Zwei Vögel streiten sich auf einem Felsen.

Some of you may have gotten used to wearing a mask because of Covid-19. Maybe because we wear masks all our lives anyway? The masks you put on in your everyday life to be the perfect employee, the perfect partner, the perfect parent and much more. How do you get out of these roles to be yourself? Is that even possible? How do the Spirits see it?

Me : Sabine sent the question: How can we live authentically without wearing masks or playing roles, without doing right by someone other than myself? I will now ask the first part of the question: How can we live quite authentically without wearing masks or playing roles?

The Spirits begin once again very pictorially and show me different masks lined up next to each other. Some look sad, others happy. They are very beautifully designed like theater masks. The Spirits look at each one with interest.

Spirit: It is actually quite funny that there are masks. Masks are nothing bad at first, because they have something very playful about them. You can play different roles in them, that’s not so bad. It always depends on how you use these masks. If you playfully go at it and try out different roles, you can also learn a lot about life and learn how to take over perspectives by putting yourself in different roles. So masks are not bad at first.

Me: There is a second part of the question. It is about how to live without doing right by others and only doing right by myself. In this case, it is rather a burden that you play a role and cannot be yourself. One would rather be oneself and would like to take off this mask. How does that work?

Spirit: Counter question: Why did you put on this mask in the first place? Why did you think up this role? What was the original meaning of it? At some point, for some reason or another, you chose it because it fulfilled a function. It could have been a protective function, for example. A mask is also a protection and you don’t have to show yourself exactly how you are. This makes you less vulnerable. You hide behind this mask and the role you play. It takes a lot of strength to take off a mask. You have to feel very strong and have the feeling that you can easily fend off attacks, that they go in one ear and out the other, so to speak, that they bounce off you and don’t affect you internally. Only very strong people can do that.

Me: This gives me the thought: It is actually a pity that you can’t be the way you are and always have the feeling that you have to protect yourself from something because you could be attacked. Does it have to be like that or can you change something in society so that people no longer have to feel that they have to protect themselves from anything?

Spirit: Of course you can change something by stopping judging and accepting people as they are. If everyone had the feeling that they are as welcome as they are, there would be no masks. You can practice this in smaller circles and there are already areas where this happens. But there are still many situations where this is not so and where a lot is judged and attacked. Often this happens because of an injury. People are often hurt and not accepted as they are, and then attack others because they have not dealt with the injury. As long as this is the case, masks are not necessarily something bad. Of course, it is always better to strengthen yourself from within and develop a feeling of strength and self-confidence. Then you can take off this mask. The mask is just a tool to get along with it, but it is more lasting if you build up strength from within.

Me: Well, and how do you build up such strength?

Spirit: You should always praise yourself like a little child and say to yourself: You’re doing a great job! The focus should always be on praise, not on looking at what you did wrong. You should pay more attention to what you have done well in your own eyes.

Me: It occurs to me now that even if you do something wrong, you can forgive yourself for it and that you can allow yourself to make mistakes.

The spirits nod.

Me: How can you also strengthen yourself internally?

Spirit: Nature is a great example. You should go out into nature a lot and look at the animals and how they live their lives. Animals don’t usually wear masks and don’t think so much about what they did wrong. They usually have a pretty good self-confidence.

Me: But if you take a pack of wolves as an example: There are alpha animals, which lead the pack, and animals, which are at the very end of the hierarchy. I don’t know if they have that much self-confidence?

Spirit: There are rankings in animals, for example wolves, but the animals are not devalued. The lower-ranked animals also have a function in the group.

Me: I remember a report about monkeys. A female monkey took the baby away from another female monkey just because she was quite low in rank. How would you judge that? Surely the female monkey does not have that much self-confidence?

Spirit: She then has a difficult role in the group, but still she doesn’t wear a mask. She still has an inner strength and energy with which she tries to assert herself again and again. That is what you can learn from nature. The female monkey is still ready to fight and is also willing to continue to fight for herself, perhaps to climb higher in the hierarchy. Or it accepts the role because it is still reasonably ok. That always depends on the situation.

Me: Does that mean that people do not fight for themselves so much? Then why do people have masks?

Spirit: With humans, it is a much more complex system. People can send out a lot of hidden signals, even in facial expressions, language and intonation alone. Lying is also very sophisticated with humans. This has been properly cultivated. Basically, it is also a form of lying when you do not show yourself as you are in order to protect yourself. Lying is not necessarily a negative thing, again it depends on the context. Basically, all people lie every day, some a little more, others a little less. Everyone has his mask, everyone hides something. And to hide something, you have to play a role. People have become masters in this, they have cultivated it over the millennia.

The Spirits are very enthusiastic about it, they are always very positive in their attitude.

They think: It has something beautiful, you can also play with it. Many people also play with it. You can also parody it and it is simply something very creative. If you notice that you can’t get rid of your own masks and that they depress you, you can try to change the mask first. You don’t have to take it off right away, but you can rewrite the role a little bit and see it more playful, try a little bit more.

Me: Children and young people do a lot of that. When you think about all the clothes and hair dyes you try out. You also try out the different roles, how you would like to be.

The spirits nod: Yes, exactly, that’s playing the role. So it’s good if you don’t see your role as fixed, but play with it and think about small variations. It is also helpful to look at the roles and masks of others and not to take them too seriously. Life is actually like a kind of theater play in which everyone plays his or her role and that is exciting.

So the Spirits do not necessarily see the topic in a negative light. But if it is a burden, you can try to change something.

It occurs to me that it is also good to be authentic, because it gives you a feeling of freedom to be just the way you are. But I also see that you are not in the same mood every day. And so that the environment is not irritated, you keep your role on the outside and play a mood. But I think that authentic people are often very successful and are well respected, probably precisely because they manage to take off their mask, and that means that they have a certain strength. That’s why I think it’s desirable to take off your mask. But of course everyone has to decide for himself.

You could go even deeper into it, so if you have any questions, send them to me, and then we can go even deeper into the topic next time.

I thank the Spirits and say goodbye.

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We all wear masks – even without Covid-19

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