Zwei Kartoffeln in Herzform liegen auf einer Unterlage.

Happy New Year first of all! I hope you have come well into the new year. In keeping with the start of the year, I’m asking the Spirits today what tips, ideas or messages they have for us for the beginning of the year.

Me: What do you say to the new year 2021?

Spirits: First of all, welcome back after the break!

They are happy to see me back.

Spirit: Of course, there’s a lot to discuss and settle again this year in terms of Corona, you won’t get past that. But we won’t even go into that right now.

Instead, they begin to swirl their hands through the air so that little stars form everywhere in the air. It reminds a bit of sparklers. But there’s also something about purification.

Spirit: Yes, purification is important, to get rid of the old first and to transform the old energies.

Me: How does that work? You can burn incense, of course, but do you have any other suggestions?

Spirit: First of all, ventilate a lot and let fresh air in. And you should also get a lot of fresh air yourself. You can also put elements from nature in your rooms. For example, place a plant, a bowl of water, a bowl of sand and a black stone in each of the four corners of a room. This creates a special energy, a kind of energy field. There you can stand in the middle, sit, turn in a circle, etc. and feel the energy. That brings the energy of nature into the house.

Me: Okay, so that was the theme of purification. Do you have any other suggestions for the new year?

They show me animals.

Spirits: It’s good to get in touch with animals and have a relationship with them, in whatever form.

Me: And why?

Spirits: Animals bring you back to your origin. It is important to always find your way back to your origin, that is, to the naturalness of life, to your own nature. After all, you are a part of nature. Through everyday life, the rootedness with nature and your origin is often obscured or buried. You are busy and distracted with so many things. You have so much to do, so much stress, so many tasks, so many thoughts. All of this is getting more and more superimposed on your actual original root. The animals don’t have that. So when you engage with animals, you are reminded again of what your inner core is. The new year is a good time to get back to that and let everything else fall away from you and let go and live your inner wildness and aliveness. Animals do not sit for hours at the computer or at the desk and think, but are alive, romp around, move a lot and do not sit there and think all the time. You can shake off all that thinking and get rid of it and free your mind, just romp around in nature for a bit.

Me: Good. All good things come in threes. I would say one more idea would be fitting to round this off.

Now they show me a very symbolic picture. I see someone wrapping something in glittery foil or wrapping paper.

Spirit: This is not about gifting objects. It’s about aesthetics in life. Imagine you want to wrap a gift especially beautifully and lovingly. That’s how you should wrap your whole life: You should deal in a loving way with your life, things you do, and most of all with yourself. This means that you do things for yourself in a loving way, just as you would wrap gifts for others. For example, you might cook something especially loving for yourself and arrange it lovingly and perhaps light a candle to go with it. Or you can treat yourselves to a spa day with a soak in the tub, etc. It can also be simply listening to music. It’s about giving loving little gifts to yourselves. You can also make a list of such gifts in a quiet minute in the form of loving actions and then when you are just stressed and have a little time, you can look at the list and make a gift to yourself. When you’re in the midst of stress, such gifts often don’t even come to mind, so it’s good to remember with a list.

Me: But it shouldn’t have so much to do with consumption, right?

Spirit: We don’t want to rule that out completely, in moderation it works, but it’s not about buying away frustration by making big purchases or buying great stuff. It’s more about actions that you enjoy and make you feel nice. You already make enough frustration purchases in your life.

Me: Those were some nice suggestions. We should stick to the number three, otherwise it will become too confusing. You also have to be able to implement everything.

By the way, I also have a resolution for the new year: I will only send a podcast episode or write a post once a month, so that I can take care of other things. If you get bored, you can have a look at the past posts, there is so much information and suggestions.

Until February I wish you a nice time!

I thank the Spirits and say goodbye.

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Tips and ideas for the new year 2021

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