Eine Katze klettert in einem Baum herum.

Do you have a favorite animal and a pet? Do you sometimes think that you would like to have certain characteristics of this animal? The last time was about what you can learn from animals in the context of roles and your own masks. Today we look at which animals and their energies can help us in our everyday life.

Me: What can we humans learn from animals?

I now see all kinds of animals at once. The Spirits stretch out their arms to show that there are so many animals that one can give thousands of answers. This will probably be a bit long for the blog post …

Me: Are there perhaps a few most important things we can learn from animals?

Spirit: That depends again on whether you mean herd and pack animals or loners. From whom do you want to learn something?

Me: We are rather “group animals”. I don’t know if we can learn something from animals that are similar to us or that are completely different. Maybe you can tell me two aspects of herd animals and two aspects of loners? So first of all: What could we learn from social animals?

I can see that this is not going to be so easy today: They are now showing me many different species of animals and I am supposed to say more precisely which species I mean.

Me: Then I’ll just take the monkeys, because they are the closest to humans.

Spirit: The monkeys are more playful than you. They are playing all day long. You have developed away from that. You have become very serious. So you are a very serious evolution of monkeys. You’ve lost and forgotten how to play, you take everything very seriously, you analyze everything very carefully and take it apart. But monkeys also look at many things very carefully. There is a similarity. But humans have perfected it. This seriousness gives you a heaviness and puts you in a serious state.

Me: What exactly do you mean by “heaviness”?

Spirit: It makes the heart heavy. You know how easy it was when you were kids, you still have that monkey spirit and you’re jumping around happily. Well, of course not always. But you are still very playful in your childhood. With time you lose that, some more, others less.

The Spirits now show a school and that you always have to sit still there and practically squeeze yourself into a corset.

Spirit: This tames the monkey spirit and with some it practically falls asleep, with others it becomes more restless because it cannot let off steam. That always depends on the character of the person. In any case, it has an influence: energies within you are suppressed, playful energies. That is a great pity because these energies also include creativity. You should play more, so that you become more creative.

Me: We already had the topic last time that you should play with the masks.

Spirit: So you can learn that from the monkeys, the playfulness. You can build it more into your life and take more time for it. Just be playful and humorous, let your creativity play. That would enrich your life.

Me: Well, that was the monkeys now. Let’s take the wolves again. They have a social behavior and live in a pack. What could we learn from them?

Spirit: Wolves are good at teamwork. To survive, they hunt together. If you deal with teamwork, you should also deal with the behavior of wolves. You can see what strategies wolves use. They stick together. You humans could cultivate this cohesion even more. Of course wolves live in more extreme situations, at least compared to your society. You don’t have to be afraid to starve, you don’t have to hunt your food every day. This is all quite safe. Of course a pack of wolves welds something like this together. In your society it is more relaxed. You don’t have to save your survival so urgently anymore. You can afford to live more individually, which is not bad. You can learn a lot from animals, but in the end it always depends on the environment and the circumstances. A wolf pack that has to fight for survival has different living conditions than you do. Therefore you cannot simply take over a characteristic from an animal. In the end you have to look at yourself and under which conditions you live. But of course you can get inspiration from the animals.

Me: Where you just said that we have become more relaxed and live more individualistically, let’s go to the individualistically living animals. How about cats, for example? They have a connection to people and are rather loners. What could we learn from them? Many people also have cats at home.

Spirit: You can learn from them to enjoy life and to take time, as well as to sleep and rest a lot.

Me: Well, I think most cat owners would have thought of that. Is there anything else you can learn from cats?

Spirit: They think up tricks for their own benefit.

Me: I think that we humans can do that quite well …

Spirit: For example, there are people with a helper syndrome who think too much about others. For these people it would not be bad to watch how the cats pay attention to their own needs and use little tricks to achieve this. After all, they do this in a way that people cannot blame them for that. Other cats on the other hand may do so. They have a certain kind of charm. This can sometimes be helpful.

Me: Then I take another loner, a bear. What can we humans learn from bears?

Spirit: Bears can make themselves really big and roar loudly. So now it’s back to defending their own interests. Bears can be very awe-inspiring. You can learn from them to defend your interests, to show and defend your needs. As a loner you have to defend everything on your own, you have no group to help you. If someone else comes and wants to eat your food away, you are the only one responsible. As human beings you have learned that you can sometimes pass the responsibility on to other people. You like to do that as well. But when you are alone, you must always take full responsibility for everything. It couldn’t hurt some people to learn to take responsibility for themselves in their lives. This is not necessarily true for everyone, but for some people who tend to give up responsibility and perhaps show some childish behavior that they have never really given up. For such people the occupation with bears would be good. For example, one could hang up pictures in the apartment or watch movies. This could strengthen the ability to stand up for oneself.

Me: I find that very exciting. In shamanism there are also the totem animals that accompany you. There it means that each humans has its own totem animal. Perhaps it is also so that one has a totem animal, which is to promote certain characteristics with one. Can that be?

Spirits: Totem animals are above all similar to a person. In humans as well as in totem animals, similar character traits are present. So it is more about similarity.

Me: In any case, I find it amazing how much we have of animals in our lives. Just by looking at how many animals appear in logos of companies. Or for example on advertising posters, everywhere we are surrounded by animals. I think that this has an unconscious influence on us and that the characteristics of the animals influence us in some way. Even if we no longer live in the jungle among the animals, they and their spirit are still around us. But I also think that it can make sense to consciously deal with it and to consciously hang up an animal picture for a week or wear an animal pendant, for example, if you want to connect with a certain power of the animal and want to change something about yourself. Then one can select oneself the appropriate animal, which can convey this energy to one. Pendants or pictures can then remind you again and again. I think that this also works subconsciously. Or what do you think?

The spirits nod. They are always very open for my ideas. But sometimes they shake their heads vehemently. But what I just told them is okay.

I think we could ask endless questions about all kinds of animals, but that would be too long now. But it is a good stimulation to feel inside yourself, to occupy yourself with animals and to feel which energies you feel. Then you might be able to find out which energy it brings you to deal with a certain animal.

Further questions on this topic can be sent to me with pleasure.

I thank the Spirits and say goodbye.

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What can we learn from animals?

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