Person in roter Kleidung vor kariertem Hintergrund hält die Hände an den Kopf

Many of us are flooded with stimuli in one way or another, and right now, at the time of the Corona crisis, we are literally overwhelmed by news and life tickers. Some people don’t read the news anymore, but there is no getting around it if you want to know which activities are currently allowed and which are not. Through the relaxation our life is slowly becoming more “normal” again – but what does that actually mean? Do we really want to return to our old life? What can we take out of the crisis? A Spirit will tell me today.

A spirit shows me many scenes as an introduction: More airplanes are flying again, newspapers report on other topics than Corona, more people take the train, people calm down.

The Spirit says: “It is good that many people are calmer again.

The Spirit – I don’t really know whether it’s male or female, but that doesn’t really matter either – then plays me old-fashioned music from a gramophone for quite a while. I listen to it for a few minutes, but then I get a bit impatient. What is he trying to tell me?

Spirit: Just enjoy it.

Hm, today I find it a bit difficult to concentrate and I’m impatient and want to have a result I can write about. A gramophone alone is not so exciting now …

Me: Why a gramophone?

Spirit: It stands for simplicity. At the time of the gramophone, there was no sensory overload like today.

Me: But many people are no longer able to concentrate on just a few things. At some point they become impatient or bored, that’s my impression.

Yes, I am speaking from my own experience. That’s why the lockdown was actually quite good for me, because automatically some activities were dropped and I could concentrate on a few things. Meanwhile the temptation for activities is getting bigger again. The topic came up again and again in my environment: Many people not only have an interest or a project, but like to drift off to other exciting topics until they are overstrained at the end or can no longer concentrate on the original topic. But then they don’t want to part with some of their interests either.

Spirit: This is because simplicity is not seen as valuable. It is often equated with laziness, poverty or low intelligence. Even in advertising, the “cool” people are the ones who are busy.

Me: Doesn’t that also stand for youth? Very old people seem to occupy themselves with very few things and the somewhat younger seniors want to prove how fit they still are by being very active.

Spirit: Yes, too.

Me: And isn’t it also the distraction from inner conflicts, as you have told us before?

Spirit: Yes, of course. But the aspect that you think you “deserve” more also plays a role. More variety, more highlights, more adventure.

Me: Where does that come from?

Spirit: It has to do with the ego-centering. In advertising, people like to put the ego in the foreground with slogans like “I am worth it” or something similar. One’s own value is searched for in the outside world. Many people think: “I am worth it to buy this or that. I’ve earned that.” But this is because they do not give themselves any value internally.

Me: So advertising recognizes more or less consciously that many people have no self-esteem and pretends that they can buy it?

Spirit: Yes, but this is nothing new. It has always been like that. Today, people in your society only have more money and don’t know what to do with it.

Me: What would be the better solution?

Spirit: It’s important to have good friendships in which you strengthen and acknowledge each other. In which you pay attention to each other instead of going shopping together or running from one hobby to another.

Me: Then loneliness or poor-quality social contacts are also a factor in overstimulation?

Spirit: Yes.

Me: So in summary: If we give each other more attention and recognition, we have more self-esteem and don’t have to buy this feeling with 1000 things or hobbies. And then we can relax and deal with a few things.

Spirit: Exactly.

Me: But I know some people who would argue that there is so much that is so exciting and thrilling.

Spirit: Of course a lot of things are exciting and you should not get rid of them. But basically one interesting occupation is enough. You can be completely satisfied with it.

Me: Isn’t that a type thing, too?

Spirit: It is mainly a matter of opportunity. The greater the choice, the more people jump from one to the other. And when they get bored, they throw it away or give it up. But boredom is the threshold to the next deeper level. There would be so much to discover, but many will never find it, because they are already on the jump to the next level. Above all they miss themselves.

Me: I know from my experience in sugar cessation seminars that people are very sensitive when you want to take something from them, in this case sugar.

Spirit: Yes, you also take away their apparent self-esteem, which comes from the outside. You can’t take away anyone’s inner self-esteem, but a self-esteem based on external things can be taken away at any time. So people are very sensitive to this. You can also see this, for example, in environmental protection. Nobody wants to give up their car, etc. With a car, of course, there are also factors such as comfort. Many people are very unstable because they live unconsciously with the fear that their purchased self-esteem could be taken away from them. Sincere mutual recognition and goodwill are what is lacking in your society.

Me: Do you have concrete tips on what can be done?

Spirit: First of all you should feel inside yourself. By getting to know yourself better, you can develop empathy for others. Once you have learned this, you can practice in day-care centres and schools etc. to show compassion for others. But it must be real. Forced praise and recognition can have the opposite effect, because people feel that it is not meant seriously.

Me: And maybe it helps to stick to hobbies for a while, even if it is boring?

Spirit: Yes, you also want to stay true to yourself. That way you can learn loyalty and togetherness, even if a situation is just not fun.

Me: Well, I cannot complain about the quality of my friendships. But I will try to keep reducing my activities even after the lockdown and to endure boredom. I have tried to do that several times. Maybe this time I will hold out longer!

After this long conversation I thank the Spirit and say goodbye.

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What can be done about overstimulation?

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