Today the topic of ancestors will be discussed. This time several Spirits are present and they are having a party, dancing and laughing. Two female Spirits are doing the interview with me.

Spirit: Christmas is a celebration of family and also of ancestors. Everyone comes together and wants to show love. That is what we do every day. We ancestors show you our love.

Me: How?

Spirit: Through hidden messages and by making things easier for you.

Me: But you have no body.

Spirit: We don’t need a body for that either. We reach people through the heart energy. The more people open themselves through their heart, the better we can reach them.

Me: Back to Christmas: It’s not always a festival of love, often people argue and are stressed.

Spirit: That’s why it’s more our festival. We are not stressed and we give you our love. We are just happy that you are here.

Me: How can one turn to you at Christmas?

Spirit: Music makes a connection, singing is also great for that. We don’t expect much, just a little attention.

Me: Would you like to say something else about Christmas?

Spirit: We are looking forward to it so much! Concentrate on your joy!

Me: I know some people who are not looking forward to Christmas so much because they have problems with their families.

Spirit: There is always a chance to find solutions, even when everything has been stuck for years. Sing more than you talk. Singing together heals relationships. If you are angry about your family, just start singing.

I imagine this and I have to grin. I wonder if that really works. At least it’s funny. Like the exuberant mood of the spirits still dancing. The mood is very inviting. I feel a pleasant warmth.

Spirit: Celebrate life!

I think: Oh yes, that’s right, there was something about Christmas with the birth of Jesus … Today the most joy of life is probably to open presents …

Spirit: A gift can be nice, but not huge amounts of gifts. It must come from the heart.

That’s all they seem to want to say about it. They prefer dancing and celebrating their joie de vivre party.

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Even your ancestors want to celebrate Christmas with you

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