Sonnentuntergang am Meer mit Felsen und Baum im Vordergrund

Today I have no special question for the Spirits and let me be surprised what they want to tell. They pick up the theme from last time and tell us how to build up joy of life and what a smile can do.

The Spirits show me a big sea, a great expanse. They point to the horizon, there is something very far away. Then they point to the stars.

Spirit: Everything around you is fascinating and great.

The Spirits are spreading their arms all over the world with joy, as if they wanted to embrace the whole world. Then they point to their heart and spread their arms again.

Spirit: It is about the connection from the heart to the outer environment, to the world.

Now they turn in a circle and point to their surroundings.

Spirit: Find the beautiful things in life! There are so many beautiful things. Everything is fascinating and beautiful!

They now point to different places and then again to their heart. It always goes from the heart to one thing and back to the heart and the next thing. What that is exactly is not important.

Spirit: It is generally about finding areas in life to which you connect your heart. This also promotes the joy of life and life energy.

Now they sit cross-legged, as if they wanted to meditate. The silence is also very important in this subject again. They go into silence and tranquility, so that the connections created from the heart to the things can also work.

Spirit: It is also about simplicity in life. This means that you don’t have to have everything that you find beautiful. One does not have to accumulate everything, but simply feel the joy of life and love for something without having to buy and collect everything.

The spirits sit there in silence, but nothing else is around them. I see the connection to things and of course also to living beings, to nature, to the sky, to the sun, to water, to earth etc. as a transparent bond that connects people with these things from the heart. But it is not a binding to oneself or a having to have. It is there and one is happy that it is there. Just as one cannot simply have the sun and take it from the sky because one likes it. So you can sit down in silence and just enjoy that it is there.

Now the Spirits show a boat and say: Sit in the boat.

Now a person is sitting in the boat and the boat starts to move and goes on a river towards the horizon, which is infinite. There is also a golden light there, as if the boat is moving towards the sun. It is a feeling of peace and a great calm.

Spirit: The horizon stands for infinity and for the fact that the soul is infinite.

Me: And do you have a concrete message why you are showing all this?

Spirit: Life is finite, but the soul is infinite. It is on an infinite journey.

I feel a lot of joy and light and still peace and quiet.

Spirit: Enjoy life!

I wish I could put this joy of life into words, it is very difficult. It would be nice if everyone could feel it so easily and you could transmit it.

Spirit: Smile! There is joy of life in a smile. Cultivate your smile.

I assume that they mean a real smile and not a fake one.

Spirit: The smile goes through the whole body. You don’t just move your mouth. When you really smile, the joy of life goes through your whole body like a wave. And by the way, it also strengthens the immune system.

It now feels as if my body is completely flooded with light. This is a very great, energizing feeling! I think you can also strengthen it by smiling and imagining that the smile goes through you like a wave of happiness and spreads from your mouth to all corners of your body.

Me: Then I summarize this again: Connect your heart with beautiful things in the world, but without wanting to own them. Just sit down in silence and enjoy them, smile and imagine how your smile spreads throughout your whole body as a wave of happiness, light and joy of life.

The nice thing about not asking a specific question is that I then feel this joy of life even more than usual because my mind is completely involved and does not constantly think about what else it can ask and how it can follow up. That’s why it’s always totally beautiful pictures, moments and moods when I have the spirits made. It’s like a shower of happiness and energy that I get and that sometimes lasts a few days and gives me a lot of energy. I hope that I can pass some of it on to you.

In the end it is very simple. You only need to take time to go into silence and connect and open yourself to the spirit world. Of course you should only connect with light-filled spirits that mean well with you.

You don’t need drugs for this. I believe that drugs are more likely to get you away from it. There are shamans who are totally convinced that they can travel to other worlds better with drugs, but in my opinion it is important to have a clear mind. The clearer your mind is, the better you can make contact. There are many ways to promote a clear mind, for example through good nutrition or by cleaning up your life and cleaning out things or activities that you no longer need. It is important that you have a clear line in your life and no chaos, for example through clear time structures: getting up and going to bed at the same time, eating at the same times. All of this can make life so much clearer and easier and calm the mind, making it clearer. Then it is much more effective to sit down in silence and connect with the spirits.

That was a slightly quieter interview today with a beautiful energy. I hope that I can pass some of it on to you and motivate you to try it yourself. It’s just a way and not something that you can realize in five minutes. You have to practice it regularly over and over again and then it becomes more and more intense over time.

I could stay in this mood and in contact with the Spirits for a few more hours, but I also have a few other things to do …

I wish you another beautiful, bright and sunny day, thank the Spirits and say goodbye.

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Please smile!

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