Auf einer Toilenttenpapierrolle hängt Geld statt Toilettenpapier

Today I steer the conversation through my questions, because I would like to know something about the corona virus. I am interested in the Spirits’ view of viruses in general and the Corona virus in particular.

Me: What is a virus from your point of view?

Spirit: It spreads over a large area, but it is targeted. It doesn’t cause disease symptoms in every person. Every disease is targeted. The virus must fit the system, that is, the gap in the system. If someone has an energetic gap in their body system, a particular virus will fit in.

Me: And what is the point of this?

Spirit: It directs people’s paths, it changes directions. It causes “mutations” of life, or rather, variations. Right now, the virus is not just physical or medical. It is primarily psychologically and mentally effective. This goes as far as changing the daily routine etc. by curfews etc. So the corona virus has unintentionally made a big “career” and changed a lot. But this is only possible because it encounters a social system that is very receptive to it and reacts very emotionally, even panically. The virus virtually arrives at people before it is physically present.

Me: It’s probably coming through the media, right?

Spirit: Thousands of components play a role. Above all fantasy. But it is an externally imposed fantasy, not a free and creative one. Such a “celebrity” is something special for a virus.

When he says that, I almost get human feelings for the virus.

Me: Now that you say that, it seems to me that people have been waiting for it, so to speak. Maybe because there have been doomsday fantasies since the Middle Ages? And because even today people still like to watch end-of-life movies?

Spirit: People are drawn to the drama.

Me: How real is this drama?

Spirit: Everyone decides for himself how big he wants his drama to be.

Me: But a doctor who has to decide who to put the ventilator on because there are too few for everyone, didn’t she choose that?

Spirit: She chose the medical direction and probably didn’t look at alternatives. The old wisdom is missing in modern medicine. A different, holistic view of human beings is also missing. And also a different way of dealing with death. Building only on conventional medicine is like walking on a shaky scaffold. The whole system of ancient knowledge, wisdom, wholeness and mysticism or connection to the invisible has been broken off and now people are balancing on the scaffold of analytical knowledge that is still left. There used to be more diversity in knowledge and in the way we deal with life. Today people are unstable. And when such a corona crisis comes along, they start to falter very quickly.

Me: And why are people so attracted to the apocalyptic mood?

Spirit: Because it makes them realize how precious life is. Some people need that to feel it. Like someone who bangs his head against the wall to feel himself.

Me: We live in Germany in abundance and don’t really appreciate it. And then we use a virus, we panic and get carried away, so that we can appreciate what we have again?

Spirit: Yes. That would also be easier, but people want it that way.

Me: If you live as a hunter and gatherer, you fight for survival every day and you are probably much more grateful for every fish you catch.

Spirit: Yes. People have come very far from their origins. This creates substitute actions like panic about viruses and other crises.

Me: Can this be changed?

Spirit: Everyone can change something for himself if he wants to. First of all you can go into nature and feel nature. Then you can live more and more with nature.

Me: Yes, I also think that being in nature puts your fears into perspective. We believe that we are rich, but because we have almost abolished the relation to nature, we are actually very poor.

Spirit: Absolutely! You have also cut off the connection to the inner nature, and we must not forget that.

Me: And that makes us panicky and vulnerable.

Spirit: It simply lacks support. People float in the air instead of being firmly connected to the earth.

Me: It’s crazy that healthy people are so preoccupied with a virus that they don’t have.

Spirit: Even if you have it, you shouldn’t make yourself crazy. Trust. In yourself, in your own body, in Mother Nature – and if you can’t avoid it, trust in what comes after death. You are taken care of. You are never alone. No matter what path your life takes, trust in the path, trust in your soul, trust that you will be accompanied. You are not alone.

Me: Another curious question: Why toilet paper? Why do many people buy so much toilet paper?

Spirit: It has historical reasons. At first, toilet paper was only for richer people. It is the unconscious fear of losing one’s status, of becoming “only” a poor farmer. It’s the fear of losing wealth.

Me: Hm, right, digestion has to do with letting go … But the loss of prosperity is not so far-fetched, now that everything is closed.

Spirit: Yes, but it’s also a chance for the emergence of something new, but this fear paralyses and inhibits creativity. When a door closes, you can’t open a new one because of all the fear. There is much fear of change.

Me: This reminds me that according to the Chinese horoscope, the year 2020 is the year of the rat and the rat stands for new beginnings … Of course, something old must first “die” or fall away before something new can emerge.

He smiles at me. It is a grin that could also be a wink, a mischievous grin.
I thank him and say goodbye.

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The virus is here before it’s even here

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