Today I see a female spirit. She wears a long blue robe and sits on a golden sickle, a stylized half moon. In the background I see only blue sky in different colour gradations. The crescent practically floats in the universe. The female spirit radiates a very strong tranquillity, which draws me into its spell and also begins to spread in me. Then she seems to hold something very small in her fingertips, she lets it fall onto the world. Thereupon something like a kind of blue, soft carpet spreads over the whole world. This symbolic image means that even small things can bring peace to the world.

Me: What would be such a small thing, for example?

Spirit: Good honest words, helpfulness, loving gestures. They trigger a chain reaction and so a small act can reach the whole world.

I simply find it beautiful to look at her and to feel her powerful tranquility that radiates her.

Me: What else can we do?

Spirit: Good, benevolent thoughts are also important. They put you in a good mood and with a good mood you can pass on positive things.

My mind is now so relaxed that I have no desire at all to think about further questions. I just want to immerse myself in this peace, silence and relaxation. That attracts me magically. I could fall asleep now because of all this relaxation. She looks at me all the time and smiles benevolently. It is as if I have come into the concentrated, pure archetype of tranquilitiy in the universe. (I am talking here about the spiritual form of the universe, not the physical form.) And peace is also connected with this energy. It becomes clear to me that peace in the world is not possible without inner peace. Slowly my tiredness passes and I feel how a great power arises from the tranquility.

Me: What can people do to experience such an inner powerful tranqulitiy?

Spirit: They can be together in silence. When people practice silence together, a particularly strong field of silence develops.

Me: Does meditation also lead to this?

Spirit: Not every kind of meditation, just perceive and feel the silence.

Me: How long?

Spirit: One hour or two, as needed.

Me: That’s pretty long. Most people probably can’t do that. We are used to doing everything quickly and hectically. Then it’s hard to go down.

Spirit: Just start and be quiet for an hour. The more often you do it, the easier it gets.

Now I feel a strong energy from the earth into my feet and from there up into my body. I only know such a thing to a certain extent when I practice Qi Gong very intensively.

Me: How helpful is Qi Gong?

Spirit: It’s a good practice, but it’s much easier. With Qi Gong, you’re still thinking about your movements. But let go of your thoughts and just concentrate on the silence within you. Even if there are noises on the outside. It doesn’t matter, it’s not the acoustic silence, it’s the silence within yourself. The power lies in simplicity, not in complicated exercises.

Me: Should we open or close our eyes?

Spirit: Beginners can close them unless they fall asleep. Then you should open them and look at a white wall or another monochrome spot.

I try to look at a wall and then at the floor like I learned from a Buddhist monk. But I find it more powerful to look at the wall, so that my gaze is straight ahead or even slightly upwards.

Spirit: You’re looking up into the distance, it’s wider, you’re feeling the silence of the universe that’s not just around you, it’s inside you. The whole universe is within you, because if you think you’re going “inside”, you’re actually going into the infinite energy of the universe, the unmeasurable spiritual energy.

I feel that through the explanations I am drifting away from calm. My brain is already working too hard again. Maybe I shouldn’t think too much about the details and feel more for it.

Me: How often should we practice this?

Spirit: The more often you do it, the more often you want it. Once you feel what it feels like, you want it again and again.

That’s right, I don’t want to stop anymore. But I still have so much to do … Let’s see how long this relaxation lasts when I return to everyday life.

Me: Do you want to say something else?

Spirit: Each further word only distracts from the essential. Don’t think, but try it out and feel it.

I enjoy the silence and peace for a moment, then I thank her and say goodbye.

Translated with

How you simply bring peace to the world

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