Die Sonne scheint an einzelnen Stellen durch die Wolken und verteilt Lichtflecken auf dem Meer.

What are depressions from Spirit’s point of view, how do they arise and how do you get rid of them? Today the Spirits have concrete answers to these questions. In addition, they also answer the question which formula is suitable for a vaccination against Covid-19. At first sight these seem to be two completely different topics, but the answers to these questions have surprisingly much in common …

First I ask Braño’s question: What is depression?

Today there are a lot of spirits and they show me a scene where they stir in a water hole. Then they take mud from the waterhole.

Me: What does this hole and what does the mud stand for?

I can think of the phrase “fishing in the mud”.

The Spirits almost make a parody of the scene now: they take the mud out, look at it closely from all sides and then throw it back in. Then they take out new mud and look at it again from all sides. And so they squat there the whole time and dig in this mud hole.

Me: Can you still tell me in words what that means?

Spirits: You actually already said it, it’s “fishing in the mud”. It’s about the muddy thoughts. Every person has a reservoir of muddy thoughts. People who are depressed look at these cloudy thoughts especially gladly, from all sides, exactly, they take everything apart, the whole mud. Then they throw the mud back in and find new mud again.

I see that the posture is bent down and the actors in this scene can’t see what is to the right and left of the mud hole. They only look at this mud hole.

Me: So, if I understand this correctly, is it a concentration on the negative, on negative thoughts?

They nod.

Me: Now the second question was: How does this depression develop?

Spirit: Usually it starts very early, already as a very small child. At least that’s where the foundation is laid. Often it happens through the parents or through other people who have a great influence on the child. They teach the child to look at such negative things.

Now I see in the scene an adult holding a small child by the hand and literally dragging it along with him. The child also seems a bit sad and hopeless. He lets his head hang down and follows the adult a bit will-less.

Me: What does that mean?

Spirit: At some point, the child’s will and the energy to resist the negativity of the caregiver are reduced and become weaker and weaker. Normally a child has joy of life when it is born, wants to discover everything and finds everything beautiful and interesting. And then the parents come and put their negative thoughts over and the child cannot really escape. It is also dependent on the parents. The parents give the child security and it needs that too. That’s why it lets this negativity come over itself. The own will is weakened thereby. So the children let themselves be dragged along will-less. When the child grows up, the parents let it go and it lives independently, but the inner bent attitude and the lack of will are still there. The child or adolescent or adult has simply forgotten how to go their own way. This person has learned to adapt to the negativity and no longer knows how to get out of it and feel himself and his own, what was originally there and still is there!

The Spirits now show a shining core or a white ball of light in the person, in the heart area.

Spirit: This is the spiritual core, which is always there and which is very strong and untouched. This is the life energy and joy of life that was there as a child. And it is still there! But it has been pulled away or buried by certain experiences and is not conscious. So basically it is all about attention and consciousness. The attention of the human being is around the white ball of light, but not inside it. Through the life and experiences of childhood, the attention has been distracted from the white heart-space and is therefore not in this area, but around it, and there a negative field has built up or a negative interpretation of things, for example of one’s own body. One sees the illness in the body or one sees what one does not find so beautiful in the body. It is as if you look into a distorted mirror, because you are just digging out the negative like out of a mud hole. You finally transfer this to the whole environment.

Me: How can you then get rid of this depression?

Spirit: It’s very easy.

Me: Okay … I doubt that a little bit.

The spirits are grinning to themselves.

Spirit: It is a decision, the decision to let go of the negative. That is the decisive step. It is above all the decision.

I now see a white and a black field and a person standing on the dividing line of the two fields.

Spirit: You can decide whether to go to the white or the black field. Depressed people always choose the black field. But the white one is also there! They just learned it that way. But because they have learned this pattern, they can learn it differently again.

Me: But there are also endogenous depressions that are innate?

Spirit: That is then something deeper. It has to do with the whole family and the ancestors. One would have to start with the ancestors and dissolve something.

Me: Okay, back to exogenous depression. So the important thing is the decision. But if I now decide to do it differently, how do I know how to do it, if I never learned it differently?

Spirit: They are small steps.

I now see a scene with grey gloomy weather and a dark and brown dressed person. Then spots of light appear in the surroundings.

Me: How do I find these spots of light?

Spirit: There are much more than these light spots, but depressive people can only recognize single spots at first. They should search for these points in their life: Where is light, where is joy, where is something beautiful? They can then also make connections between these points. These points then become bigger and bigger and more and more and connect with each other, so that they become fields. So the points of light are moments in life that you find beautiful. In contrast, the light fields are whole areas in life, such as friends, the job, the living environment or other areas that you like and find beautiful.

Me: What happens if all this doesn’t work out well – relationships, friendships, job etc.?

