Ein doppelter Regenbogen ragt aus einem Wald am Meer.

Have you ever had a stranger tell you something that exactly matched a problem in your life, even though he didn’t know anything about it? And have you considered whether this was perhaps a hidden message from the universe or an angel? Maybe even an angel who had materialized as a human being at that moment? Whether this exists and what else can be behind it, you will find out today in this interview.

Iris sent the following question: Do angels materialize in the form of human beings to convey a message or is a human being who is already there used for this purpose?

Spirit: It’s actually not the normal way when an angel has a message to a human that they just materialize. This is quite elaborate and actually not necessary because there are other ways, for example through dreams or daydreams. You also don’t have to materialize anything, you can simply change the perception of a person, so that he believes he has seen something. The other people then did not see that. That is much easier. It would also be too much of an intervention to materialize something. The angels don’t want to intervene too much in your life at all, you are supposed to take control of your life yourself and think about it yourself and take responsibility. If the angels sometimes send messages, then only very reservedly and gently or also indirectly. If an angel would materialize in such a way that several people could see him, that would be already a very big intervention in the life.

Me: The second part of the question was yes: Or is a person who is already there used for that?

Spirit: We don’t like the word “use” in this context, because people are not machines or computers that you program, and we don’t see it that way either.

Me: But I personally have experienced that once, that a stranger told me something, where I thought afterwards that I needed exactly that in my life. It was once again a reference to my life. But the situation had nothing to do with the life situation in question. But the sentence that the person said, I could transfer to the specific life situation. Is there something behind it or did I just tell myself that?

Spirit: It is very often the case that people feel vibrations. The other person probably sensed these vibrations in you and noticed an irritation. You actually transferred your life situation to that person and that person just resisted. She said something about it because she felt the energy that you were sending out. So you transferred your life to the situation and then she was in a certain role or it triggered a certain feeling in her and that’s how she reacted.

Me: I can understand that. It would have been more romantic, of course, if this person had had this message whispered to them by an angel … But then it’s probably not always like that. That was my situation now. Are there people for whom this happens?

Spirit: You are not puppets. We don’t want to play a play and use you as puppets. These are already mostly rather energies, which take place interhumanly.

Me: I could imagine that some people are disappointed by this answer. Well, I’m a little disappointed too, to be honest, because I like the idea that this is a message from a higher level.

They’re smiling.

Spirit: Ultimately, everyone is connected to the universe and the spirits, and you can’t quite separate it all anyway. Sometimes you get an intuition by being open to the wisdom of the universe. And maybe that’s why such a reaction comes about and then it is a wisdom of the universe. But it doesn’t have to be only angels, it can also be another energy. If the person is open for something like that, he can perceive something like that.

Me: Now I can relate to this idea, but I don’t know how it is for Iris. But she just asked. You spirits always tell me: “You just asked and then you’ll get an answer. If you don’t want to know, then don’t ask.” Do you want to say anything else about this topic?

Spirit: We think it’s nice that people are thinking about this and wishing that the Spirits are in their lives and imagining in this way that there are angels sending them messages. That is something very positive. We don’t want to spoil it for you. If you like this idea, stay with it. A tip: You can always get very direct messages if you connect and talk to us directly, like in this interview. It is best if this happens regularly and you do not wait for a message from somewhere, but really talk to us directly. Why be complicated when you can be simple?

Me: I think it’s not that easy for everyone and for the beginning it might be quite good to experience it indirectly, isn`t it?

Spirit: Practice makes perfect. You have to start first. If you always just wait for something to happen on its own and a message to come from somewhere, it can’t improve. It’s better to practice regularly.

Me: I think you can do both and mix that with the romantic idea of angels sending you messages from time to time. But since I communicate with you a lot as it is, I don’t think there’s much left for such hidden messages … Actually, if I think about it, I get more out of it when we talk directly.

But of course it’s up to everyone how he or she wants to handle it.

I wish you still a beautiful day and that you get beautiful messages from well-meaning beings, in whatever way.

I thank the Spirits and Iris and say goodbye.

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