Eine Sonnenblume wächst an einem Turmfenster.

For my first podcast episode (only available in German) I travelled a little bit into my past to tell how I actually came across this blog and podcast. On the page “About me” you can find the version of my mind, but in this post you can find the spirit version. It illustrates how the Spirits “think”. In the interview they also discuss the meaning of our mind and our intuition and how we can deal with them to make us happier.

Me: What should I tell about myself today?

Today I see many spirits. They show me a big arch, symbolizing my life so far. In addition, there are many other small arcs, many layers, which show how complex my life is. On the outer arch, the Spirits pick out a point. This is a moment in my life: I see a scene of myself playing with something as a small child, oblivious of myself. I sit on the floor and am completely in my fantasy world and full of joy and enthusiasm about what I am doing, although it is actually just a little thing I am playing with, not great, exciting, but it makes me happy. I pretend that the toy can fly, hold it in my hand and let it fly up and down. Everything is possible in this world, in this fantasy.

Spirit: It is not only fantasy. The word fantasy is not taken seriously enough. It is more than fantasy because it contains a huge potential, especially in children the potential to develop in their lives, to find out what they can (realize). They invent themselves in their play and that is basically like a template for the whole life, which is created by playing.

But I would still be interested in this: What does this have to do with the Spirits?

Spirit: This should only be an example. There have been many such situations in your life, many creative situations where you were completely in flow in an activity.

I see myself in various scenes forgetting myself.

Spirit: “Forgetting yourself” is actually not the right word, because basically, you first come to yourself. One could rather see it as temporarily forgetting one’s mind or analytical thinking. Thus one gets into an energy that is unlimited. In comparison, the mind is more like a small room in which you find yourself, and you can only walk from one wall to the next. It is quite limited. Of course, you can also explore it and depending on the person, there are different things to discover there. There are also many objects in the room. It is interesting, but it is just one room. But if you go out of this room and let your mind rest a little bit, you come into another room and this room is infinite. So the mind is a small space in this infinite space. And everything is possible there.

Me: Fine, everything is possible, but how do I put this into practice? First of all, it is a virtual space. I can’t realize everything I see there, because sometimes it’s also very fantastic.

Spirit: First of all, it is important to perceive and allow and explore the space, the intuition, the creativity, to see what you can find there.

I see now in a scene that as soon as you start to think about how you can actually do this, you actually just sit in the infinite space and look around a little bit. But apparently one should really feel and experience this space.

Spirit: If you get involved in it, the implementation comes all by itself and you get a basis for later ideas, initial sparks, which you can then implement in the material world. Most people do not use this space or use it too little. Some are in the closed space of the mind, some go outside and look a little bit, but many people do not look any further.

They show me in scenes from my life and that I was very open for it and kept on looking, even if my mind sometimes told me that it was illogical. As long as I was in this room, I guess I didn’t let it bother me. But then, unfortunately, I often dismissed it as fantasy and went back into the small room of the mind and closed the door behind me. The mind then told me that it was all just my imagination and I could forget it. I should get back down on the floor because none of this makes sense.

This scene triggers a feeling of being slowed down. I also see how my soul looks disappointed and lets my shoulders sag, like a child who wants to play but has to do his homework. I feel how I have locked myself into this space of the mind again and again.

The spirits show me in different scenes that I did this until it made me very sick. But at least that was the reason why I finally opened the door again, went outside very slowly and looked at everything, at first still very skeptical. Over the years I had also forgotten how to do it! As a child and teenager I still could, but then I didn’t take the time to go out of the space of the mind.

Now the Spirits show me how to take the first steps. This makes me feel better already, but at first I don’t get the idea to go further because I have forgotten how to do it. But it is already the beginning that I learn again to feel my soul and its needs. My soul wants to let off steam out there in this big world, that is its home. It doesn’t want to be locked up in this little room of the mind.

Now I see that my soul is no longer looking at the ground as it did in the beginning, but is lifting its head and discovering and trying out all kinds of things. Slowly the distance to the space of the mind becomes greater. At the same time it becomes happier and flies around. It is actually not a space through which one walks, but a space through which one flies or floats. Nevertheless, there is a grounding, so that I do not lose myself in this space, so that I do not have to be afraid to lose myself. In addition to my interest in this space, I probably have a basic trust that gives me a sense of security, so that I can move in this space without feeling lost. This security comes from the energy of the heart. This room is full of joy, love and security, but one must also be able to perceive what is difficult without the energy of the heart. Maybe without the heart energy one does not feel so much like being safe in this room.

It is such a beautiful feeling that I could spend the whole day in it. This happens again and again during my interviews with the Spirits that I get these beautiful feelings of security and joy and experience this space. And then I don’t really feel like asking questions anymore, but there are so many interesting answers in this room.

Me: Now this was a very deep and also very abstract insight, especially for people who have no experience with it. Do you have something more concrete, more tangible? Can my readers use it at all?

Spirit: The mind maybe not, but the soul definitely.

Me: Okay. This is now my mind again, which doubts and says: “This is all much too abstract and crazy.” Your mind, dear reader, is probably thinking the same thing now… But your soul knows exactly what it is all about. Exciting! Dear Spirits, is there anything else to tell?

Spirit: No, that was enough for today.

I thank the Spirits and say goodbye.

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My past from the point of view of spirits and the importance of mind and intuition

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