Me: What would Mother Earth tell people if she could speak?

My conversation partner is a very big being with a very big energy. This spirit doesn’t look very human, it rather reminds me of these big beings at the Fraggles or the crumb monster at Sesame Street in big. But it is not evil and behaves quite neutral. It radiates greatness, venerability, calm and slowness. It has to adapt to my speed first. In the beginning it moves in slow motion. I’ll never finish there! But then it gets faster. First I see only energetic movements, it paints lines in the ground and a lying figure in the air. The sign of infinity? Then it whirls stars into the air and keeps a star in its hand. It shows me the star. There is a small dot on it. This is the earth. That should probably emphasize again that in this giant universe the earth is only a small point. The being takes this point between its fingers, looks at it, speaks caringly to it and asks it my question. It is probably a kind of guardian of the earth. The earth answers something, I hear a lamenting tone of voice. Then the being holds the earth in front of my face, now it is as big as a football.

The earth says to me: I have pain. I have holes in some places.

Me: Why do you have pain?

Earth: People are like parasites. They are a burden to me. They exhaust me. I want to get rid of them. But it doesn’t work. I can’t scratch. I have to bear them.

Me: What do you want from people?

Earth: They should finally give peace. They should stop scratching me. I am very hot. They should become less. There are just too many of them. It itches and tingles everywhere. I don’t see them as individuals, but as a whole. [I guess that means that the earth can’t see people in detail.] They just don’t stop. And it’s getting more and more. That exhausts me. Let them leave me as I am.
The earth gets angry and screams, “Leave me alone! They don’t kill me, but they annoy me. I can only wait until they have disappeared.”

Me: But you created us, didn’t you?

I feel resistance from the earth.
Earth: Not directly. You are talking to the planet Earth right now. Animals and plants are an organic layer, similar to human skin. That is again its own system, on which I have no direct influence as a planet. And something can develop unfavourably in it, such as people. Something that doesn’t fit in and doesn’t adapt. Something that stands out.

Me: But how is that possible?

Earth: It’s in the nature of things, in the laws of nature. It is contained in it. Something like that can happen. It’s like when two oscillations lie on top of each other and then vibrate even stronger. Sometimes too strong.

Me: And you believe that people will disappear again sometime?

Earth: I hope so. At some point the maximum is reached and then it reverses.

Me: When is that?

Earth: That will take a long time.

Me: It’s always “Mother Earth loves people”.

Earth: You have to talk to nature. I am the planet Earth.

Me: But somehow everything belongs together?

Earth: Yes, like your skin belongs to you. But you don’t know what your skin thinks either.

Me: Do you have a wish for me?

Earth (resigned): Pass this on to other people.

Me: Okay.
Then I guess I also have to talk to the spirit of nature. I thank the being and say goodbye. You can find the interview with the spirit of nature under “What does nature want to tell us?”

Terms like “pain” or “tingling” are not to be understood neurologically, but as an attempt to tell us how the earth “feels”. Since she and the people have different perceptions and prerequisites, their feelings have been shown in terms that we know and can imagine.

What does Earth want to tell us?

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