Such an approach is missing on the internet or it is not so easy to find. At least not on this topic.

The FAZ writes on its website that the distance between the geographic South Pole and the magnetic North Pole in Antarctica (in the south) is currently more than 2500 kilometres. In contrast, the magnetic south pole in the Arctic (in the north) is only a little more than 500 kilometres away from the geographic north pole. This would fit the representation of the spirit. The magnetic pole in the Antarctic moves much slower than the magnetic pole in the Arctic, writes the FAZ. Therefore, the Spirit probably spoke at the beginning that not so much was happening at the South Pole.

This has now motivated me to take a closer look at the magnetism of the earth and the processes in the earth. Although the scientists apparently do not know so much about it yet. It is probably easier to research the solar activities than what is going on directly under our feet, so to speak.

Fascinated, but also tired, I say goodbye and thank the Spirit.

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Diagnosis Earth: Heart rhythm disturbances

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