Spiralförmige Blätter

What if higher, faster, further does not work for mankind at some point? What will be left for us then? Today the Spirits give me ideas for a rethinking, to deal with our energy differently.

This time a lot of Spirits are present and look at me. They are dressed very colorfully and look very different. A Spirit begins to perform different movements: crawling, handstands with a rollover, and others. Then he draws a circular line in the air, which first runs close to the ground, then winds upwards as a spiral and finally tapers to a point. There it does not go any further and the movement finally reverses and the Spirit shows with an arm movement that the energy is now running backwards down the spiral.

The Spirit explains this: On an energetic level, at some point the peak is reached. Then the spiral reverses and the energy runs down again. This is slower than the upward movement. This metaphor shows that people have reached the peak of their energy, their human power and their own resources and that these soon decrease again.

Me: What does this mean exactly?

Spirit: The tension on the collective human level is decreasing. People are becoming slower in their activities, they have less ambition, less energy. They become, so to speak, “lazier” and slower. Humanity is reaching a more mature age. Their youth is over. And this brings conflicts with it, just like the aging of the individual, such as clinging to youth and to the strength and fear of the dwindling strength. It takes devotion. There is growth in your mind. But you are adults. You have been for a long time. Now you are in middle age where everything slows down.

Me: But isn’t that mainly because the earth’s resources are limited and we can’t expand infinitely?

Spirit: It’s not just about population, it’s the material level. It’s about your energy.

Me: But it is also limited by food shortages, depleted soils, etc.

Spirit: Food shortages have existed before. Nevertheless, the people had energy.

Me: But it can also be due to fast food and our whole lifestyle.

Spirit: Of course it can. And environmental toxins, no question. But there is less power from within.

Me: And why?

Spirit: Why does a person age?

Me: Oh, you’re talking about telomeres, those protective caps at the ends of the chromosomes, which become shorter and shorter over time, which causes a person to age. And mitochondria, the “power stations of a cell”, are supposed to wear out due to various factors and thus lead to aging.

Spirit: Yes. But even that is only the material imprint of the energetic state.

Me: Where does the original energy go?

Spirit: It is like an account that is used up over time by all the activities you do. You don’t notice it now because you are at your peak right now. But you can’t go any higher.

Me: Maybe at least it’s good for nature.

Spirit: It depends on what you make of it. At first it will be difficult to accept the increased weakness. But if you manage to do that, nature will also benefit, because you will become calmer. But one strength remains for you: your diversity or versatility. That is why we are here today with so many of us. We show you how colourful you are. Your diversity maintains your existence. Your manifold abilities, inventions and your creativity are your resource. And also ours. We are happy to give you some of it.

Me: Thank you.

Spirit: You`re welcome.

Me: So it is not so bad if the energy is dwindling?

Spirit: Your creativity has to take that into account.

Me: Do you have an example for it?

Spirit: You should plan for more sleep and rest periods. You should get away from piecework and shift work. That won’t work anymore. People will get sick too often. Don’t plan your time so much anymore either. Take your time to idle and plan it. There should also be less pressure to perform, for example in school. If you don’t take this into account, you will exhaust your few resources just as much as the resources of the earth. You may come to rest. Allow yourselves.

Me: What about people who have to work a lot to secure their existence?

The Spirit suddenly becomes angry and says sternly: Why is this still the case?! You are a human family, why do you even allow it to happen that some people live at the subsistence level? This does not have to be. There too it is time to find new solutions. But this is already another topic that would take up too much space now.

Me: Won’t climate change automatically slow us down?

Spirit: Not if you fall into actionism out of fear.

Me: We already discussed this topic last week.

Spirit: Yes, as I said, we are happy to support you in these issues.

Me: Thank you. A nice final word.

I thank all Spirits and say goodbye.

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