Ein Frosch sitzt auf einem Stein

Do you like toads or do you find them disgusting? Would you like to touch them or throw them far away in the mud? It’s a popular tactic with us humans: We try to get rid of what scares us as quickly as possible. But what if there is nothing left at the end?

I see very tall grass. Someone walks through it and comes towards me. It is a male spirit. He gives me a toad on my hand. I look at the toad, and it dissolves into nothing. Now more spirits are creeping through the grass that seems to grow in water. They’re wearing pith helmets and looking for something. Little by little, they catch more toads and give them to me. Each time, the toads disappear on my hand.

I think about what this scenario is telling me.

Me: Is it about the extinction of species?

Suddenly three male spirits stand up, turn around and stare at me. It seems very serious and dramatic. They don’t say anything and just look at me forcefully. It has something of an abstract play. But it feels more serious, almost threatening. It becomes a minute’s silence. This silence and their looks seem more than a thousand words.

Then the spirits turn away again and keep on searching for toads. If they find one, they give it to me and it goes on like before.

I interrupt them: Why toads?

Spirit : They sit hidden in the mud and are slippery, just like your hidden subjects that you don’t want to see.

Me : And why do they dissolve?

Spirit : They dissolve like many species in nature at the moment. How does it feel?

Me: Empty. It tires me.

I could sleep suddenly.

Spirit: We don’t want to scare you. There’s no sense in that. But you have to look and act. It’s not too late. But it could be soon. Dare to step over your shadow and turn your life around. If you now consciously leave your old life and start a new one, you can still decide where you want to go. If you wait too long, you will be decided. Then the laws of nature and the development of the situation on earth will decide about you. Please take it seriously.

I rarely experience the spirits so seriously.

Me: I don’t ask now what we can do against the extinction of species, that’s all over the internet. Or is something missing?

Spirit: Connect with animals, but lovingly. Look at them, talk to them, build them into your everyday life. Hang up pictures of them or watch movies so that you are not alienated from nature. But animals in the wild are always better than in the house. Take over sponsorships for animals.

Me: What about the plants?

Spirit: Today it’s about the animals. Plants are partly their food basis. That also plays a role, of course. But today it is about your love for animals. You are a part of them. They are your family. Treat them that way. That’s all for today. There’s nothing more to say, nothing more to talk about. The message is clear.

Me: I feel that many people have so many problems with themselves that they have no energy left for environmental problems.

Spirit: That is a lame excuse. You won’t get anywhere like that. There is always a reason why you can’t take care of nature. But when it is gone, it is too late. People have to realize what the real problems are. That’s not the neighbour with his loud dog. It’s not the stress at work either. It’s not the separation from the partner. These are normal problems. The disappearance of nature is an existential problem.

Silence arises again. That’s all they want to say.

I will sit for a while thoughtfully and also sadly before I thank them and say goodbye.

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What does your toad look like?

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