Sonnenuntergang am Meer

Which people can change the world for the better? Which prerequisites are helpful for this? And why don’t many more people do it? This is what a Spirit tells me in today’s interview.

First of all I see a female spirit and in the background a sea that shines golden and moves in gentle waves. That has a very relaxing effect on me.

Spirit: Life takes its course.

She shows up to the horizon where the sea meets the sky.

Spirit: The vastness you see metaphorically stands for infinity. You people ride the waves towards the horizon. You intuitively feel the infinity and align your actions accordingly. The way there is long. It is infinite.

That doesn’t sound very motivating.

Me: So we never reach the horizon or infinity?

Spirit: You are the infinity.

Oh, this is getting philosophical today.

Me: So in your example it’s not the horizon that represents infinity, but the sea or the expanse? According to the motto “The journey is the destination.” And we are the vastness and the infinity?

Spirit: Yes. But people think that the horizon is the infinity. They believe that there is a goal to reach. But they have already reached it.

Me: What exactly do you mean by infinity?

Spirit: I mean stillness and connectedness, bliss. Some call it divine energy. It’s always and at all times there. You don’t have to seek it or reach it.

Me: And why are you telling me this?

Spirit: So that you look. All this excitement in the world doesn’t have to happen. There’s nothing to fight or struggle for. Everything you seek is already there.

Me: What does that look like exactly? Should I pass on your message to Donald Trump, Erdogan and others and suddenly they turn into peaceful, benevolent people? I don’t think so.

Spirit: This one goes to people with a clear mind. The people you just talked about don’t have a clear mind. Their spirit is a big construction site. No, you can’t reach them. But there are many people with a clear mind. But they are often distracted and it is important that they direct their mind to eternity, to silence. Because they can change something and create something new. The world needs these people. But many are still asleep. They are trapped in their everyday life. They do not believe that they can change anything. But only they can change something. They’ve been talked out of it.

Me: What exactly did they get talked out of?

Spirit: Their gut feeling, their intuition, their heart. They are good-hearted people. They are honest. They have the thinking of the future: a collective thinking. They love people. They are the heart of humanity. But many still believe too much in the old thinking, the thinking that brought you to your present situation. Many people hold on to the old thinking, although a new one has long since begun. If people do not catch up with the developments with their thinking, they will be overwhelmed by the developments.

Me: Which developments do you mean exactly?

Spirit: I mean the sleeping giant. You have created him yourselves. At some point he will wake up. It is the result of your actions from the last centuries until today. If you don’t take control now, he will take control. The consequences of your actions will overwhelm you.

Me: And we can influence that by people with a clear mind and a compassionate heart going more into silence?

Spirit: They go into silence and come to themselves. They recognize their power and go outward with it. They recognize their responsibility.

Me: Suppose people go into silence, come to their true core and then want to carry something outward. How does that work?

Spirit: It will come by itself. The energy will make them give their power to the world. This happens in very different ways, just as every person is different. Everyone does it in his own way. You can use it in your work or in your free time. It will show in relationships with others.

Me: What else is there to say?

Spirit: The world will change. You are there and you cannot stop it. But you can influence how it changes.

Since the whole thing sounds a bit abstract at times, I will summarize it again: The world needs a new way of thinking to deal with the developments that result from people’s actions in the past. This could mean, among other things, our handling of nature and the earth’s resources, but also wars and injustice. The new way of thinking arises from the fact that honest, good-hearted and community-thinking people with a clear mind show their true self and carry it to the outside world. They achieve this by going into silence and discovering their true self and their power. For silence contains everything that we as human beings want to achieve. Everything is already there, we only have to perceive it.

I hope that I have reproduced it in the sense of the spirit. But I still have to let it sink. Perhaps the image of the sea and the vastness will then continue to affect me on another level.

I thank the Spirit and say goodbye.

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The world changes and you decide how

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