Today the topic comes from me. Based on a seminar on “resilience” that I give, I would like to know what the spirits say about the question: How can one find one’s life goals or one’s vocation? With what strategies can one become aware of what one wants to realize in life, so that at the end of life one can say: “I had a fulfilled life and did something that corresponds to my personality, my abilities and my interests, and was happy with it. It has given meaning to my life”. I recommend that you follow the order of the strategies recommended here and only start the next strategy when you have completed the previous one.

Spirit: Since everyone is part of a community and people are social beings, you can ask your family and circle of friends where they see you in this community. They could write down what positive qualities, interests and abilities they see in you. You write the same thing down for yourself first and then you compare your perception with the perception of others. Also look at your own biography.

Me: What exactly should you look at in your own biography?

Spirit: What made you happy? What did you take your time for? What could your environment not prevent you from doing? What did you forget the time for? What gives you a feeling of peace? In which activities are you completely with yourself? Find your true self. Who are you? Try different strategies. Especially promote your self-love.

Me: What other strategies are there?

Spirit: Create a list of activities that are suitable for you. Then think again about what things and activities you loved in your childhood and made you happy, as described above. How does that feel? Go through each one individually and feel into yourself. Then think about what you did not like as a child. How does it feel? Go through each one individually and feel into yourself. Finally, go through the list of activities that are suitable for you. How does each individual activity feel? Compare the feelings with the feelings from your childhood for positive and negative experiences. In which activity do you have the best feeling?

I try this exercise out myself and notice that activities with a strong structure don’t feel good for me, but everything I can be completely free and creative feels best. Even seminars on a topic that interests me feel blocking. I have to develop my own concept, then I am in my element. Seminars that stimulate this creativity would still be the most suitable.

Me: Would freelance artists have been the best profession for me?

Spirit: You would have been blocked by the financial insecurity you expect in such professions. Besides, you like the contact with people and maybe you would have been too lonely.

That’s all very interesting. I knew that I loved freedom, but I wasn’t aware that even interesting training courses restrict me too much if they weren’t creative enough.

Because the topic is so exciting for me, I have still something embezzled: At the beginning of our conversation the Spirits said something about the season or, better said, showed mainly in pictures. First they showed me a heart of ice, which reminded me of the fairy tale “The Snow Queen”. They wanted to remind me that winter is the time of fairy tales. They built snowmen with cheerful faces to show that we can keep the cheerfulness even in winter when we remember what we were happy about as children in winter.

Me: But what if there is no snow? Here it is mostly cloudy and grey. What should be fun about it? (I don’t like winter very much.)

The spirits show how a person makes something wintery, maybe a winter decoration or something similar. Then I see people drinking tea, baking cookies and celebrating the winter. One should consciously take space and time for the winter, so that one survives it better.

Okay, I can try that. I wish you all a lot of fun doing handicrafts!

I thank and say goodbye to the Spirits.

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How can one find one’s life goals or one’s calling?

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