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Looking forward to the Christmas season? Or are you looking forward to it rather grumpy, because you can’t see your family as usual or generally don’t have anybody and feel lonely? The Spirits are convinced that there is a good solution for this.

This topic comes from the Spirits today and unfortunately I can’t let the interview get too long due to lack of time. But we’ll see what happens.

The Spirits show me many people who are gathered together. A male Spirit paints a big bow in the air, which is supposed to stand for vastness.

Spirit: It is fascinating how networked you all are. Theoretically, anyone could communicate with any person on the other side of the earth just like that. That is something really great!

I can feel a great love between the people portrayed.

Spirit: It’s all about the joy of communication with others and sharing something positive with each other.

Again and again he stretches out his arms into the distance.

Spirit: Bring something positive into the world! Positive messages. Friendly messages. The love for other people. There is so much love. Especially in the pre-Christmas season it is all about love of neighbor and you are perhaps in a better mood than usual. You can simply globalize that. So don’t just send out love in your immediate surroundings, but think globally. Maybe you won’t be able to meet so many close people at Christmas. Then you can extend the need for closeness and to give something to other people, sometimes to the whole world and look on the Internet, where you can leave something positive, friendly, loving and appreciative. Maybe you can also send this to people who are lonely and have no one. It can be beautiful words or even actions. So don’t fall into loneliness if you should have no one near you. You are not lonely. There are so many people in the world! Even if they are not in a room with you or are not near you, you are connected with all or many people through your heart energy. And you can connect with other people if you want to. Instead of grieving that you are lonely, you can make the connection and send out the love and a few kind words.

That seems to be the core message today, because the scene repeats itself over and over again and nothing new is coming. I see a lot of joy, the people in the scene are smiling and I can feel their hearts feeling this love and giving it to each other, which in turn gives them more joy. Unfortunately I can’t transmit the feelings here so directly, but maybe something will be transmitted after all. In any case, it is once again a very strong feeling of joy of life. It is totally beautiful!

I want to leave it at that for today. Next week it will be more detailed again.

I wish you a beautiful weekend full of joy and love and that you find many people with whom you can share your love and that something comes back!

I thank the Spirits and say goodbye.

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Love your second neighbor

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