Ein Dalmatiner liegt auf einer Mauer und schaut in die Kamera.

Today there is an extension of the last topic “What can we learn from animals? This time the Spirits tell something special about pets, namely about dogs, horses, rabbits and budgies. You will also get an insight into the view of a butterfly.

Me: I will start with the dogs. What can we learn from them?

The Spirits show me a dog training area where dogs can learn to climb or retrieve over obstacles.

Spirit: From dogs you can learn the motivation for learning. Dogs usually have a great desire to learn. It also depends on how you deal with them. But normally they are very open to it. And of course they are happy when they get a reward for what they have learned and when they are very committed. You can take an example from the openness and joy of learning new things. Dogs are generally very open: towards people and other dogs and they are happy to play with other dogs. It is an animal species that is very open to contact. This is a good example especially for people who are not so open and cannot approach others so easily. They can learn this well about their dog and take an example from him. They also comfort their master or mistress when they notice that the person in question has grief. This can also be a good example of compassion towards other people or living beings. Since they are generally very helpful, they are often used for all kinds of help, for example as guide dogs or in search of buried subjects etc. If they were not so helpful, this would not work so well.

Me: I would then like to ask for horses. They are perhaps similar to dogs in their social behavior, but is there anything else we can learn from horses?

Spirit: Horses are very frugal and are satisfied when they have their food and their meadow. They have to eat a lot as well. And they are simply satisfied with that. Of course they also need their social contacts and other horses around them, their herd. But then they are satisfied quite quickly and don’t need as much variety and entertainment as a dog, for example.

Me: But isn’t that also due to the different attitude? Horses are kept in a herd and normally you only have one or two dogs, so the entertainment from the herd is missing and humans take over this role to some extent.

Spirit: Yes, that also plays a role. But even among themselves, horses don’t play and communicate as much as dogs. Most of the time it is really about eating. When they have that, they are already satisfied.

Me: So you are saying that we can learn humility from horses?

Spirit: We would rather call it frugality.

Me: It can be enough to sit at a horse pasture and watch the horses eat. You get the feeling of this frugality and then maybe you take over something of this inner simplicity. If you connect with the energy of the horses, you can take this frugality into your everyday life. Okay, is there anything else you can learn from horses?

The Spirits show me a very proud stallion who is aware of his full strength and is fighting rank battles against another stallion.

Spirit: Horses are very powerful and have a certain pride, especially stallions.

Me: So we should learn pride from horses?

Spirit: We mean that more in the sense of self-confidence. A stallion is usually very self-confident and convinced that he will win against the other stallion. Of course there are also different characters.

Me: But does it make sense for us humans to develop even more competitive thinking? We already have that very strongly.

Spirit: There will always be competition. It’s all about whether you have fair rules. Normally no stallion kills the other one. He might get hurt once, but it is never about murder. People have fewer boundaries. People can learn to fight more fairly. Fighting is a part of life, it is simply part of it. But unfortunately people do not always have the right measure.

Me: It occurs to me that in recent years or decades, fights have led to more and more serious injuries. In the past, you “won” when the other person was on the ground, today you kick again. I think it is developing more and more in this direction. In this sense, we can learn from many species of animals how to put more rules and more respect in such fights. But not from all animal species, there are also animals that (almost) kill each other in such fights. Well, but we had been with the horses. In addition still rabbits and Wellensittiche occur to me. I cannot imagine what we can learn from them, but I ask: What can we learn from rabbits?

They show me a rabbit that eats all the time. So apparently this is a similar answer as with horses, that they eat a lot and are already satisfied with it.

Me: And how does it look like with Wellensittichen?

Spirit: That is very difficult. When birds live in captivity in a small cage, they hardly have their original behavior anymore. It is very difficult for birds to fully develop in such a cage. You could learn more from a wild bird in the garden.

Me: What can I learn from the blackbird in my garden, for example?

Spirit: Birds are very much connected to the time of day and night. They have their specific times when they wake up. When the light comes, they begin to chirp. They are very closely connected to the rhythm of day and night. It would not be bad for people to get used to a rhythm of sleep and wakefulness, or to get up with the sunrise and go to bed with the sunset for a while.

Me: In winter it is a bit difficult, the day would be too short for me. But in summer I can try it out.

Spirit: And migratory birds are especially associated with the seasons. Blackbirds of course also get the seasons, but for migratory birds the change is much greater when the dark season comes and they have to make the long journey. In general, one can say that when people deal with birds, they also deal a lot with the seasons, and that is something beautiful, because it connects them with the seasons and nature. Your body also functions in the rhythm of the seasons. With the help of the birds, you could become even more involved with what is happening inside you. What do day and night times and seasons do in you? This is the only special thing we can say about birds, otherwise there will be territorial fights etc. like with the other animal species.

Me: These are already some things we can learn for us. I think the more similar the animal is to humans, the more we can learn. We had also said last time that the living environment plays a role and the more similar it is, the more one can learn. An insect, for example, has a completely different lifestyle.

Spirit: Yes, it becomes more and more difficult, the further one moves away from the animal species human.

Me: I once talked to a butterfly because I thought that butterflies look so happy and light and always fly from flower to flower and that it must be a beautiful life after all. But the butterfly was quite hectic and under time pressure, because he had to get food very urgently in order to function. And the fluttering back and forth in zigzag, which looks so beautiful to us, so light and happy, is quite exhausting for the butterfly. It is like climbing stairs in the air. Then he didn’t want to talk to me any further because he was too busy. So from the outside it often looks very different from what the living being sees itself. I think that as humans we have done quite well, we don’t have to worry about many things. That is something for which we can learn to be grateful. We can also learn a lot from each other.

With this I would like to close the topic of animals for now.

I thank the Spirits and say goodbye.

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Pets as role models for us humans

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