Today I ask the Spirits which question they want to talk about. It is a spirit that looks very human and rather masculine. He suggests the question:
How do you connect to the world of spirits?


Step One: It is important to learn to go into peace and silence and to listen within yourself. So switch off all stimuli from the outside. Try out fasting in everyday life by reducing all stimuli in your environment (radio, mobile phone, television, noise, etc.). Always practice frugality, i.e. getting by with few things and reducing your life to the most important things. This is the preparation for the next step.

Step two: Concentrate on yourself. Go into peace and silence and listen to yourself. Grounding is important, so it is also good to sit on the floor. Now make contact with the little things, such as plants. The contact does not go through your brain, but through your heart. Sit in front of a plant and now try to make contact with it via your heart. Close your eyes and take the plant into your heart in your imagination. Concentrate completely on it and let go of all other thoughts. Let it work that way for a moment. Then take the plant in your imagination on your hand and talk to it. For example, wish it something like health and well-being. Then open your eyes and look at the plant with your physical eyes. What is different than before? How do you perceive the plant now and how do you perceive yourself? What do you and the plant have in common? Can you feel what the plant feels? How does its energy feel? Do you see its energy in certain colours? Does the plant want to tell you something? Listen to it. Then thank her and say goodbye.
Step two you can repeat again and again with different plants.

Me: And what exactly does that bring?

Spirit: It sensitizes you to other living beings and to yourself. It strengthens the awareness that everything lives and everything is connected with each other. And it strengthens the inner peace.

Me: And how do you get to the spirits from there?

Spirit: These are already spirits, the spirits of the plants.

Me: And then how do you get to the human spirits?

Spirit: They come to you when you have sensitized yourself enough. You decide whether you want the contact to them, they decide when the right time is. The more unintentional and serene and the less determined you are, the easier it will be.

Me: How do you notice that they make contact?

Spirit: You notice it! It is unmissable.

Me: How do you protect yourself from energies that are not benevolent?

Spirit: It is important that you go into your heart energy. Nothing undesirable can come of that. It’s like when you set a certain frequency of a radio station and then only that station is heard. Other stations exist, but you can’t hear them. You can ignore them.

Me: And how do you get into your heart energy?

Spirit: You draw attention to your heart.

Now I’m thinking that it’s certainly not so easy for everyone and that some people have blockages in their hearts due to bad experiences in the past. What can they do to reactivate their heart energy? That’s actually a topic of its own. Therefore I will discuss this topic in a second blog post. (see “Solving Blockages in the Heart”)

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How do you connect to the world of spirits?

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