Eine violette Blüte in Nahaufnahme

Have you ever talked to your plants on the windowsill or in the garden? If so, did they answer? I have tried it! They actually answered me and told me a lot about their perception of people and their environment.

Today a female spirit is sitting in a garden full of flowers and almost disappears in the sea of flowers. Obviously, today it is supposed to be about plants.

The spirit is also about to become talkative: Yes, today it is about plants, as it is not so difficult to recognize.

She takes a flower in her hand and looks at it lovingly.

Then she continues: Every plant is different and has its own living conditions and needs. One needs more light, the other more water. They are all valuable and light-filled. This means that they have a lot of light-energy (on a spiritual level). That is why you usually like plants very much. They have a positive aura on you, they are peaceful, quiet, don’t make noise, are often pretty and maybe even smell good. Through their scent they lighten your mood even more. They have a very fine gentle energy. They are everywhere, even in the city, even if they are only blades of grass. Imagine a city without plants, what a concrete desert!

Me: Yes, that’s right. But basically we know that. Why are you telling me all this?

Spirit: Cultivate your relationship with the plants more. They are your luminous companions. Take enough care of them. They are living beings. Additonally, they are living beings who do not attack you and are always peaceful with you.

Me: What about poisonous plants?

Spirit: You can avoid them, they will never attack you maliciously. Deal with these joyful beings, and that will bring you inner peace.

Me: But they are already fighting among themselves.

Spirit: Yes, but you are not plants and therefore not competitors. Therefore, the relationship between you and them is peaceful.

Me: Unless we eat them or cut them down…

Spirit: It always depends on the conditions under which this happens: respectful or disrespectful, moderate or excessive, grateful or ungrateful. Of course no plant likes to die, but under positive circumstances plants can give themselves. Their soul accepts that nature consists of eating and being eaten, their soul accepts their role. Otherwise there would be no life on earth. You can also choose to eat plants with more gratitude. But you can also communicate with plants. Look at them, smile at them, concentrate completely on them and ask them something. With practice you will get interesting answers.

Me: Hm, good idea. I talk to my plants in my mind, but I don’t usually ask questions.

I’ll try that out right now and I’ll get my cultivated zucchini plant, which is still in a pot waiting to be released into the bed. I sit down on the ground in front of it and look at it. It seems a bit sceptical to me, because it doesn’t know what I want from it and what all this is all about. It probably thinks: “Why does this person look at me with such expectation?

I will start the conversation with: I just want to have a little chat with you.

It seems surprised. This seems new to it. I don’t think it’s considered me for a conversation partner yet.

Me: Who or what am I to you?

Now it seems to open up for me or I open up for it, at least I feel sudden love flowing between us. It feels like a joyful greeting.

Zucchini Spirit: You are you.

Hm, yes, I guess the question wasn’t asked in such a good way. A plant probably doesn’t think about people so analytically that it would answer it like a human. It probably perceives me as a whole, and there is actually nothing to analyse, categorise or disassemble. What should it answer to that. I had probably expected something like “My water-giver”. Anyway, it seems to like me. It seems very happy and content.

Me: Are you satisfied with the water I give you?

Zucchini Spirit: Yes!

Me: Do you have enough light?

Zucchini Spirit: Yes!

It is still a teenager and just a few weeks old. I feel this optimistic energy with which you go into the world at this age – if you haven’t had any bad experiences. In my dining area it was still well protected: no aphids, no bad weather. It can concentrate fully on its joy of life and growing.

Me: Do you want to tell me anything else?

Zucchini Spirit: Life is beautiful.

Me: Thank you!

I take it back to its place and go outside to talk to an older plant for comparison. So I go to the birch tree in front of our house. After a greeting I ask it how it is doing.

Birch spirit: It has become narrower because of the houses that have been built around me. I had hoped that other trees, especially birches, would come instead. There are only two of us here and my neighbour is not even a birch tree.

Me: Are you lonely?

Birch spirit: Well, it’s okay. I’ll hold my ground.

Me: What do you feel towards us humans?

Birch-Spirit: I don’t really know. You are unpredictable. I don’t know what they do next and it all happens so fast. I find it hard to interpret their signals and don’t understand why they do certain things. I have no closer relationship with them.

Since the birch tree is in a horse pasture, sometimes horses keep it company.

Me: And how do you feel about the horses?

Birch spirit: They are okay. I don’t have a closer relationship with them either, but they are not unpredictable. They always do the same thing. People do a thousand things and always something new. I am skeptical.

Me: Do you perceive pollution?

Birch spirit: The air has become dirtier.

Me: And how do you like the weather?

Birch Spirit: It is drier.

Me: Is that a problem for you?

Birch Spirit: I can cope with it to some extent.

I think: Hopefully it won’t be such a dry summer again this year. I’d rather not tell it about climate change for now. I don’t want to worry it.
As it is very cold and windy today, I say goodbye for now and go back inside. But when the sun is shining, I will continue my talks. It was a very nice experience and when I go into my garden now, I have an even more personal relationship with the plants. I am already curious to hear what the others say!

Then I also thank the first Spirit and say goodbye.

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Hello Birch – Questions to plants and their answers

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