Wolken am Nachthimmel, die im Mondschein die Form eines Einhorns haben

For about 25 years I have been writing down my dreams and analysing them. I have already learned and discovered many things, but not everything by far. In my interview today, I got even closer to the secret of dreams.

At first I had addressed a personal topic where a spirit appeared who felt like a person in my dream last night.

Me: Do you spirits also appear in our dreams?

Spirit: Yes.

Me: How many of the dream figures in my dreams are Spirits and not parts of my personality?

Spirit: About 20%. With some people it is only about 1%, it depends on how open they are to us.

Me: And what do you do in our dreams?

Spirit: We check if everything is ok. We give support. And we talk to you.

Me: Then a lot of people already have contact with you. You always say that too few people have contact with you.

Spirit: Sure, but this contact is not conscious. We are concerned with consciousness, that is, conscious contact.

Me: Where are you when someone has nightmares? Why don’t you protect them?

Spirit: Some people push us away and only see their fears.

Me: I once experienced an Indian deity in a dream as protection.

Spirit: You have to be able to allow contact with us, otherwise we can’t do anything. But we are always there. Depending on how open someone is towards us, we are more in the background or in the foreground.

Me: Sometimes I also get feelings of happiness in dreams.

Spirit: They come from your soul. Then it is just happy.

Me: What do the remaining 80% in dreams mean?

Spirit: There are often animals. They are helpers.

Me: What if the animals attack me?

Spirit: That’s just an act. They want to provoke you, to draw you out.

Me: And how do I know what they want to draw out of me?

Spirit: Your subconscious knows.

Me: But isn’t it better to bring it into consciousness so that you can change something?

Spirit: That again depends on the person and whether he is ready to deal with it.

Me: What do you think about lucid dreaming? [Lucid dreaming – also called “clear dreaming” – can be trained. During the dream you are then aware that you are dreaming and you can intervene in the dream and change it. For example, many people take the opportunity to fly. For people with a particularly highly developed consciousness, lucid dreams should appear on their own and without special training. Meditation can also promote lucid dreaming].

Spirit: I knew this question was coming. Don’t be so impatient, you don’t always have to accelerate everything. People are enthusiastic about such experiments, but this is for advanced people.

Me: Besides animals, there are many other dream elements. What do they mean?

Spirit: They stand for quite archaic basic needs: Food, sex, exercise. The body works day and night and has its urges. At night these drives are fulfilled virtually to keep the system going. It must go on and on.

Me: What other elements are there?

Spirit: Social relationships are shown, the healing energies of your body are made visible and sensations or emotions are processed. The last two belong inseparably together.

Me: Can’t emotions also arise independently of sensory impressions?

Spirit: No. It is the same. They are stored and can come up at some point, but the origin is always a sensory perception.

Me: That’s why it is so important to choose one’s environment and therefore the sensory impressions well.

Spirit: Yes.

Me: That means that our emotions consist of our environment or how we perceive and interpret our environment?

Spirit: Yes, perception and interpretation play the decisive role. They are different for every person, otherwise everyone who has the same sensations would feel the same.

Me: And where does the perception or interpretation come from?

Spirit: It is partly innate, partly learned.

Me: How much of it can I change, for example through mental techniques?

Spirit: About 40%.

Me: Not more?

Spirit: The rest is manifested in your body, it is the substance you are made of.

Me: That means that 60% is permanently stored in my body? So my body consists practically of manifested perceptions? And nothing else?

Spirit: Yes.

Me: But genes can be changed. Can’t I change matter somehow?

Spirit: If you wanted to change more than the 40%, you would have to move to another country, another society and forget your imprint completely. Nobody changes their identity 100%. Especially not in the subconscious. In addition, there are the memories of your ancestors, which are also stored in you. You would have to completely erase your past and the past of your ancestors.

Me: Hm, complicated. I’m gonna have to let that sink in. Anything else you’d like to say about dreams?

Spirit: Don’t tamper with them. Their work has a purpose.

I thank him and say goodbye.

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The secret of dreams

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