It’s about the sea today:

Spirit: There is a lot going on in the sea. There are shipping and oil platforms that disrupt ocean energy. Whaling is always an issue. It is important that you take care that no new laws are passed that harm the sea, especially in the USA a lot is happening in this respect.

Me: What can we in Germany do about it?

Spirit: In Germany you have influence through your fish consumption. Pay attention to where your fish was caught, or don’t eat any fish at all.
Offshore plants also change the climate because they change the wind, especially at sea because there is a lot of wind.

Me: So wind turbines aren’t climate-friendly either? What is left for us then?

Spirit: You have to include these factors in your calculation and choose the right locations accordingly.
And the seabed is also important. It has to stay alive. The garbage must be removed.

So far a more masculine spirit has spoken, now a feminine spirit is appearing. She doesn’t speak as objectively as the first one, but emotionally: The sea animals are dying. It needs laws that punish marine pollution more severely.

Instead of words, I now see pictures: a shower of stars raining down on the earth from far above. My view is beamed down to the earth from above at a furious speed. I now see a child walking down a street, catching a star, looking at it and smiling. This is supposed to be a symbolic image that we should not lose hope.

Spirit: Everyone carries the potential of the universe within them. Everyone has a feeling for the balance of the universe. You just have to allow it. Listen to your inner order, to the order of the universe, then you can also order and balance your life on earth.

The image of the child with the star triggers a feeling of joy and peace in me. I would like to leave that for now. I thank and say goodbye and enjoy this feeling for a while.

Then, little by little, my analytical thinking comes back into play and I consider whether it is really true that wind power plants affect the climate. Unfortunately, I find articles in the internet that confirm such assumptions, but the state of research is probably not yet so far that it can certainly be proven. But it also depends on how we deal with wind turbines, as the Spirits have also emphasised. It is described that air masses are deflected in large wind farms and could form clouds. But it is unclear how much influence it has on the climate. (Source:

At first I find nothing about a change in the laws on marine protection in the USA, only an indication from 2016 that Donald Trump will probably try to reverse some of the laws passed by Barack Obama after taking office. (Source:

But then I find a list, which regulations for the protection of the seas under Donald Trump were undone or should be undone. In addition to some regulations that have already been reversed, some are still in progress, such as the reduction of three marine protected areas or the complete release of these for commercial fishing. Perhaps the Spirits meant them, among other things, in their advice to pay attention to where the fish you buy comes from. (Source:

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Does wind power harm the climate?

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