Spirits: Nothing in life goes one hundred percent bad! That does not exist. That can’t be. That is then only your own attitude, your own conviction. You can find points of light in everything. That is important, you have to keep at it! You have to look for it. There are mechanisms that have such people, who try again and again to overwrite the light points. Or better said, the brown muddy water keeps sloshing over them. One must then simply wipe it aside and stay with the light spot. You really have to keep at it! It is also about strengthening your own will again. That is possible. So you have to strengthen your own will, that you want to stay with the light points and that you don’t let this be ruined by anything, not even by this inner side that wants to put you off. So if you find something beautiful, you should find it really beautiful and not start again with “Yes, but this and that is not so beautiful about it.” But rather: That is beautiful, point. Staying with it strengthens one’s own will and that is important because the will was weakened as a child. In principle, depression is an illness of a weak will. And a disease of misdirected attention, which means that attention is directed to things that are unfavorable for oneself. The more points of light you see, i.e. the beautiful things that you consistently find beautiful, the more light fields are created and then whole areas of life become beautiful.

I now see how the ball of light in the human being begins to pulsate. It has a vibration that goes in resonance with the light spots. So if you look for the points of light, the ball of light inside starts to vibrate.

Spirit: This makes you more alive and you start to feel more again. When the inner core vibrates, it is also easier to direct your attention to it.

I now see the person looking down and perceiving the light ball. It also stands for the joy of life. Suddenly he perceives that again. The more points of light are added on the outside, the stronger the pulsation and vibration of the sphere of light on the inside and the energy and joy of life become. The face of the person now becomes more cheerful, as does the entire environment. It becomes brighter, the sky turns blue and the sun shines. The person now radiates a lightness. Before it was a heaviness. It feels good.

Me: Are there other ways or is this the only way to deal with depression?

Spirit: It is the most important way, the main way. There are many other ways, but this is the main way.

Me: Let me summarize again: One should strengthen the will, direct the attention to the points of light and stick to it consistently. I would leave it at that for now. If there are still questions, we can deal with them in the next article. I think people have enough to do with this manual for now.

Then I ask the question of Lukas: Is there a formula for the vaccination against Covid-19? Can you name a formula?

Spirit: No, this is not the level we are working on. We are working on a spiritual level. A formula or a vaccination would rather be the material level. That is the job of people to develop things in the material realm. We can tell you what Covid-19 means on a spiritual level and what you can do there. We have no laboratories, no measuring instruments and no body. We have no means to take measurements. At most, it would work very closely with researchers, on very specific individual questions or, for example, if someone had a vaccine, then we could say something about the energy of the vaccine: does it have a good energy or rather a not so good energy. But we can’t come up with formulas.

Me: What would be the spiritual level of Covid-19 then? Is there a mental “vaccination” against Covid-19?

They grin to my question.

Spirit: Joy of life!

I should have actually been able to imagine that …

Spirit: Joy of life is the motor of life. It has a very strong energy. The viral energy feels rather deterred by it.

I see again such a bright light as in the question about depressions.

Spirit: Viruses are practically “light-shy”. They prefer dark. The more light you have in you, the more you are connected to your soul, the more life energy and joy of life you have, the brighter you shine and this kind of light does not like the energy of the virus. You prefer to attach yourself to the dark. So the best prevention against this virus is to activate your own joy of life.

The topic of stress comes to my mind. In the past, I have personally noticed that I was most susceptible to infections when I was stressed, and of course my joie de vivre was not really there. For a long time I worked as a freelance lecturer and could not afford to get sick at all, because the fee was not so high that one could invest larger savings for such a case. I remember walking to class in the morning and noticing: Oh,oh, I have a sore throat. And I was not allowed to get sick after all! What could I do? At this point I had already found out that the joy of life is very important. So I thought: What am I looking forward to? I wasn’t really looking forward to work, but I tried to pick out aspects of my work that I was looking forward to, for example, certain participants with whom I got along particularly well or a task that I found interesting myself. And I also thought about nice activities after work or on weekends, something I could really look forward to! And so the cold did not break out, it disappeared again. So I kept my head above water over the years. Sometimes, when there was no other way, I would stay at home, but always at the very beginning. I had already noticed that I didn’t want to work at all, and then I was particularly susceptible. So I stayed at home, relaxed, listened to nice music, did nice things for me and rested. So I was at home for two days and after that everything was fine again. So I didn’t really get sick and I didn’t miss long. That was my strategy to get by financially at all.

I think it’s nice that the Spirits have shown this so vividly again. I can only confirm that the best protection is the joy of life or life energy. This also occurs again and again in the interviews with the Spirits that joie de vivre is a very strong force. But I think that we still realize this too little in our lives. We rush from one appointment to the next, we are not really with ourselves, we are constantly typing on cell phones and writing in social media or surfing and reading on the internet. Then we are invited somewhere, are here and there and don’t even take the time to look at what’s happening to our joy of life. Do I really enjoy going there now? Do I really feel like reading this? Does it really give me pleasure? The joy of life is a good signpost for your own life. You should do as many activities as possible with it. Of course, this doesn’t always work and there are always things that you don’t enjoy so much, but you can always find joie de vivre everywhere and you can also rearrange your life in such a way that the joie de vivre has more room in it and becomes bigger.

It is exciting that today there were actually two different topics, but the answers came out to the same thing. Basically, the question about Covid-19 is also about other diseases. Especially on the mental level, it is always about the energy that makes you sick and the energy that makes you healthy. Whether it is Covid-19 or something else, does not play such a big role on this level.

Of course you can also work on the material level with medicines and herbs etc., but the Spirits are especially responsible for the spiritual level.

I thank the Spirits for today and say goodbye.

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What can be done against depression and what would be the best formula for a vaccination against Covid-19?

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