Actually, I just wanted to know what animals think and feel. I had no idea that our conversation would lead to what is the most important point in environmental protection and survival on earth for man and nature … Since the interview has become somewhat longer, I divided it into two parts. The first part is about what animals think. The second part under “What is our most important task” deals with human thought and action in preserving our planet.

Me: What would pets say to people if they could speak?

Spirit: Of course this is very different from animal to animal. In general, they don’t think like humans do, so they don’t think about the meaning of life, philosophically, etc. They think more practically, for example very much about obtaining food. By the way, dogs also feel great love for their owner. They often think about which situations could be dangerous and how to protect their owners.

Me: What do cats think about?

Spirit: Cats like to think up tricks, for example how to trick mice or their food providers. Since they sleep a lot, they dream a lot instead of thinking.

Me: What does the owner mean to them?

Spirit: In any case not as much as their freedom. If it is cats that are allowed outside, it is more important to them than humans. If they are only in the house, they still have this urge for freedom, but it is very strongly braked. They sometimes develop some “crazy” behaviour. And they avoid cuddling and eating as substitutes. But as soon as they can get out, they will prefer that. They don’t have such a sense of responsibility towards people like dogs. They have cuddly phases, but hunting is usually more interesting for free-range cats.

Me: How is it with horses?

Spirit: The herd is the most important thing. Man is not one of them. But he is taken seriously because he provides food and other things. And eating plays a leading role. The urge for freedom is not as great as with cats, because it is more important to stay with the herd. Hamsters, guinea pigs and other small animals have even less social interaction with humans. With them, the eating, possibly the herd and the protection stand above all in the foreground. They must have the feeling that they can crawl away in danger.

Me: Are pets happy in their lives if they are kept in a species-appropriate way?

Spirit: Normally. Animals are generally happier than humans because they don’t ponder so much. They are more pragmatic. Compared to humans, they don’t complain or brood so much, but rather act the same. If that doesn’t help, they make noises, such as when they are locked up. But that is not so much a moan as a cry for help.

Me: But there are also depressive animals.

Spirit: All pets that have “human” problems take over the burden of their owners. Normally they don’t get depressed in nature. That would endanger their survival. They can’t afford that.

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What do animals think and feel?

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