Eine Tomate mit einem herzförmigen Fleck liegt auf einem Tisch, im Hintergrund sind weitere Tomaten

Have you already found out which activity gives you meaning and fulfillment in life? A task of which you think: This is why I am here in the world? If so, congratulations! But if you are still searching, you will get tips from the Spirits today on how to find your calling more easily.

Me: How can a person find her or his vocation?

The Spirits are very excited about the question. I see several spirits jumping around happily. It almost looks like a party. I wonder why they are having a party.

One Spirit answers right away: The party stands for joie de vivre.

I now see them dancing in a circle around a center. I wonder what that means?

Spirit: The joy of life is at the center of the theme “vocation”. Because when you do something that corresponds to your vocation, you also feel a great deal of joie de vivre. Joy of life is a very strong force, the strongest motor and drive for life in general. Through it, many things can be achieved, moved and effected in the world. It is really the strongest force!

Me: But how do you find out what your vocation is? Sometimes this is buried by outside influences and your own mind, which always tells you to do something that is safe. So how can you find out where the calling and this power lie within yourself?

The Spirits show me a river and walk to the source of this river. This means that you have to go back in time and find your own source or origin in relation to your calling. They dig at the source now and find something golden, glittering.

Spirit: Sometimes you also have to dig for it. And then you find the realization of what your vocation is.

Me: Okay, maybe I would have thought of that now. Could you perhaps elaborate on that a little more? How do you do that, that you get to your “source”?

Spirit: There are several points. First of all, of course, there is stillness or mediation, but there is more that can be done.

I now see the Spirits passing by various things. This means different areas of activity. In some of the activities they pass by I see their heart light up.

Spirit: In certain activities you feel your heart energy when you think about them or deal with them. This is an indication that this is a subject that suits you and activates your own joy of life. So you could look at the areas that interest you one after the other and concentrate on your own heart and how it reacts to the individual themes. Basically, the heart is the magnet that attracts you to your vocation. The stronger you are connected to your own heart and can feel it, the more clearly you will ultimately find the path to your vocation. And not only that, you also find the way to other things that are good for you.

Me: So basically it is meditating or rather finding the silence and the connection to your own heart, i.e. dealing with certain topics and feeling what your heart enjoys most. But there is perhaps even more. I don’t know if everyone has this access just like that. What do you think, Spirits?

Now I see how the Spirits show a kind of ritual with stones or pieces of wood. It must be something heavier. You can label them with the different ways that you consider a calling. Then you take them all in one hand, throw them in the air and see what lands closest to you.

Spirit: What is closest to yourself is also closest to you. What lies further away is a little further from your own nature. Now you can take the next four or five stones as a shortlist. With these stones you can then do many other things. For example, you can put each stone under your pillow and observe what you are dreaming of that night, how the following day is going and in which energy you are then. If you have five stones, you could put one stone under your pillow for five nights in a row and see what happens that night and the following day and take notes. In this way, you get a feeling for the energy of the activity you are thinking about in relation to yourself.

Me: Maybe we come back to the heart: How do you feel where your heart wants to go and where it feels joy?

Spirit: You have to make yourself vulnerable. You have to really want to look and not be put off by what you still find in your heart. Sometimes there are also not so positive feelings, but you have to expose yourself to them. One must generally allow the feeling, also the feeling of negative emotions. The more you allow your own feeling, the more you feel the joy and enthusiasm for something. This also fits the image of the source: The heart is like a source of emotions and if you suppress certain emotions, it is like putting stones on the source so that the water cannot gush out. Then the beautiful emotions and the joy do not come out either. Therefore, you may have to start with the negative emotions and be willing to feel them so that you can feel the positive and the attraction to activities that interest you. These are the central strategies you can use. There is of course still a lot around it, but everything else is not so effective. Of course, you can also draw up tally sheets with the pros and cons for each activity or you can ask your friends what they associate with you, what is typical for you and what you see from the outside. But these are all not as effective strategies as these three: going into silence, feeling your own heart, i.e. feeling and allowing emotions, and the ritual with the stones.

I have the feeling that the topic for today is exhausted for the time being.

Spirit: It is not always quantity that counts, but quality. You don’t have to do much, but what you do should be done intensively and carried through. So always go into silence and maybe meditate, always feel your own emotions, so that you get closer to yourself. This is not something you do only once a day. You have to keep at it and it can also take a while, but if you really go through it, you will come to a result.

That was once again a very interesting topic. The ritual with the stones would also be an interesting experiment for me. I can imagine that I would try it again to see how it works, although I can already guess the result.
I hope that this interview could help everyone who is interested in this question a little bit. I would be happy about comments, suggestions, ideas and further questions.

The question from the last interview also kept me very busy. It was about the fact that every person has a concept of friend and foe in his head. I found it interesting to see that this is really the case. For example, if you’ve had something in your fridge for days, you think about it: Is that still good now or has it already gone bad? Is that good for me or is that bad for me? This is a question you think about very often during the day. And also about who is friend or foe, maybe not always in these extreme categories, but you sort out all day long what is good for you and what is not. I found that very interesting, because I hadn’t noticed it so extremely before.

I’ll let today’s interview have its effect on me and see what I can observe in my everyday life.

I thank the Spirits and say goodbye.

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How do you find out your vocation?

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