Ein Boot liegt auf dem Meer vor Anker

Every person has a hidden elixir of life that nourishes and keeps him alive. It can be wasted, but it can also be preserved. How, the spirits tell us today in the mood for celebration.

I am immediately greeted by several Spirits who are standing on the covered deck of a boat and apparently celebrating a party. They wave to me cheerfully. The sun is shining and the lake on which the boat is located shimmers in a deep blue. A tepid wind is blowing. The weather is quite in contrast to our rain today.

Me: Why are you having a party? What are you trying to tell me?

A feminine spirit enlightens me: We celebrate life. Look at the animals.
She reaches her hand into the water, takes out a crab and shows it to me enthusiastically. Then she lets it slide back into the water.

Spirit: Nature is beautiful! It is summer, everything is in bloom, it is the season of joy and abundance!

Now I also hear music in the background and the other Spirits start dancing on the boat. Only my conversation partner stops at the railing to talk to me.

Spirit: Not everything you do does not always have to have a purpose. You humans always plan everything by goals and everything must have a purpose. Just be simple!

Me: That sounds nice. And it feels like freedom. After all, they say “let your soul dangle”. That comes very close to this feeling.

I feel a deep relaxation flooding through me, so that I almost fall asleep. I feel a letting go of everything, also of gravity. When you let go of everything, you begin to float. This is a very beautiful state. Then today I’ll just write about it.

Spirit: Be here with us now.

I can see the happy faces and hear a laugh wafting across from time to time. It is pleasantly warm. I am completely in the now. Nothing else matters anymore. The now feels much more real than the before or the later. It is only a moment, but it seems to be infinite.

The Spirit woman gives me a glass with an almost clear liquid over the railing. She wants me to taste it. As I sip it, it tastes slightly like juice. But what kind? Maybe elderberry?

Spirit: It is the elixir of life. It’s hidden deep inside you. It is your nectar that nourishes you. No one but you has access to it. It makes you stronger.

Me: Where does it come from?

Spirit: It comes from your mother. She gave it to you.
I feel great gratitude and I smile.

Me: Is this the same with every person?

Spirit: Yes. Everybody gets it from birth. And when it is used up, it is used up.

Me: And don’t you get anything from the father? In Traditional Chinese Medicine, for example, it is said that you get the life energy from mother and father.

Spirit: At the very beginning of conception he is involved. He gives the spark so that life can arise. But the elixir is from the mother.

Me: How do I best preserve my elixir?

Spirit: Since it is liquid, enough drinking is important. But this is only the physical plane. On the emotional level you get it through fulfilled love relationships. By the way, this also leads to the fact that you can pass on good life elixir to your children.

Me: And what about friendships?

Spirit: Those work too, but not as strongly as a love relationship. And on a spiritual level you strengthen the elixir with a meaning in life.

Me: So meaning is important after all.

Spirit: Here I mean the human being in the overall context of the world, so that everyone finds his place in it. You can still pursue individual “meaningless” activities.

Me: On the other hand: What destroys the elixir of life?

Spirit: Hate, lack of sleep, drugs, alcohol addiction. Many things where love is missing.

Me: And when the elixir is used up, you die?

Spirit: Yes. Of course you can die from accidents etc. before that.

There is a silence in our conversation because I am so relaxed that I can’t think of any more questions. And the Spirit apparently has nothing else to say. And so I just let the scene with the celebrating spirits in summer mood take effect on me. Actually, you don’t have to go on vacation at all. With the Spirits it’s already like being on vacation, with a guarantee of happiness. Everything is fine as it is, there is nothing to clarify or ask. Everything is in perfect harmony. Everything is. I’m going to enjoy this state of happiness for a while longer…

Then I thank the Spirits and say goodbye.

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How can we preserve our bent elixir of life?

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