Mann mit Hund geht am Strand entlang

How much exercise do you usually get? Did the corona situation make it more or less? With me it depends on the season. As soon as it is no longer freezing cold, I prefer to go for a walk or ride my bike much more often. But sometimes the inner bastard wins. What can you do about it? We experience this today in a Spirit-way coaching.

A very sporty female spirit is doing gymnastics in front of my inner eye. I watch her for a while and then ask her what that means.

Spirit: One must not take a break.

Me: But I am surprised. The other spirits have always stressed that you should take a break and also go into silence etc.

The female Spirit answers concisely and a bit out of breath: The body has to keep moving.

Me: Okay, but even the body needs breaks.

Spirit: Everything in your body is moving all the time: your blood, your breath etc.

Me: Oh yes, that is amazing.

Spirit: And what do you do for it?

Me: I already try to support my body through movement. But many activities are also done sitting down.

Spirit: Nature is also constantly in motion.

Me: Well, I’ve also seen ducks doze. And cats sleep three quarters of the day.

Spirit: But you are neither a duck nor a cat.

Me: Yes, sometimes I find that a pity. As a cat you usually have a good life…

Spirit: People are not trees either. People need movement.

Me: Well, this is nothing new now.

I always expect the Spirits to tell me something new, or at least to bring a new perspective into play that I have not yet recognized. But sometimes you might have to implement the old before there can be something new.

Spirit: I know. But you are lazy.

I disagree: Not all of us!

Spirit: But too many.

Me: How do you overcome your laziness?

Spirit: You can take cold showers.

Me: Oh … And how do you overcome yourself?

Spirit: Just do it. And then go out.

I can think of something more beautiful. Cold water is not an option for me and certainly not for many of my readers.

Me: Are there any alternatives to cold showers?

Spirit: Open a window, let some fresh air in, do some gymnastics and then go outside.

Me: And what should you do outside then? Which sports?

The Spirit is a bit short, maybe because she keeps jumping around in front of me and is still out of breath: Moving. How, is your thing.

Me: How long and how often should you move at least?

Spirit: Two to three hours a day.

Me: Nobody has time for that.

Spirit: You asked. Everything less is too little.

Me: It’s kind of frustrating.

Spirit: Beautifying was yesterday.

Phew, this spirit today is pretty strict …

Spirit: Look at all these sick people!

Me: How can you still motivate yourself?

Spirit: Take music with you or friends who are physically or telephonically present. Or take your children or animals with you.

Such strict people challenge my provocative vein and I answer jokingly:
How about a turtle? (Although they can be very fast at times)

But she doesn’t let herself be provoked at all and answers quite objectively: Whatever. You can carry it. You can also motivate yourself with electronic stuff, apps etc. You can photograph the landscape, identify trees, practice walking meditation. You can jump or run backwards, it doesn’t matter. Go NOW. If you want, post photos of you doing it. That way you can motivate each other.

I have another idea: Instead of watching TV or videos on the internet, you could listen to podcasts.

I came up with this because I’m planning a podcast myself. In the future the interviews with the Spirits will be available for listening.

Spirit: Whatever. Keep moving.

Me: Many experts have already said that, but still people are often lazy.

You might notice that I’m still waiting for the optimal tip. But maybe there is no such thing.

Spirit: You can’t remember it often enough. You can hang up a photo of sporty people to remind yourself. And now go!

Maybe you just sometimes need strict people or spirits that give you a kick in the butt. She’s already got that down. If you talk to a spirit or a person who is doing gymnastics all the time, it is hard to keep sitting still.

I can think of one more tip: I often use my standing desk with swing-stepper, which I “walk” on while working on the computer. It can’t completely replace the natural movement outdoors, but it is better than sitting.

I also research on the Internet to find out what apps are available. There is already a good selection, including apps where you can network with others and spur each other on. They’re not really my cup of tea, but for some people they are definitely a good help. With augmented reality games, for example, you can play a kind of scavenger hunt with GPS data outdoors.

But I’ll stick to walking and cycling in the classic way for now and save a daily memory with a nice photo in my mobile phone.

Then I thank the Spirit and say goodbye. And then – off we go!

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