This is the second outsourced part of the article “How to Connect to the World of Spirits”, as it is a topic in itself.

Me: Some people have blockages in the heart energy or have closed their hearts to protect themselves because of grief, shocks etc. Suppose I had such a blockage, how could I make my heart energy flow again?

Spirit: It is very important to stay with your attention to your heart. You have to concentrate on your heart and wait. Observe and wait.

Me: How long?

Spirit: It’s different. It’s different for everyone. Since many people have avoided their heart for a long time, they have to pay attention to it now. You have to give yourself without wanting anything. You must learn not to drift away from your heart. That often happens in the beginning, but if you stay with it, it gets better and better.

Me: And then?

Spirit: Then the emotions come. You have to do the same with them: Observe without wanting anything. Accept the emotions. They are not you and they are not your heart. They are only the tank that dissolves. People often want to hold on to them.

Me: Why?

Spirit: Because they have become a substitute for missing love. Because you had no object to love, the negative emotions became the substitute object. They are always with you, they do not leave you alone. That gives a kind of security.

Me: That’s kind of paradoxical. How do you manage to let go of the negative emotions?

Spirit: Simply by knowing that they are a substitute and making you aware of it. And by knowing that behind or within is the true heart energy. As soon as you only perceive a corner of the true heart energy, you remember it the way you used to perceive it. You feel the joy of reunion. And then you forget the negative emotions and they go by themselves.

Me: What can you do to prevent the negative emotions from coming back?

Spirit: There are always negative emotions in life. They belong to it. You must not see them as enemies. When it comes to current situations, they help you to recognize what is good and what is bad for you. But when the situation is long over and they still remain, they form a tank that is not helpful. They are initially a substitute for love because at that moment it is a simple solution. But for a long time they hinder you, so that you can no longer find and feel real love. Then you have to let them go again. With an exercise as just described. Or even better: If you look at the negative emotions in an acute situation instead of ignoring them and hear what they want to tell you, they don’t get stuck and don’t become a tank.

Apparently there’s nothing more to say about it at first, so I thank the spirit and say goodbye.

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Dissolving blockages in the heart

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