Das Moos auf einem Stein leuchtet in der Sonne

Today I learn that in our breath is hidden a wonderful little and at the same time big secret that can make our life much more beautiful and stable.

I am welcomed by a very white scenario: the landscape is white and a female spirit with long white hair and white clothes is sitting in front of me. I experience that the colour white stands for clarity of consciousness, purity and wisdom. The Spirit looks at me very kindly and benevolently and I feel that she is a very old experienced soul. She shows me a white box, opens it and I see a stone in it. She puts the stone in my hand.

Spirit: This is the stone of wisdom. How does it feel?

Me: It’s not as heavy as I expected and not as cold, so it feels lukewarm.

My palm is tingling a little bit.

Spirit: What else?

Me: Peaceful, but full of energy, a calm energy. But also tingling.

Spirit: Close your hand.

I close my hand and realize: Now it is sleeping.

Spirit: Open your hand.

I open my hand and am surprised: Oh, now it is shining brightly.

I am happy like a child about this surprise. I have to try it again. I close and open my hand a few times. It repeats itself. Fascinating! A wonderful toy.

Spirit: There is such a stone slumbering inside every human being. In many, the hand is closed. Only when you open it can wisdom shine. This is called consciousness.

I can feel the stone shining. It is joy of life, energy, drive, confidence, creativity, the will to go into the world, to make a difference in it and to enjoy it. So like a baby or toddler enjoys the world. It is an unspent energy, without negative experiences and injuries. Simply a joy about and on the world, as it is in every human being at the beginning of life. But prudence is also part of it, not just a rush to leave, but a mindful approach. I also feel love and heart energy.

She smiles and waits. I feel further.

Me: Everything is good as it is. It is the feeling to find something positive in everything, and if that is not possible, to simply and flexibly go another way. It is a feeling of trust that everything will be fine.

Spirit: Close your hand again. And close your eyes.

I follow her suggestion and become very still and calm. No thoughts, no feelings. Just silence. It’s nice after all these exciting experiences. I enjoy the silence. Then my heart energy slowly stirs again. My heart sends me and the world joy and love. It is as if they flow into my hand with the stone, so that the hand opens again by itself and the stone begins to shine again. The silence is like a dynamo that first drives the heart and then the hand with the stone, that is, the consciousness. So this is once again a very vivid example of why silence is the prerequisite for joy, love and consciousness and thus for viability and the ability to act in the best sense. If we would align our actions according to this, what would be the effect?

Spirit: You would act according to highest wisdom. Your life would develop for the benefit of all people and living beings. There should be an alternation between silence (closed hand) and activity (open hand). So it should not remain in one state, but is like breathing in and breathing out. Only together it gets a quality called life.

I connect the hand movement with the breath. It seems to me that the absolute state is only reached shortly before the reversal into the other state. This means: When I exhale and close my hand, I feel the silence in the short pause before inhaling. When I inhale and open the hand, I feel most of the power in the pause before exhaling. Then I also try it the other way round and close the hand while inhaling and open it while exhaling. But the first one feels better for me.

Spirit: This is exactly the dynamic of life. Life is a constant change, otherwise it would be lifeless. It can only exist through change.

Me: We can only try to direct change, can’t we?

Spirit: That is the worse option. If you want to force something, you take away its natural power. That is as nonsensical as straightening a river. You have been walking this path for far too long.

Me: What do you do then?

Spirit: The change comes. Watch it, get to know it. If you observe the silence between inhaling and exhaling …

Me: … I feel the eternity that is behind the change and the life. This moment seems to be the truth, the divine or whatever you want to call it. The secret lies in the silence before the change!

She smiles.

Me: It suddenly becomes so unimportant to want to direct something. I just want to surrender to change because I surrender to the truth behind it. It seems much more real than change and life. Eternity gives me a feeling of even deeper stillness and grounding than before. My feet feel quite stable standing on earth. I feel as if nothing could knock me down. Not a single change, not a crisis, not a negative current. So it is not a matter of directing everything in such a way that it is comfortable and makes us less afraid. It’s not about manipulating things. It’s about feeling eternity and thereby developing an unshakable trust. Because everything visible is not as real as this silence and eternity behind the visible. The visible feels unreal compared to eternity, like a dream. Absolute trust and non-manipulation would at least be the ideal state. In everyday life we are constantly changing something. But I think that this experience today means the direction we can take, so that our actions are more and more determined by devotion instead of manipulation, right?

Spirit: It’s not even so much about your actions, but rather about your inner attitude. You can act as you humans are used to, but inwardly you can be completely different than before. Your inner connection to eternity is completely sufficient. Then your acting changes automatically. This way around it works. Not in such a way that you say with your mind: From now on I give myself to everything and manipulate nothing more. There must be a change in your innermost being, in your consciousness. You don’t have to do anything more. Trust. Just trust. In the universe, the divine, Pachamama, the big whole and all the other names. That’s all. That’s all you gotta do if you wanna make a difference.

Me: Okay. The mind just keeps trying to get involved.

I look at the stone in my hand and ask: Is that actually my stone?

Spirit: Yes.

Me: Then I can keep it and keep playing with it.

She nods with a smile.

I thank her and say goodbye.

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The divine secret in the breath

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