Sonne an einem blauen Himmel

If I can communicate with the spirit of earth and nature, it should work with the spirit of the Corona virus, shouldn’t it? I’d like to try that today.

I ask the spirit that shows itself at the beginning: Can I talk to the Corona virus? Well, of course without infecting me or something.

Without answering directly, the Spirit invokes the spirit of the Corona virus. In contrast to the spirits with which I normally converse, it has no human form, but is a large milky yellow circle with blurred edges. At least he has a kind of face in it, so I can see that he doesn’t seem to be very happy about our interview.

Me: You seem frustrated.

Corona: I get chased around by people. Nowhere I can stay.

Me: But you’ve already spread out quite a bit.

Corona: Yeah, but everywhere I go there’s screaming and yelling.

Me: Well, what do you expect? That you will be welcomed with open arms?

Corona: No, I expect not to be noticed. I just want to live a very quiet life. I don’t want to be the center of attention.

Me: Then maybe you shouldn’t kill so many people.

Corona: I know. I am still a beginner. I’m not doing it on purpose. It’s not like I have anything to gain.

Me: Then how is it that you are lethal?

Corona: We all have it in us a bit. It’s not so easy to find the right measure that as a virus you are not completely killed by the immune system, but you don’t kill the human being either. By the way, you humans are not that much better than us. You try to survive by destroying your host, Earth. (angry:) Well, you certainly don’t need to lecture us! That’s just life on Earth. You try to survive. But no one wants to extinguish the entire life of the others because they are dependent on each other. That is the challenge in this life on earth.

Me: Hm, you are probably right. Only we are on the other side of you.

Corona: Oh, partly I managed it quite well that you and I could live together. Some people don’t even notice me. I thank their immune system.

Me: You mean, we shouldn’t think that we have to fight you?

Corona: That is mostly not necessary (apart from the immune system). I don’t always want to be the bad guy either!

It looks sad.

Me: But people are afraid of you.

Corona: Yes, I partly understand that. I don’t know either. Strengthen your immune system. But not too strong!

Me: Well, too strong wouldn’t be so bad. We can live without you.

He sigh and seems frustrated.

That reminds me of the sentence: The earth can live without man, but man cannot live without the earth. It’s as if the virus holds up a mirror to us.

Me: Well, what do we do now?

The Corona spirit shrugs its shoulders sadly. I don’t think we’re going to get anywhere. When silence falls, the spirit from the beginning sends the Corona Spirit away, comforting.

He says to me: Use this situation to develop compassion for Earth. By the way, the earth has no intensive care unit and no measures to protect it from you humans.

Me: Well, there are at least environmental protection organizations and many measures etc.

Spirit: Yes, but that is not enough.

Me: Hm. And yet we are more intelligent than a virus, aren’t we?

Spirit: Intelligent in a different way. What does a rating of intelligence bring you? But only arrogance and a feeling of superiority. But you’re no better than any other creature here. You are part of the Earth’s ecosystem. Alone you are nothing and not capable of surviving. So what role does intelligence play then?

Me: Well, that we can survive especially well, for example.

Spirit: Until now, maybe. But if you look at it from beginning to end of a species… If the virus survives you in the end, who was more intelligent? The virus is very flexible and mutates quickly. Isn’t that a form of intelligence?

Me: I don’t think it would ever kill all humanity. Well, isn’t it even smarter than humans? Actually, we should be more afraid of ourselves than of the virus, because we have the potential to exterminate ourselves … And we are already on a good way to do so. But the PR for or against the virus seems to be stronger than the PR against climate change and environmental destruction. Or what is the reason why we are so panicky about the virus and suddenly so many changes are possible (work from home, cancelling flights etc.). After all, that would be very useful in climate protection. But hardly anyone does it for the climate.

Spirit: When it comes to environmental problems, you feel safe. The virus is advancing faster than climate change, for example. And it’s more measurable by death statistics.

Me: Yeah, right. People are dying from air pollution, but then they say they died from lung disease. It doesn’t sound as clear-cut as a virus and it’s a bit woolly. It also doesn’t spread as quickly and uncontrollably. If you have clean air where you live, you don’t feel affected. The virus can – at least theoretically – affect EVERYONE. Besides, we have become accustomed to the fear of the environment. We have been hearing about climate change for decades and have become indifferent. The virus is new. It has attracted more attention. Fukushima also had a stronger effect on us because it happened so suddenly and unexpectedly. Is there anything else you wish to say?

Spirit: Stay tuned. Right now there is a mood for change. Use this mood, change something positive for the world and people.
I thank him and say goodbye.

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“The virus is not as deadly for mankind as mankind itself”- An interview not about but with Corona

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