The Spirits want to talk to me about work today. A feminine looking spirit with a maternal charisma says that people in our society work too fast. But what does that mean?

Spirit: Many people work under time pressure.

Me: What is the disadvantage?

Spirit: They consume themselves. The organism does not follow. People are not squirrels, but they move and work like that. The heart doesn’t come with them. You should work in the rhythm of the heart. The soul does not come with you. This lacks stability. The spirit does not come with you. This creates forgetfulness. The lung suffers because you breathe flatter. If you smoke during the break, this is double the stress for the lungs. The entire musculoskeletal system suffers because the muscles are too tense. This also affects the joints. And the digestion becomes nervous.

Me: How can you change that when you have a hectic job?

Spirit: If nobody was rushing and everyone was slower, it wouldn’t even stand out and would be normal.

Me: Yes, of course. You could try to do that at least within a company. But I think it’s difficult to do that. To do that, everyone would first have to recognize the necessity and want to change something. And then it also depends on other factors such as customers. What else can you do?

Spirit: You can incorporate slow-motion moments into your everyday work. As soon as possible, you do everything in slow motion for a few seconds or minutes. During breaks you should really take a break and not look at anything else on the side, such as your mobile phone. At most eat something in peace. Pay attention to your breath again and again: Breathe in deeply into your stomach and listen to your breath. You can imagine watching the sea and listening to the sound of the sea. [For example, you can learn abdominal breathing in breathing, yoga, and qigong classes].

I try it out directly and directly get holiday and happiness feelings from the sea fantasy.

Spirit: Leave the hustle and bustle outside. Separate between the external hectic and the inner hectic. Imagine a boundary around your body, up to which the hectic pace goes from the outside, but which it cannot cross. Also take a short break before speaking, speak calmly and not hectically. Take time and space to talk. If you radiate peace into your surroundings, they will also become calmer. Imagine that you not only control your speed, but also that of your surroundings.

They don’t want to say more about the topic for now. I also think that a few tips are better than too many, because otherwise you don’t know where to start and you forget half of them again. I find the tips already very effective for me, especially the slow-motion moments are simple, but very effective. And you’ll probably find a few seconds of time in every job. It can also be fun if you do this exercise with several people you know.

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Don’t be hectic!

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