Donald Trump builds his own cage without realizing it. He not only gets others into trouble, but also himself. What role his family and friends play in it, you can find out in my interview today:

Spirit: Donald Trump builds up blockades in many areas right now, which in the end, however, block him himself. He needs a film about his life in order to see himself from the outside.

Me: Would that really bring something?

Spirit: The film would have to be shot by someone he trusts very much and yet is as objective as possible.

Me: His self-perception is disturbed, yes, that should be well known by now.

Spirit: He barricades himself and then gets claustrophobia, so to speak. Like an animal you put in a box, only in this case it builds the box itself without noticing it.

Me: Couldn’t his opponents care about that or play into their hands?

Spirit: His “claustrophobia” has a strong destructive energy. It’s hard to compete. How do you want to calm an animal in a box?

Me: With a sleeping pill?

Spirit: Yes, that works.

Me: What could the “sleeping pill” be?

Spirit: Depression.

Me: That’s hard to realize.

Spirit: That wouldn’t be in our sense either. We are interested in consciousness. He must get his behavior mirrored, but not by his opponents, but by familiar people.

Me: They seem to accept his behaviour.

Spirit: Not all of them. His daughter has doubts. Hidden. She doesn’t talk about it.

Me: What would make her talk about it?

Spirit: A convincing life partner who indirectly criticizes Donald Trump through her and otherwise restrains himself.

Me: It’s hard to influence that.

Spirit: As I said, a film would be helpful. Also for his daughter and her consciousness about her father.

Me: I always ask what we can do in Germany, but I get the impression that it’s not what you’re interested in, right?

Spirit: It’s all about information.

Me: But when you get information, you want to do something.

Spirit: You can’t always do something. If you see news on television, you can’t always do something.

Me: But I thought, if you talk to me, you can give more practical tips than television.

Spirit: It’s not about practical tips, it’s about developing consciousness. Sometimes the mere information is enough.

Me: Okay, so today it’s about developing an awareness of how to deal with presidents who build barricades for themselves and then tick out?

Spirit: Not in general, but in this particular case. Velvet gloves are more effective here than attack. You just need to know where to start. Basically, his soul wants to develop, but it needs help. If his opponents see the solution in the attack, he will only learn attack himself. He needs positive role models.

Me: But he would only undermine them.

Spirit: At work yes. But privately it looks different. There he has sensitive points. And at these points he can learn to develop empathy. Only there. It is the responsibility of his family and friends.

Me: Should journalists behave differently than they have done so far?

Spirit: No, he doesn’t expect anything else from them anyway and interprets everything against himself. The journalists are part of the box in which he locks himself. He sees them as evil and thus puts obstacles in his own way. This picture is now fixed, that doesn’t change with him any more. The wild animal only wants to free itself from the box and does not perceive the condition of the box.

Me: Apropos “wild animal”: That reminds me of Trump’s suggestion to put alligators on the border to Mexico. He seems to really think like a wild animal …

Spirit: Sure, all people do that, you don’t have to think of yourself as something better. The difference is whether you can reflect on yourself or not, whether you are conscious or not. Donald Trump is still at the beginning of the way to develop consciousness. Like many others.

Me: Shouldn’t someone with more wisdom rule?

Spirit: As I said, many people are not yet so conscious and feel addressed by him because he is similar to them. And then they elect him. These are development processes on earth, like flowers that grow differently. Some bloom already in spring, others only in autumn. Some people are already quite conscious before, others only later. Some can be very dominant and displace others. Flowers look so pretty and peaceful to you, but they have similar problems to you and they also fight for territories.

Me: Then some people would now say that you just have to tear out the weeds. Many people imagine that you just have to get rid of uncomfortable people and then the problem is solved.

Spirit: And there is the difference to the flower. You have an ethic and a social life. Every person has a social net. You can’t just wipe that out. The followers of a politician still exist. In addition – we didn’t want to go that deep today, but if you already mention it – uncomfortable people are a mirror of society and show you where something is not yet round. Donald Trump is a caricature of all those who strive for money and power. He is a child of Western society, which has made him what he is. And then this society points its finger at him. You better look at what this has to do with yourselves. Take responsibility for people becoming like him. Only then will something important happen. Such people are important for the development of others. Through them others can develop their own consciousness. Through them you can also develop your collective consciousness. With them you can define what you do not want and how you do not want to be. Mistakes made by others are very instructive, as are one’s own. If you would just block uncomfortable people, no further development would take place altogether.

Me: Somehow logical, but also quite exhausting and painful for many.

Spirit: None of us promised that it would be easy on earth. Television promised you that. Everything always seems so simple with a happy ending. Or in fairy tales.

Me: But you need that from time to time to switch off.

Spirit: Sure. But it’s not reality. You can’t use television as an escape from reality, otherwise you’re disappointed in life. But life is so exciting!

Me: I don’t think everyone can see it that way. I try for my life at least to see it that way. But that doesn’t always work.

Spirit: But basically you do, you just whine a bit on a high level.

That makes me laugh. Sometimes they are very direct … But they are right, I really can’t complain about my life. And there are many people who have maintained or rediscovered their optimism despite difficult fates. In the end our inner attitude plays a very big role.

As Konrad Adenauer already well recognized: We have to take people as they are, there are no others. I think everyone plays their part in the great exciting film “Humanity”. If everyone played the same role, nothing would develop.

I could keep talking with the Spirits for hours now, but before this turns into a coffee party, I thank them and say goodbye.

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Donald Trump in the Box

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