Fußspuren, die reliefartig erscheinen durch den Lichteinfall der Sonne

Today, a feminine spirit with a warm-hearted maternal charisma appears. It’s all about contact with nature – with our outer as well as our inner self – and how we build up our strength in harmony with the seasons.

Spirit: People have lost contact. To nature, to the earth, to themselves. Sit down on the earth, on really brown earth, and feel the energy from the ground. Feel the earth in your hands. You are a part of it. This is you.

The weather outside today is not so inviting for such experiments, I think. But at least I’ll sit down on the floor in my room and try to feel what she’s talking about. I think that in the end we all come from the fertile earth that the volcanoes left behind in the past.

Spirit: Now look at what people do with the earth.

Me: They are over-fertilizing the earth, exploiting it and thus themselves.

I remember that as a child and teenager I used to do almost everything on the ground: making things, laying puzzles, etc. I used to sit directly on the floor in my room.

Spirit: The contact to the floor intensifies the contact to nature, to the outer nature and to your inner nature. Try to do more sitting on the floor: eating, watching TV, reading, telephoning etc. Concentrate on the floor again and again in between.

Me: Hm, for older people or people with a handicap this could be difficult.

Spirit: They can sit down on a chair in nature and feel the floor under your bare feet.

Me: Maybe it’s a bit cold at this time of year?

Spirit: With warm blankets and a warm footbath afterwards it’s possible. It does not have to be long. Welcome the earth every day for a few minutes.

Me: What’s the point of that?

Spirit: A clearer thinking. Grounding in action. It calms the thoughts and it calms in hectic situations.

Me: Why is this subject important right now?

Spirit: The energy is still accumulating in the earth before spring comes and everything sprouts. Collect your energy now before you go into your activities this year. What happens in your outer nature happens in your inner nature. Hold back now with too much activity and gather your strength.

There is probably nothing more to say on this subject at the moment. Sometimes it is better to act than to think and talk for a long time. And this interview contains very practical instructions. So just try it out! I thank her and say goodbye.

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How you gather your strength with the help of the earth

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