At the time of the Corona crisis we collectively have a strong force that gives us energy and power. How this comes about and how best to deal with it is what a Spirit tells me today.

The conversation begins again with a pictorial scene: a stream of many people runs along between two walls. I wonder what that means?

The spirit enlightens me: Through the contact barrier, people’s energies are more concentrated because they are not distracted by many activities. This makes what they do more powerful. They can then achieve more. Also by working together with others. They also have a common goal: fighting the virus.

Me: Do you mean the people in Germany or worldwide? Otherwise there are also tendencies to work against each other, see the seizure of masks in China by the USA.

Spirit: That of course exists. But it is not the mainstream of people. I am talking about all people worldwide, not just politicians or other decision makers.

I look again at the scene with the people walking between the walls. During our conversation, this scene remains like a film that’s on the news, while the newsreader says something about it.

Me: Then there must be no panic, otherwise the stream of people has a destructive power.

Spirit: Yes. At the moment it is calm enough. I just want to say how much power people have at the moment to change things because they are all mentally focused on one goal: to wipe out the virus.

Me: And what are we supposed to do with this information?

Spirit: First of all, it’s just a matter of being aware of this, also for other upcoming crises. It is important not to lose sight of the humanity. Start now to cultivate it more, so that in the next crisis the mass energy is directed in the right direction and so that this energy doesn’t become destructive.

Me: Do you have a tip on how we can promote humanity?

Spirit: The first path is already going in the right direction. The appreciation for helping professions is increasing and one demands to pay them better. Professions in which humanity is important should be valued more highly. At schools, much more emphasis should be placed on teaching people to work together rather than against each other. At universities, too, more emphasis should be placed on students carrying out projects in teamwork. The media should report more about humanity. In kindergartens, too, the topic can be emphasised more strongly. And finally, politicians should also act and talk about appropriate values. Then you have a chance to overcome coming crises.

Me: What about the economy?

Spirit: It will then follow the trend, at least apparently in advertising and sponsoring. That is the most difficult area. There it will take longer for humanity to assert itself.

Me: Why?

Spirit: This area is very diverse. Ethical values can be established more quickly with a manufacturer of organic products than with a weapons manufacturer. Something must first change socially and politically so that the production of weapons plays a different role than it does today. Structures have to change profoundly and this is more cumbersome in the economy than in education or politics.

Me: is there anything else to say about this?

Spirit: Everyone can start on a small scale, with themselves, even with small gestures, for example greetings, wait patiently at the cash desk, give preference to others, not always thinking only of their own advantage.

Me: And to say thank you more or even just be grateful in your thoughts that other people are there and do something for us.

Spirit: Yes, that too. Maintaining contacts with the neighbours, offering help. Also giving something away, becoming more generous. People cling so tightly to their possessions, even with banal, unimportant things. Practice letting go. Letting things flow and circulate instead of hoarding and holding on to them.

Me: But that requires the trust that at some point you will get something back.

Spirit: But that shouldn’t be the reason for giving something away. You mean, people shouldn’t have a fear of existence. They shouldn’t be afraid that they themselves will get a raw deal. That’s what the Germans are all about. They have exaggerated existential fears and therefore cling to their possessions.

Me: Where does that come from?

Spirit: Through the Second World War and even more past experiences.

Me: How do you get rid of this fear?

Spirit: Through community. When you have the feeling of being in a community and not having to take care of everything yourself, you can relax more.

Me: That’s what our social security system is designed for.

Spirit: Yes, that is not bad, but it does not do justice to the psyche of the human being. If you are unemployed, for example, there is no one to support you emotionally and lovingly. On the contrary. Many people are more afraid of the job centre and feel bad about being unemployed. Yet it should be a feeling of: “The community is there for you, don’t worry.” It is the same with pensions: it is always just a question of what burden the pension system is for the working population. The social system provides security but not humanity. But because people are social beings, that is not enough. They need the approval of the group and emotional support. This cannot be replaced by money.

Me: Okay, we still have a lot to do…

Spirit: Yes, take every opportunity to do so. It is important!

I thank him and say goodbye.

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Power without humanity is destructive

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