Eine Robbe liegt allein auf einer Sandbank.

As I don’t ask any questions at the beginning today, I get pictorial scenes shown by the Spirits (see sketch at the end of the interview). It starts with the beginnings of mankind, symbolized by a circle. With time, more and more circles or tribal groups are added, until they form a large circle, arranged in a circle. At first the neighbouring circles begin to connect, which is represented by arrows. Then the arrows jump from one side of the circle to the other. This is symbolic for the stronger networking up to globalization. At some point everything is full of arrow movements jumping back and forth.

Me: Hm, this is not new information. We all know that there is globalization.

But then a dark sphere develops within the common circle. The more activity takes place, the bigger the sphere becomes. But there are individual small circles (= ethnic groups) that detach themselves from the whole big circle and try to do their own thing. Possibly indigenous peoples and other groups are meant by this.

Spirit: Yes, you already know everything about globalization, but many people don’t see the sphere because it is still small.

Me: What does the sphere stand for?

Spirit: A burden.

Me: What does that mean?

Spirit: Everything that burdens you through this strong activity: environmental toxins, conflicts, power games, but it also stands for larger masses of people, houses, products, etc.

In the depiction, the sphere now becomes larger and larger until it rises above the small circles that represent people or even countries. Until the sphere buries them completely beneath itself. In the end the ball slowly melts into a puddle. Only the circles that have previously distanced themselves are not affected. But they cannot live on the puddle either. They only have the edge of the landscape left. With this a new cycle begins and one could now start again with the initial picture. A new cycle in human history would now begin, with a small number of people.

Me: At what point does the sphere become too big for us?

Spirit: It depends on your speed.

Me: Isn’t it already too big?

Spirit: Not if you stop now.

Me: But we might not be able to. At least the sphere will grow slowly.

Spirit: Then at least you will have better control. If you slow down, you will see the dangerous time better, you can act accordingly and stop the orb.

Me: Hm, this reminds me very much of the Corona virus (which I didn’t really want to talk about today). Is the virus a mirror of our globalized and too much accelerated life?

Spirit: Among other things. Your lifestyle is reflected in many things. Pay attention to everything that is about speed or where the speed is too fast. It is like a machine with many gears. If you turn one big gear wheel faster, other small gears will turn faster. But if the machine is overloaded at some point, it breaks down.

Me: Well, I see, for example, the accelerated pace in the economy, globalization, climate change and Corona. Are there more?

Spirit: In the exchange of information, on the stock exchange etc.

Me: And why did we humans actually take up this speed “higher, faster, further” at all?

Spirit: Man has always been predisposed in this way. He was faster in his development than many other living beings, that’s why he reproduced so well.

Me: And why was he faster?

Spirit: Because of his intelligence.

Me: And where does his intelligence come from?

Spirit: Why are some rocks simply rocks, while others contain gems?

Me: So naturally. But in the end, our intelligence hurts us again, if you look at your model from the beginning of our conversation.

Spirit: Yes. There is a counterpart missing.

Me: And that would be?

Spirit: Love.

Me: Well, love is not completely missing. You mean it’s not enough?

Spirit: Far too little!

Me: Why is it missing?

Spirit: Because you are in love with your intelligence.

Me: But stupidity won’t save us either.

Spirit: I didn’t say that either. Intelligence is important, but it needs love to become wisdom.

Me: That’s a beautiful sentence. Can we manage to build up enough love?
Spirit: You don’t have to build love, it is already there. You have to perceive it.

Me: How can we do that?

Spirit: By switching off your mind more often, through silence, meditation etc. But we are not saying this for the first time.

Me: Apparently we need to hear it more often. Do you think that we can change in this respect?

Spirit: You are already there. The change comes slowly. We’ll see if it’s fast enough to stop the orb.

Me: Can the change to more love be accelerated?

Spirit: Only by slowness.

Me: That sounds paradoxical at first. But you’re saying that if we cultivate our slowness and stillness, we can perceive love more quickly and thus slow down the pace of society.

Spirit: Yes.

Me: If so much in our society is accelerating, are there things that are slowing down?

Spirit: Mass can slow down the pace. But where would more mass on Earth suddenly come from?

Me: And Corona? It slows down our speed as well.

Spirit: As I said, Corona also has an energy of a high tempo. The slowing down of your public life you have decided yourself. It is your chosen deceleration.

Me: So there’s nothing other than love that we can do to slow down the pace?

Spirit: Love is the strongest, her sisters are patience, trust, faithfulness, loyalty, honesty and devotion. But these sisters automatically come with you when you cultivate love. It is more difficult the other way around. Love doesn’t come automatically through patience, but patience can lead something toward love. But it is more complicated and takes longer.

Me: I have asked so many questions in the past months, but basically the answer to many questions boils down to silence and love.

Spirit: Yes, I don’t know why you keep asking so many questions. That was a joke. We know that it is not easy to go from the mind to the heart and to silence. It’s okay if you ask questions. We will always answer you. And if we say the same thing a thousand times. We are patient.

Me: Thank you! I’m going to meditate…

I thank him and say goodbye.

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How can we decelerate the world?

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