Dunkle Wolken ziehen über den Strand.

Covid-19, lockdown, climate change – we are repeatedly faced with crises that affect us collectively as a society and even all of humanity. How do we deal with them? Can we still evolve in this regard? The Spirits find that the response to crises in our society still needs development , and share with us what crucial skill we should practice more to better deal with it in the future.

I let the Spirits tell me today on their own, without asking a specific question, and they start again with pictorial scenes that they show me.

The Spirits depict various people having fun and being outdoors where they are doing something and enjoying the nice weather. Then a wave of water comes towards the people. This makes me think of the third Corona wave, I don’t know if that’s what the Spirits mean. People are running away from it now. The wave comes, rolls toward them, but then also unrolls and goes back again. People have been slowed down in their joy by this. They first sit down and take a break and recover from this shock. Then another wave comes, but it doesn’t quite reach the people and recedes again. But a bit of mistrust remains with the people, they don’t get back into the mood they were in at the beginning.

Me: What exactly is that about now? What do you want to say with it? What does this scene symbolize?

Spirits: It can stand for the Corona period, but it can also stand for other crises in life. Such a crisis, which comes unexpectedly, puts people in stress at first. And when it passes, people gradually recover, but something remains, a distrust or a wariness. The exuberance, cheerfulness of the beginning is no longer so present. People are cautious and look around lest something like that comes again. It changes the person.

Me: Okay, this is not so surprising now, but do you want to say more about it?

Spirits: It always depends on how you deal with it. It also depends on the type. There are people who deal with it very meticulously and analyze everything in detail, write down quite a lot, look very closely at what happened and how it looks inside them. There are people who eat quite a lot and push it away more and repress it. There are people who become very anxious and then are afraid of almost everything. Then there are people who become combative and prepare to fight if something like this comes again. And there are people who have kept their childlike ways and just go on as before and get back to their happy, exuberant ways. And so everyone finds their way. This also creates diversity.

Me: But right now the scene looks like there’s not that much collaboration. Everybody is doing their own thing.

Spirits: It’s beneficial to connect and share with each other. At the same time, however, there is not so much openness, because one has one’s own methods and one’s own way, and it is irritating when others have a different way of dealing with crises. That’s why people tend to try to avoid exchange and cooperation, especially the repression type. The childlike type is not so analytical, the meticulous type is more so. He is more likely to approach others and ask them how they are dealing with it. The combative type is too busy thinking about how he will defend himself next time. Connecting with each other would not be a bad thing in order to be more prepared for such collective crises in the future.

This picture is very symbolic and the Spirits now show that if they would all hold hands, they would be a strong alliance. When the next wave comes – in this case it is a water wave – it can wash away this bond much worse than individual persons.

Spirit: That’s why it’s so important to connect and exchange with each other and to use each other’s resources. Rather than saying, “He’s doing it wrong and I’m doing it right,” it’s better to say, “How can we integrate all this?” People are different, after all, and that can be an advantage.

Me: It’s like the little fish swimming in the sea. Individually they have no chance at all, but then they join together to form a large school and then they look like a big fish and are not attacked so quickly.

Spirit: This principle is similar here. But it’s not about making everyone the same. That’s the difference with the school of fish. There, everyone swims in the same way in the same direction and also – at least to you – everyone looks the same. But that’s not what people are about. It’s not about imitating a way of doing things, so that, for example, everyone imitates the fighting type and everyone becomes a fighter. It’s also not about everyone becoming analysts or repressors, it’s about diversity.

Me: But then how do you approach each other? How do you exchange ideas?

Spirits: The first thing is curiosity, being curious and interested in the other – in the sense of the other person, but also in the sense of the other way of dealing with conflicts. And simply listening. That is a very central point, listening.

I have often thought about the fact that this is something that our society does not do enough of. Hardly anyone really listens. Most people want to talk about themselves and would like to be the center of attention, but many find it difficult to listen to others. That is my observation.

Spirit: This point is so central that it is the first exercise of all, which should first be practiced, for weeks, months, years. Then something new arises from that again. You don’t have to think about strategies etc., just by listening a lot of space, creativity, ideas and new solutions arise. Just listen. And if such a wave should come again, you know who is where and in which position, because you have gotten to know the others. You know what the strengths of the others are and then everything falls into place automatically.

In the scene, I now see the combative person standing in the very front, the analytical person is further back and calculates something, the repressive person is in the center, because he has a certain clumsiness, but through this he can also center everything. The childlike person is looked after in the acute moment, and then provides a good mood when the crisis is over. In this way, everyone has his or her position, and this can only be organized well spontaneously in a hurry if you know in advance who ticks how. By listening to each other, you know who stands where best.

That is the very strong core of the statement of the Spirits today. It feels so rounded right now that nothing more needs to be added. After all, it is already a task to implement this. Better just one task to tackle than several where you don’t know where to start.

Me: Let me summarize: There are always crises that come up for us as a society or for groups, and then it’s important that you know the others in the group beforehand and that you listen to each other and know who can play which role well and who has which resources and can take over what in an emergency. To do that, it’s important to practice listening to each other over and over again. One more question comes to mind: How exactly can you structure listening? Is there a technique for this?

The Spirits now show one person speaking while the others sit still and quiet.

Spirit: It can’t hurt if the listeners meditate beforehand, so that they can come down and calm their own thoughts and let go. One can also lie down or get into a relaxed position while listening so that one is really made to listen and not do something else on the side or think on the side.

Now I see the speaker finish speaking and the listeners write down what he said, without judgment. They just let it all sink in without commenting or judging. Then I see a bulletin board where all the notes are posted. The most important passages are marked or what seems interesting. Individual key words can be written on small cards and then also hung on a pin board again. These words can then be used as inspiration for finding a solution. The whole group can brainstorm and form word hedgehogs for the keywords. In this way, the thoughts of the others can now also be added. The whole thing should be related to a specific topic for which you want to find a solution.

So now the Spirits have revealed a technique, although they said that it should only be a matter of listening. But I also asked.

Spirits: This technique is meant for when it comes to professional things and when you have to make decisions for others, for politicians for example. But in your free time it’s about just listening, you don’t have to use this technique and you can practice it in a more playful, relaxed way. One person speaks and the others sit down relaxed and just listen.

I think that’s enough information for today. It would make sense to establish listening more in our society. Maybe that will come one day. Why don’t you try it out in your free time, for example among your friends? If you have experience with this, feel free to write about it in the comments.

I thank the Spirits and say goodbye and wish you a good time until April!

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What does our society need to better deal with crises?

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