Today the spirits are very enigmatic and speak of a mysterious being. When I find out what it is all about, I am very surprised and fascinated.

I see a female spirit. She is sitting cross-legged on a stone, which is located on a spring. The water flows past it on the right and left. She is wearing semi-transparent trousers, which are turquoise in colour and change to violet at the lower shelves. She also wears a turquoise top with wide sleeves in the fabric of the trousers, which are gathered together at the wrist. She has dark hair and a ruby on her forehead between her eyebrows. Her clothes remind me a bit of a djinnie. Spirits are rarely dressed this interesting. Mostly they look very ordinary.

She smiles. And waits. I am waiting too. Then she throws a kind of lasso back and forth. But it doesn’t really have any substance. I think of it more as a stream of energy.

Spirit: You shall not forget: There are things that are not visible to the human eye. Yet they are there. You feel them. They are different.

Now it looks like it’s fishing nets out of the water, but even these have no substance and are more like energy entities.

Spirit: Believe me. It’s never been closer. Never has it gone deeper. To the bottom. From there it emerges and talks to you. Feel it near, feel it.

Hmm, that sounds very mysterious. I’m curious what “it” is. When she said “it,” I was thinking of a water creature.

Spirit: Yes, a creature. It brings light. It brings you life. It holds you. It sustains you. It heals you. It transports you. It loves you. It listens to you. It carries you. It’s there for you. It cares for you. It guides you. It’s close to you. It’s honest with you. It seduces you. It cares for you. It feeds you. It embraces you. It warms you.

The list goes on and on. But it’s becoming more and more mysterious.

Me: And who is it now?

Spirit: Your soul.

Wow. I am speechless. I wasn’t expecting this.

Me: You said: ‘It seduces you.’ To what?

Spirit: To adventure.

Me: Why did you pull it out of the water?

Spirit: From the water of life.

Me: And who are you then?

Spirit: The guardian of the water of life.

I’ve never heard it all before.

Me: What does “water of life” mean?

Spirit: It has different forms, for example amniotic fluid or holy water.

Me: And why is the soul in the water?

Spirit: Because it is liquid. It adapts to all structures.

Me: You mean on an energetic level or something like that? Because you can’t measure it.

It laughs at me.

Spirit: You are here on the spiritual level, how do you want to measure something? Should I measure its greatness? Give me a ruler.

I get up and get a ruler, although I don’t know how to do that, because I only see the spirit with my inner eye.

Spirit: This is way too big.

Me: Would you rather have a microscope?

Spirit: That’s too punctual. You cannot measure the size of the soul. It is very small and at the same time it fills a big room. It has no beginning and no end, where will you put the ruler?

I now see a soul that is constantly changing its size. It is almost transparent and a kind of billowing mass, sometimes it is wide open, sometimes it is as big as a squatting person.

Me: What is it made of?

Spirit: Love.

I never think of such simple things …

Me: If I have a soul, who is “I”?

Spirit: The construct of your mind over the matter you are made of.

Me: So “I” consists of my mind and my matter?

Spirit: Not only. It’s also what your environment makes of it. It is your society, the whole world. A reflection of parts of the world.

I see little mirrors that are mounted together in a circle and point outwards. They reflect the world.

Me: How is it decided when a soul enters a body and when it leaves again?

Spirit: The soul knows its way.

Me: How can my “I”, that is, my mind, communicate with my soul?

Spirit: Don’t sneak away. Stay there. Look. Into you.

Me: Where inside me? In my heart?

Spirit: You will find it.

I feel into my heart, then I realize that she is everywhere, logically. Dumb question.

Me: Do you want to say anything else about it?

Spirit: Quiet. It is quiet. It’s holding back. Itonly shows itself when it wants to.

Me: Or when I pay it special attention?

Spirit: Yes, when it wants to.

Me: Where does it go when we die?

Spirit: One does not die.

Me: Well, I mean when it leaves the body.

Spirit: To the other souls.

Me: What does it do there?

Spirit: Celebrating, communicating joyfully.

Me: Does it have any interest in talking to the mind at all?

Spirit: It goes her way anyway, no matter what the mind says.

Me: I would like to talk with my soul.

There it is. This time I see a white mass smiling at me, although I don’t know how a white mass should smile. But I just feel it. I have to smile back and am so enchanted by it that my mind is almost completely switched off and I can’t think of a single question. There is suddenly nothing left to ask. Everything is fine the way it is when I look at it. It is pure joy of life. Nothing else matters anymore. I am speechless. There’s nothing more to think about.

Then I have to laugh about this situation. I look at the guardian of the water of life. She laughs too. The three of us laugh at each other. This could go on for hours without me thinking of anything. It is just beautiful. I am completely in this moment.

But as I get hungry, I finish the interview for today and say thanks to them and goodbye.

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