Today the Spirits came up with a little trick. At first I think that the theme is inner abundance and inner wealth. But they have something else in mind. But from the beginning:

This time I see a female spirit again. She reminds me of the spirit of the last time, but it is not exactly the same being.

Me: What is the topic today?

She spreads blue silk scarves, pearls and gold in front of me. In the background I see a blue sky again, this time brighter than last time. The Spirit explains to me that the objects stand for abundance and wealth, but not for earthly wealth, but for inner wealth, the wealth in the heart.
It occurs to me that I have learned from Traditional Chinese Medicine that ideally one should have emptiness in the heart and abundance in the stomach. That would be exactly the opposite. But I hadn’t understood it that well anyway. Maybe the spirits also define “abundance” differently?

Me: What exactly does abundance in the heart mean?

Spirit: Beauty of thoughts. Purity. Clarity.

Me: What are beautiful thoughts?

Spirit: These are thoughts that make you and others happy. For example, “I like you.” Get yourself a “treasure chest” of beautiful thoughts. Either only in the imagination or also in real. If you notice beautiful thoughts, you write them down.

Me: But isn’t that more the mind than the heart?

Spirit: They interact and influence each other. The exchange between them is important, it must not be cut off.

Me: How do you get the exchange not to be cut off?

Spirit: By switching off thoughts and concentrating on the heart. Conversely, you always do it anyway. You switch off the heart, not the physical heart, and only pay attention to your thoughts. But you need both.

I try it out and am surprised that I feel an unpleasant feeling. Yet I have been in a very good mood the last few days and full of commitment and enthusiasm for my daily tasks.

Me: We had a similar question before: What if not only beautiful emotions come up, but also sadness, fears etc.?

Spirit: That’s okay. But concentrate more on the beautiful information that appears, at least in this exercise. But let the negative be there and don’t suppress it.

In my inner imagination I go into my heart and see a radiant, silvery landscape. It is wide and flat, almost bare, only in the background I see mountains. But there is also something dark there, a kind of pillar of dark dust. Maybe I’ve been under too much stress in the last few days and the dark stands for feelings of stress? I look around for a while and then feel the need to embrace the dark. I embrace it as far as you can embrace a dust column. It transforms into a bright mass and becomes smaller so that it looks almost like the rest of the landscape. The unpleasant feeling slowly disappears.

Me: And now?

Spirit: Drink water from a lake. That’s the clarity.

I do what she says, because now I also see a small lake there. Then I also feel like bathing in it and go into the water. It is beautiful there, I feel very well. But why all that?

Spirit: Psst, enjoy it now.

I notice that I am becoming calmer. There is again a bit of that feeling of peace from the last time.

Spirit: This is the place where your soul rests. Maintain communication with him.

She hands me a crystal cup.

Me: What is this?

Spirit: Your task to pass it on to others.

Hm, I just wanted to relax and get another task. The cup feels a bit heavier than the landscape. I knew she wouldn’t show it to me for nothing …

Me: And what’s the next step?

Spirit: Save this place in your head. Then you can return faster. Finally put your hands on your heart and say goodbye to the picture.

Me: Do you have to protect the heart somehow? In yoga you always end up closing the heart chakra for protection.

Spirit: This is the soul level in your heart. Your soul is invulnerable, as is its place of retreat. The heart chakra is another level, the energetic level.

Me: How often and how long do you do this exercise?

Spirit: As you like it.

Me: But now I feel a pleasant emptiness instead of a fullness, as you announced at the beginning. It should be about abundance and richness in the heart, shouldn’t it?

Spirit: Without abundance there is no emptiness. Abundance was your starting point, what you could see in that moment. Then you looked “behind”.

Me: So that was a lure for me to get involved?

Spirit: You can’t say that like that. You just weren’t ready for emptiness because of your everyday life.

So I expected abundance and found emptiness. And that is actually also very beautiful. Now I am more relaxed than before. I already had enough fullness in my heart, it was full of emotions. They were positive emotions, but sometimes that can also be exhausting when it gets too much. Now I understand what Traditional Chinese Medicine meant: Emptiness in the heart and fullness in the stomach. Enthusiasm is something beautiful, but you must not forget the peace and quiet. My great-grandmother is said to have said: “Too much and too ‘wing’ is always a thing”. That means: “Too much and too little is the same thing”. So: Avoid extremes and settle more in the middle.
I thank her and say goodbye.

Translated with

Wealth in the heart

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