Eine Mischung aus Zeichen für Herz und Smiley

Actually, it is quite obvious that life works better if you exchange ideas with each other instead of building up boundaries. Unfortunately, however, we humans often do not succeed in this. It is at least expandable, says my interviewer today, and gives us tips on how to improve it.

I see a female spirit wearing a lot of jewellery all over her body. She’s sitting on a huge sheet the size of a sofa. This picture looks like some representations of Asian deities.

Seen from my side, she points to the right – that is an unusual direction. From here to the horizon there is a border consisting of a low rampart. The Spirit indicates with an arm movement that this limit is overcome. Behind the border is a blue area and it is hard to tell if it is water or sky.

Spirit: Your thinking is limited. Overcome your boundaries.

Me: What does that refer to?

Spirit: It is not the universe, it is not what is far away, it is what is right near you: other people.

Me: What should we change?

Spirit: You build up boundaries between you. You’re cutting yourselves off. You’re going in. You think that there are high barriers between you, but they are very low.

I look at the rampart and estimate its height at 20 centimetres. This is of course only a metaphorical representation, but it feels low. It is easy to overcome.

Me: But limits to a certain extent are also a good thing. For example, I don’t necessarily want everyone to be able to come into my house just like that or to crowd me when I speak. You gotta have privacy.

Spirit: I don’t mean it like that. It’s about your hearts. You people quickly close your hearts and are very careful and sceptical about who you let in and who you give love to.

Me: Isn’t that different from person to person?

Spirit: Yes, that is true, but in general there is too much distance.

Me: But you can’t force something like that. It’s not that simple.

Spirit: If you think so, you can leave every attempt the same.

Me: Well, how does it look like when you open the border of your heart more? How does that work?

Spirit: You approach others. You give them good will and give strangers a confidence bonus.

Me: Should one first practice this only in thoughts?

Spirit: You can do it the way it comes. But thoughts must also be followed by deeds, therefore do not stay with thoughts for long, otherwise you will get stuck there.

Me: And what will this change? Why would we do that?

Spirit: Your life becomes much more beautiful, there is more joy, you are also treated more benevolently, you relax. Because the thought that other people are not benevolent is a great source of stress.

Me: I know people who would be afraid of being taken advantage of if they are too open.

Spirit: These people should clean up their psyche and think about where they are exploiting themselves. If you have good will in yourself, even towards yourself, no one can take advantage of you. Then others won’t be interested in taking advantage of you.

Me: What if we don’t open up?

Spirit: Then you are isolated and lonely.

She shows me a picture of a plant standing in a poorly lit basement.

Spirit: One is like this plant and grows badly inside. One hardly develops further.

Me: This means in reverse: The more you open your heart, the more you develop?

Spirit: Yes. The world consists of communication, so everything is in flow. True communication takes place through the heart, not through the mind and words. This communication brings exchange and creativity. Life works best in exchange.

Me: What can you do when others exclude you?

Spirit: Don’t put too much energy into it and keep going.

Me: And if you are attacked, for example by Hate Speech on the Internet or racist attacks?

Spirit: There are very strong negative emotions behind it. They are destructive. First of all, you have to get yourself safe. Then it is a great challenge. There’s no point in looking for blame on the outside. The attackers can hardly be changed. Courts and laws take care of the worldly. You must take care of your soul yourself. It needs loving attention from yourself and from others.

Me: Then you automatically close your heart to such people, don’t you? You be in exchange with them.

Spirit: That would be possible. A person with a very mature soul can forgive people and give them love like water from a half-dried plant. If the plant, i.e. the heart of the attacker, is not yet completely dried up, it can recover and then an exchange can take place. That would be the ideal case. But there’s usually a lot of damage done to the victim at first. That would still be a separate issue, it is now becoming too complex. But what I have described at the beginning makes sure that it does not come to that. If people would overcome the border of their hearts more often, so much hatred would not arise any more. Even if you think it’s only small things, you’re changing something. It’s like the flap of a butterfly’s wings that can change the weather. If it makes you feel concerned and helpless when you see cruel things on the news, give the cashier in the supermarket, for example, a benevolent and honest smile. Of course, larger actions also help, but the effect of the little things is often underestimated. Seeds are also small, but can become trees.

Me: There are people who totally overdo it with charity and are exhausted by it in the end.

Spirit: You don’t have to change so much in life. This is not about sacrifice, which by the way does not always come honestly from the heart. It is about a very small, fine vibration. Imagine best that your heart smiles at another person’s heart. Nothing more. And then look what changes in your life.

Me: This is a nice picture for the end. Such a picture of a smiling heart can also be hung in the apartment as a memento.

The Spirit smiles.

I thank her and say goodbye.

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We can all do this to prevent hatred from arising

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