Eine Schildkröte sitzt meditativ auf einem Stein im Wasser

I’m very open to what’s coming today. During the conversation it turns out that we are talking about “renewable energy” in a completely different sense than we are used to. And it starts with the universe.

It’s night. A spirit points to the universe around him. With a sweeping hand gesture he points to the stars and begins to spin in circles. First slowly, then faster and faster and faster. A feeling of expansion can be felt. I feel the entire universe expanding to infinity. When the Spirit is satisfied with my perception, he slows down again in his rotations, and his posture becomes crouching and contracting. He puts his hands on his lower abdomen.

Spirit: This area of the body (the lower abdomen) is the fulcrum of life. The whole life revolves around it. But the lower abdomen is still. The silence is in the center. You can circle the upper body, you can circle the legs, but the pelvis is the resting center. This is more metaphorical and energetic than physical.

Me: This reminds me of our last interview (“The Divine Secret in the Breath”), where we talked about the fact that there is a silence between inhalation and exhalation, which drives the heart and then also the consciousness. This eternal silence exists in contrast to the constant change of life and can give us stability. But in many meditation and mindfulness practices there is always so much emphasis on the heart energy. I thought that this is the most important center in us. What about it?

Spirit: You can look at the heart and pelvis like fire and water. The heart is the fire as an antipole to the water, the stillness in the pool. The fire is very vivid, not still. It wants to merge and connect with others. The water, on the other hand, wants to find itself. Before you ignite your heart energy, strengthen your water energy and your stillness, otherwise you direct your heart energy to things that distract you, for example, things that you want to buy, trips, hobbies, etc. This is not the true fire energy, it is not the fire of wisdom. For the fire of wisdom you need the silence from the deep, from the water.

Me: There are so many teachers who teach how to nurture only the heart energy.

Spirit: Maybe they forget the water or they build it in without naming it. When you sit on the ground, you connect the water with the earth. (Of course, you shouldn’t be hypothermic.) You can also spin in circles and concentrate on the pelvis. For once, be with your attention on your pelvis for a day in everything you do.

I try spinning and sitting on the ground and notice that it feels like stability again, like last time.

The Spirit draws a dot in the sand for every star in the sky in front of him. He always points to a star first, then he paints a dot. He arranges these dots in a row. Then he starts with the next row and so on until the rows are all together squarely arranged. I wonder what he’s trying to tell me.

Me: It looks and feels like a kind of matrix.

Spirit: Yes. Every star has its place in it. No star happens to be where it is. Also every living being is made of such a matrix. Everything is in the place where it belongs. The body is a small matrix within the great matrix. Every matrix has a center. This center is the secret of life.

(I will research later if the universe has a center. Supposedly it doesn’t. But the Spirit is probably not talking about a material center either, but about the eternal silence which is the basis of all life).

Me: So you mean the same as in the last conversation, where it was about the pauses in breathing, about the silence between inhaling and exhaling?

Spirit: There is movement and in between or in the middle is silence. This connection was not discussed in such detail last time. Practice in silence. It is like a small seed that contains the energy for a whole life. You do not have to look for power sources on the outside. There is a tremendous energy within yourself. Start there. You suck the energy from the earth like energy vampires. I’m talking about measurable physical energy. You are hungry for outside energy. But you have much more energy inside you, not measurable, not physical energy. You have to deal with that first. Then the world looks very different and you don’t have to worry about the energy problems of today.

I think that’s all he wants to say for now. I thank the Spirit and say goodbye.

By the way, water as a source of energy was also discussed in a slightly different way in the interview “What is life based on”.

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