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Do you sometimes deal with dying and death, or do you push this topic away from you because it is still a long way off? Why it is important to deal with it now and whether euthanasia is good for the soul is explained by the Spirits today.

Rebecca asks the question today: Is euthanasia good for the soul? What is it like with animals and humans?

Spirits: Death is a very personal thing because it does a lot to the soul. All your life, or when you realize that you are not going to live forever, you are concerned with death. You are especially concerned with the moment where you are going towards dying. This is a challenge for every human being and a moment in which you come very strongly to yourself and to your own soul.

Me: Euthanasia is about the fact that people are very badly off, but they cannot die and they cannot live in such a way that they want to live on. Haven’t these people then already dealt enough with their soul? Why can’t they leave?

Spirit: They fight with themselves.

Me: But what if this struggle does not end? What do you do then?

Spirit: Then it would be important for these people to have someone who accompanies them spiritually, that is, someone who can show them how to get in contact with their souls and come into peace, so that their souls really want to go. The person who suffers wants to leave already and that it has an end, but there is something with the soul that it is not yet ready for this. Ideally, one then takes care of the soul and not of the body. If one euthanasia, it is a matter of changing something in the body. One brings the body to die. But then you have not yet treated the soul. This conflict, which is then not solved, takes the soul with it where it goes. It is of course up to each person how he wants to do it, but you should think about that before. It is important that the person knows that it can have these consequences. As with everything in life, the soul must be considered. And as with everything in your life, you do this far too little. There would not be many problems if you would deal more with your soul and include it more in your everyday life.

Me: Does the same apply to animals then? So if I have a pet that is very seriously ill and the vet says that it is better to euthanize it?

Spirit: Pets no longer live in their normal natural environment. They were then exposed to your lifestyle, which may not always have had such a positive effect on them. The natural processes then no longer exist as nature intended. And it is often the case that the owner is still very attached to his animal and holds on to it and also cares for it. In nature this would not be so. There the animal would be eaten perhaps by another, because it cannot move for example no longer correctly. So the human being is attached to the animal and therefore tries to prolong the life of the animal and does not let go of it properly. And then death is artificially induced because the animal is put to sleep. This is not the ideal state. In any case, it would be better if the human being would first of all detach himself inwardly from the animal and the soul of the animal and say goodbye. Since the living conditions were already quite artificial, it is no longer possible to say exactly whether euthanasia is a good or bad thing, because the animal would probably not be able to survive in nature for much longer, while it lives longer in a house where it is cared for. There is the question of whether euthanasia makes sense then. Important for humans and animals is in any case to let go. On the one hand, letting go of the dying individual himself, that is, letting go of his life. On the other hand, the people around them should also be able to let go. There can also be entanglements that can lead to the fact that the person cannot die. Perhaps he also has a sense of responsibility towards others, for example towards his children. There it is also the task of the children to let go, not only from the mind, head, or feeling, but also on the spiritual level. Sometimes it is good to have someone who supports you and who is an expert in soul work.

Me: And what do you do if you don’t have such an expert, but the person doesn’t want to live anymore?

Spirits: As I said, the person then has to realize that his soul is taking an unresolved conflict with it, to where it is going.

Me: Do you have any advice if the person is willing to deal with his soul, but has no one to help him?

Spirit: It is difficult to give a general tip because it is very different for each person individually. In the subconscious mind there are often still patterns that block the person. The more you dissolve them, the easier it is to say goodbye to this life.

Me: So if I can say goodbye inwardly mentally and psychologically, can my body also say goodbye?

Spirit: Then it depends on how natural the situation is. When you are kept alive by machines, it becomes difficult. The soul can only leave if the body is in a natural environment.

Me: So it can be that you are kept alive artificially, although the soul would be ready to go long ago, right?

Spirit: Yes, that also happens.

Me: At that moment it would be okay to switch off the devices so that the soul can go, wouldn’t it?

They nod.

Me: This subject is not so simple. It’s best to think about it before you get into such a situation and then you’re in a coma.

Spirit: So it is important to always be in contact with your own soul and to be with yourself and your soul, really daily. Then you will know what you are doing and what is the right thing to do.

Me: That’s a good conclusion. With this I would like to end the topic for today. I think everyone should think about what they think and feel about it and how they want to shape it. Because it is always good to act consciously and to live your life consciously and not to let everything be done passively with you or to let it come to you. To make conscious decisions and not to let other people make decisions and really deal with such issues, that is the most important thing, I think.

Despite this somewhat depressing topic I wish you a nice day and that you find a good solution for your life and the end of your life.

I thank the Spirits and Rebecca and say goodbye.

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Is euthanasia good for the soul?

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