Ein Raubvogel fliegt am Himmel.

The beautiful summer once again shows its hot side, but the first summer flowers show the first signs of senility and lean powerlessly towards the ground. They are withered and let their leaves hang from the dryness. Do you also sometimes become melancholy at the thought of transience? Today you will find out how it can be otherwise.

A female spirit stands before me and points with a sweeping gesture to the horizon where you can see the starry sky. I feel the infinity of the universe.

Spirit: You have so many possibilities as human beings, more than any other living being in the world. You are versatile, make inventions, climb mountains, fly into space, etc. Enjoy that. Enjoy this wonder. It is a gift. It is precious. Enjoy every moment. Be grateful for it. You’ve hit the jackpot, the grand prize on Earth.

She takes a break and then continues: And now comes the best part: there is a much bigger and more diverse world: the world of spirits. You don’t have to build spaceships to get there, you can just fly there.

I close my eyes. The feeling of being in contact with the Spirits is always great. Yes, it’s like flying, only more beautiful – because there’s always the feeling of joie de vivre in it. It gives me a feeling of happiness. And then there is nothing else to achieve or to do. I just let the happiness flow through me and in the meantime I can do that more and more often in my everyday life. It’s like putting on lucky glasses. The spirit shines out of all things of everyday life towards me. The whole life is a great wonder. That the universe exists at all is a great wonder. Every flower, every butterfly, every person and what people create is a great miracle. I am grateful for the fact that I am allowed to experience and look at this. The human body is also a great miracle – walking, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling – how cool is that! That is why we are here to admire all this.

How much time do you take yourself for it daily? What inspires you? What fascinates you?

I don’t know what drugs feel like, because I never took any – what’s the point, the contact to the spirits is brilliant enough and without any side effects.

Yes, I followed the advice of the Spirits and enjoyed the summer with every fibre of my body. I observed, heard and felt nature, inhaled its scents and let the vegetables I harvested myself melt on my tongue.

That is why we are here, isn’t it? To enjoy this paradise.

My mind is gradually coming back to me with thoughts like “But don’t get totally out of touch and become unworldly now! Don’t forget what’s going on in the world. You also have to take care of all kinds of problems and not just float like a junkie in an ideal world and talk all nice.”

That’s just its way. That’s what it’s there for. It sees the impermanence in everything. It sees that summer’s just gonna end and the beautiful flowers will dry up. It sees that nature is being destroyed and that we must do something. It sees the conflicts, wars and so on and so on… Its favourite word is “BUT!”

In the past my mind was mainly in charge of my life. But that did not make me happy in the long run. Luckily I have been in contact with the Spirits since my youth, I just called it different back then. And the more intensive this contact became, the happier I became. Of course, I care about problems and conflicts and I am also committed to environmental and climate protection. But it makes a big difference if you are happy or sad while doing it.

Since I have been writing my blog every week, my contact with the spirits has become even more intense and this feeling of joy of life, peace and gratitude shimmers more and more through my everyday life. It is as if my everyday life is slowly becoming transparent and the essence of all being, this joyful energy, shines through.

Yes, our life here on earth and in this universe is transitory. But the other world, the unmeasurable world, is infinite and eternal. It is beautiful and powerful and full of joy and love. Why should we mourn for the passing of time when there is eternal joy?

It is strange that many people prefer to believe in the transitory just because it is measurable, but not in the unmeasurable. To me, the unmeasurable seems more real. Of course, everyone can hold it in the way he wants. But once you have experienced this joy and energy of the non-measurable world, you will not want to go back to the old way of looking at things.

Today there are so many stories about me. Would you like to say something, Spirits?

The female spirit has listened to me all the time and smiled at me. Now she shows me a boat and asks me to get in.

With this she wants to express: Only when you set out can you discover something new. We are happy to show you our world.

I think that’s a nice closing, and thank her and say goodbye.

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Finally infinite

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