Eine Kirsche hängt am Baum

Even if it is not officially there yet, the summer already shows itself with sun and warmth. Finally you can wear light clothes and sunbathe again. Are you enjoying that too? Why this enjoyment is so important for our lives and has a deeper meaning is explained to me by a Spirit today.

In front of me sits a female spirit, smiling benevolently at me.

Spirit: I am the spirit of the summer. Can you feel the joy?

Me: Yes, I have had summer feelings since yesterday, when it was so warm and I was in the garden.

The spirit of the summer is happy about people who are happy about it.

I continue: In summer, so many childhood memories always come up in me: the time in the swimming pool, eating ice cream, outdoor parties, life energy and joy. Yesterday in the garden I also danced with the wind. That was a great feeling.

The Spirit smiles.

I continue to enthuse: In summer there is so much lightness, not only because of the lighter clothes. You automatically feel much freer and more energetic! I really like the summer.

I was so enthusiastic that I almost overlooked the fact that the Spirit of summer shows me wilting leaves. What’s going on here?!

Spirit: The fullness of summer also includes transience. In a few months the green leaves will dry up. You humans are afraid of transience. You want to have summer forever, and that includes the “summer” of your life. You don’t want to age.

Me: We don’t like to do that. That’s right.

Spirit: In Germany the year has four seasons, just like life. If you are happy with only one season, you have only really lived a quarter of your life. Each season has its characteristics and qualities, but you won’t notice them if you want to have summer forever and stay young forever. It’s about gratitude. You can be grateful for every season and for every age.

Me: How do you do it when you are old and sick?

Spirit: Then you have lived your life. You can look back on something. You can appreciate what you have achieved. These can be very small things. You know how certain situations in your life have turned out. When you are young and in the middle of it, you feel uncertain about the outcome of the situation. When you are old, you can make peace with many issues. Things don’t get as hot-boiled as they used to be.

Me: And why are you telling this before the summer starts and not at the end of the summer?

Spirit: Live the summer now. Live the summer feeling. The more you are in the present, the easier the transition to autumn. If you are already afraid of autumn during the summer, gaps will appear in your summer perception because you are already in the future with your thoughts. And if you have gaps, you feel that you have not lived the summer properly and you want to make it as long as possible. But that is not possible. Nature has its times. Your body gets older. If you don’t live now, you feel you have to prolong your youth artificially.

Me: What’s wrong with that?

Spirit: You are lying to yourself and when you realize it, you will be even more disappointed. Then you will find it harder to cope with getting older.

Me: What if you are already in a later phase of life and you couldn’t live the previous one properly, so if you have “gaps”? How can you deal with that?

Spirit: You have to accept it. No life is like an industrially produced commodity that looks just like the others. A life is unique, like a hand-knotted carpet with flaws in it.

Me: I asked because I myself feel that I have to make up for a time from my past. When I was very ill about twelve years ago and this condition lasted for about three years, I no longer felt like I was 32, but 90. My grandmother, who was 87, was more energetic than I was. I could do almost nothing. While my friends were active and committed and had fun, I lay in bed a lot and thought my life was over. A solution was not in sight in the beginning. Fortunately I found it later. Since then I have had the feeling that at least three years of my life are missing. Since the following years brought only slow progress, it feels more like five lost years. I hope that when I’m 90 to 95 years old, I’ll experience five years that feel like 32 to 37…

She laughs.

Me: It’s a bit as if the summer of my life had been very rainy for a few weeks, coupled with a massive cold spell.

Spirit: Was that bad? You have experienced a lot of things inside you during this time that others only experience at 90 – or never.

Me: Yes, that’s true. It was already an intense time and I am also very grateful for these experiences. But sometimes I just think that I missed something. At that time, many of my friends didn’t have any children and went to parties, made trips together. Today that has become rarer.

Spirit: You can’t catch up on anything. You are a different person now.

Me: I don’t even want to be like I used to be. That’s a good thing.

I become thoughtful. Maybe I just didn’t live consciously enough before the “rainy summer” of my life. If I had lived more in the here and now, the five lost years might not have been so important. Or maybe I wouldn’t have gotten sick in the first place. I cannot change the past anymore. But I’m living differently now. I concentrate more on the moment and do not rush from one appointment to the next. Instead of having what felt like 20 hobbies, I only have a few and concentrate on them. And my diary is not as overcrowded as it used to be. If I had lived as carelessly in the years of my life from 32 to 37 as before, they would probably have seemed much shorter to me. So netly I didn’t miss so much because I wouldn’t have lived properly anyway. Through my illness phase my life was decelerated. I realise that I am now living the second half of my life more attentively than the first. This gives me much more time and experience. If it hadn’t been for these five years of illness, the second half of my life would pass by much faster.

The Spirit listens to my thoughts and smiles.

Me: Now it was much more personal about me. Would you like to say something more general for all people?

Spirit: Love each other and yourself, love life. Then the “season” does not matter.

Me: Can you say again more exactly how to live the current phase of life correctly?

Spirit: Your heart must be with everything you do, as well as your attention. Enjoy the now. Pay attention to the enjoyment of life.

Me: Okay, I used to enjoy life with two bars of chocolate a day. But you probably don’t mean that. Honestly, I used to swallow chocolate on the side, often instead of lunch, to save time. I don’t know how much pleasure it actually gave me.

Spirit: Food is only a small part of life. If you can only relate enjoyment to it, something is missing in your life.

Me: I only ate the chocolate to rush to the next appointment. When I think about it now, it feels as if I myself was missing in my life back then. I did not pay attention to myself because I was too busy with external things.

Spirit: Yes, that can be one aspect. But for everyone it can be something different. Enjoying means being in the moment and being busy with only one thing. The more you enjoy, the more you automatically live in the now.

Me: That’s a nice closing word.

I thank her and say goodbye.

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Don’t miss out on your summer enjoyment!

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