Ein Segelboot segelt über das Meer

Are you planning a new project? Perhaps one that will protect life on this earth? Then you will find out in my interview today what the Spirits believe should not be missing.

A Spirit is standing in front of me and points with his arm to the right. I see a landscape there that looks similar to the landscape of the last interview. But this time there is no wall, but a shore that runs from me to the horizon. To the right of it is water, which also extends to the horizon. It could be a sea. On the water, a boat with some people is approaching. The Spirit runs to the shore and calls something to the boat passengers. They drive to the shore, the Spirit gets in and they drive away until they have disappeared into the distance. I look at them in a bewildered way. What is this all about? I have never had that before, that a spirit has simply disappeared and left me standing …!

But shortly afterwards he comes running back laughing and amused about my puzzled expression. It is interesting how fast he moved back to me over the long distance. To be more precise, it was more like hovering. On the sea there are now more boats approaching. This whole picture is supposed to be a metaphor again and I ask myself what for. And here comes the enlightenment:

Spirit: These people are on a journey. They are setting off into another future. You cannot see where the water ends. The future is uncertain. But they are optimistic. They want to save life on Earth.

Now a boat docks, three people get out and run aimlessly into the steppe that spreads out to the left of the shore.

Spirit: Some are aimlessly actionistic. They run into the steppe, it is dry there, there is nothing. They will die of emotional thirst. You have to stay on the water.

Me: What does the water stand for?

Spirit: There are other boats on the water, you can exchange. There is communication, you don’t travel alone.

Me: So the others in the steppe were aimless?

Spirit: Yes, you need a plan, a common idea that carries you like the water. There are currents within an idea, but the basic element remains the same, just as the direction remains the same.

Me: So for projects that want to secure life on earth, you need a common basic idea, a direction and communication. And you mentioned optimism at the beginning. Besides, these people look very motivated.

Spirit: Yes, and everyone brings in their own abilities. Everyone has abilities.

Me: Why did you go with the boat earlier?

Spirit: You can also invite us, we like to participate in your projects. Then we can help you guide and find your way. But we don’t take the helm, you still have to do that yourself.

Suddenly there are a lot of boats on the sea and in every boat there is a Spirit. The sea now seems calmer with less swell and I can hardly see it in front of all the boats.

Spirit: When we are there, many more people will join in. They feel subconsciously attracted to us.

Me: How do we invite you to a project?

Spirit: If you meet, then add a representative for us, for example a candle, a picture or a figure, it doesn’t matter. Just be aware of what it stands for. Add the representative as if he or she were another person to talk to. That pleases us and then we come too. But all participants have to accept it, otherwise it won’t work so strongly.

Me: I knew that there was a catch … I find that hard to realize.

Spirit: It is clear that this is important. If we are supposed to go with the boat, nobody should push us out.

Me: And what exactly does your help look like?

Spirit: As I said, our energy attracts more people. In addition, we can be asked about topics in meditation.

Me: So when we implement projects with the help of Spirits, do they have a connecting effect on people?

Spirit: Yes, the projects then have more power.

I let these statements have an effect on me for a moment and now I feel a feeling of inner peace and strength, as if I was a rock in the surf.

Spirit: There are still the people who drive sporty chic “boats” and talk a lot about what they want to do great with them. But it’s not worth getting in touch with them. They just talk, but don’t act. Their boat always stays in the harbour. They would slow down the others if they were to connect with them. That’s what you have to keep in mind when looking for partners to cooperate with.

That’s all he wanted to say. I thank the Spirit and say goodbye.

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